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5 Points Local is a 100% gluten-free restaurant that also features vegetarian, vegan and paleo options with a goal to cater to diverse folks with different dietary needs and preferences. All menu items are gluten-free, prepared conscientiously, and with love. This restaurant believes in the importance of knowing where each and every ingredient was sourced and gives its guests the right to know where their food came from. The food selection is quite limited, though certainly "organic" and "nutritious". The menu features breakfast fare like "toast" with your choice of spread, bowls like "curry bowl", entrees such as "vegan tacos". Nothing could be more perfect than chicken and waffles and 5 Points Local serves some of the best! Read more about them and others in Kim's 8 Places for the freshest chicken and waffles in Houston. In the mood for some out of this world tacos? Check out 5 Points Local and others as they were featured in Kim's 7 Farm-to-table tacos in San Antonio.

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