Review of AJ’s Meat Market & Smokehouse by TexasRealFood

Serving the Galveston community for more than 20 years, AJ's Meat Market & Smokehouse is “owned and operated by Butcher Bill Smith.” They have a full service meat counter that offers “top quality beef, poultry and pork that are freshly butchered” with specialty cuts and friendly service. They also processes wild game, cures and smokes hams and bacon, grinds summer sausage, stuffs link sausage and prepares deer jerky. AJ's Meat Market & Smokehouse also serves “well-seasoned hearty burgers, tangy chopped brisket sandwiches and loaded potatoes.” Specialty firewoods are piled below and nearby shelves are loaded down with spices, rubs, sugars, and all the ingredients a cook might need to conjure a little magic at home.