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Amelia Farm and Market has been growing pecan trees and rice and operates cattle since 1916. A post-hurricane remodeling has turned it into a "farm-to-table" restaurant and with a "spacious" outdoor seating, a full bar, and "spectacular" views of natural scenery and a market. It proudly serves its own family-raised, 100% grass-fed beef and works closely with nearby farms and ranchers for more locally-sourced, sustainable meat and produce. The menu showcases "fresh" and "tasty" dishes, featuring breakfast fare like "french toast", starters like "stuffed and fried jalapeno poppers", greens like "caesar salad", sandwiches like "grilled chicken club", and entrees like "shrimp and grits". At Amelia Farm and Market, you can dine in at the restaurant and indulge in "amazing" food and drop by at the market to pick up cuts and chops like "ribeye" and pastries like "pecan pie".

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