Review of Alamo Heights Farmers Market by TexasRealFood

Alamo Heights Farmers Market at the Alamo Quarry Market takes over where its precursor, the Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market, left off. The original Alamo Heights FM itself went through challenges with changes in its location and management. A recent welcome change in management gives it its new permanent home at the Alamo Quarry Market, taking over the original Quarry FM that closed after a few years in operation. The old-new market promises expanded offerings while sticking to what they do best - providing a fun and healthy activity for the community and a regular outlet for vendors. The new management's plans include activities such as live music and an open mike event for local talent. Enjoy the re-energized “family-friendly, dog-friendly, open-air marketplace” and sample the fresh produce and local artisanal products including baked goods, jams and preserves, juices, fermented foods, and ready-to-eat food. Don't know where to go for family time? Check out Alamo Heights Farmers Market as they were featured as one of the 7 Farmers Markets in San Antonio for the Family!

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