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The Yellow Rose of Texas is an American folk song that was composed at least in the 1850s and was popularized in the early 19th century. Interestingly, this song is not just about the celebration of an ideal Lone Star womanhood, as anyone may have thought, but it is also a recognition to the fortuitous heroine of the Texas independence. During the turbulent times in 1836, Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his seasoned troops were also under operation near the San Jacinto River, where Emily Morgan lives. She’s the beautiful and intelligent indentured servant of James Morgan, a real estate person who was away during these times. Hence, Santa Anna’s eye fell upon Emily Morgan and the mulatto girl rapidly became the spoils of Santa Anna’s campaign until the general took the battle for granted and was eager to run away with Emily instead. Emily never appeared after that, except in this song. The Yellow Rose of Texas is none other than Emily Morgan.


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