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Local Artisan Food Producers in Texas

Discover local Artisan Food Producers in Texas. Real food made with real respect for the ingredients used. These are the basic requirements of how a producer gets to be included on our artisan food producer list. Nothing mass-produced and industrialized here, just honest-to-goodness food made by honest-to-goodness people with a passion for food.

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Altura Perfecta Coffee Roasters

Houston, Texas

Altura Perfecta Coffee Roasters is an awesome coffee roaster in Houston serving great coffee blends variety from Congo, Uganda, Costa Rica, Honduras, Tres Leches, French Roast, and Espresso Blend. Their coffee is undoubtedly a “flavorful and strong coffee.” It can be served hot, cold, or iced. These locally roasted beans make aromatic coffees that will […]

Amanida USA Gourmet Spanish Olives and Pickles

Plano, Texas

Amanida USA Gourmet Spanish Olives and Pickles is a Spanish family-owned and operated business, which operates in 4 continents, and more than 20 countries. Amanida specializes in producing high-quality olives and pickles for the gourmet market and has these three key elements: “best raw materials, selected ingredients, marinades and special preparations.”  Their product line up […]

Amber’s Sweet Creations

Quitman, Texas

Judging from the feedback this cottage bakery is getting from happy customers, I’d say the sweet treats coming from this kitchen are worth the wait. Amber’s Sweet Creations dreams of setting up a store one day. But for now, everything is made to order – macarons, themed-cakes, cookies, hot cocoa bombs, fudge, and other sweet […]

Amor Cocoa

Lubbock, Texas

Amor Cocoa makes “deliciously clean and organic chocolate bars and truffles” from scratch in small batches using typical kitchen appliances to maintain a unique authenticity that large manufacturing equipment cannot match. When you purchase from Amor Cocoa, you can be confident that you have made a wise choice. Their chocolates are healthier because they are […]

Amy’s Chocolate

Frisco, Texas

Imagine a luxury treat that is completely guilt-free yet irresistibly satisfying. A bag of gourmet chocolates with no waxes, fillers, emulsifiers, or preservatives that doesn’t compromise the taste and is absolutely delicious. Sounds impossible, right? Producing the most powerful antioxidant in the world, Amy’s chocolate is made from fair-trade organic chocolate sourced from Ecuador that […]

Amy’s Ice Creams – 6th Street

Austin, Texas

Amy’s Ice Creams – 6th Street is an ice cream shop and more that can be found in several locations in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. There are over 350 flavors of “super-premium ice cream” in rotation, including their “world-famous Mexican Vanilla ice cream,” making every visit to be “a new flavor adventure.” Aside from […]

Amy’s Ice Creams – Arboretum

Austin, Texas

Amy’s Ice Creams in Arboretum is just one of its 15 branches across Texas. It’s located right along Research Boulevard in Austin. We must say, this particular branch is perfect for ice cream dates! The ambiance is cozy and there’s like a romantic mini-park outside where you can enjoy your treats with your loved ones. […]

Amy’s Ice Creams – Burnet

Austin, Texas

Amy’s Ice Creams in Burnet is just one of its 15 branches across Texas. It’s located near the corner of Burnet and Northland Drive so this place is super easy to find. The ice cream shop itself offers 350 flavors of “super-premium ice cream” in rotation. This includes their “world-famous Mexican Vanilla ice cream.” Certainly, […]

Amy’s Ice Creams – Houston

Houston, Texas

Amy’s Ice Creams in Houston is just one of its 15 branches across Texas. It’s located along Farnham St. near Greenbriar Dr. The ice cream shop itself offers 350 flavors of “super-premium ice cream” in rotation. This includes their “world-famous Mexican Vanilla ice cream.” Certainly, every visit here at Amy’s is “a new flavor adventure” […]

Amy’s Ice Creams – San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas

Amy’s Ice Creams in San Antonio is just one of its 15 branches across Texas. It’s located right along Basse Road so their place is easy to find. The shop itself offers 350 flavors of “super-premium ice cream” in rotation. This includes their “world-famous Mexican Vanilla ice cream.” Certainly, every visit here at Amy’s is […]

And I Like It Cheesecakes

Dallas, Texas

“And I Like It” makes decadently, delicious, no sugar added individual cheesecakes that are gluten-free, high protein, and low net carbs so it’s ”Keto friendly!” Their cheesecakes are unique because they are made with an innovative sugar alcohol blend that does not have the “typical diet” taste or bitter after taste. Even people without health […]

Anderson’s Coffee Company

Austin, Texas

Can you imagine Austin without Anderson’s coffee? Thanks to Jamie Anderson who opened the doors to Anderson’s Coffee Company in 1972. Now we have hand-crafted coffee that is “well sourced and freshly roasted”. Buying from Anderson’s ensures your coffee will always be fresh, allowing the discovery of varied flavors produced by the different growing regions […]

Angie’s Gardens

Magnolia, Texas

Headquarted in Texas, Angie’s Gardens is a new local business offering many different “hand-crafted herbal products and homegrown, organically sourced herbal tea.” The company was born from the founder’s love of helping others through the power of nature. She first learned the power of herbs when her husband suggested their daughter drink some “lemon balm […]

AnnaBee Crafts

Wolfforth, Texas

Unique, unusual, and unforgettable. AnnaBee Crafts makes 50 different kinds of handmade, homemade jams, jellies, pickles, seasonings, salsas, and more. “These ladies know what people like! The flavors are unique and the jams are well made.” Offering a wide variety of products from jams and jellies like raspberry chipotle, strawberry champagne, cranberry Jalapeño, Habañero to […]

Anti Social Icecream Co

Austin, Texas

Make the world a better place with ice cream! Anti Social Ice Cream Co has less impact on the environment and the human body. They offer “dairy and gluten free” options to all those with dietary restrictions because the owner believes that everyone should be included when it comes to the finer desserts in life. […]

Apex Coffee Roasters

Waco, Texas

Apex Coffee Roasters is a craft specialty coffee roastery established in 2014 in Waco, Texas. Delicious coffee is made here by true artisans who are completely passionate about sourcing responsibly and roasting meticulously. They roast to showcase the farmer’s craft and reveal coffee’s unique natural flavor. Apex is doing some significant work to showcase “specialty […]

Araya Artisan Chocolate

Houston, Texas

Araya Artisan Chocolate are handcrafted following the “French and Belgian techniques” using premium single origin chocolate, and only the finest and natural ingredients available. No preservatives or artificial flavors are added. Each chocolate is an “edible gem”. The flavor combinations are wonderfully rounded, and often surprising. Every piece of them was exquisite, with amazing flavors […]

Artisan Oils and Vinegars

Lubbock, Texas

A family-owned store in Lubbock is the culprit for all these “top quality oils, vinegar, and herbs.” These artisans offer barrel-aged, flavor-infused olive oils and balsamic vinegar, dipping sauces, dried soup mixes, and flavored pasta. They have 24 amazing flavors available and you are highly encouraged to sample their products as much as you like. […]

Ascension Coffee Roasters

Dallas, Texas

Ascension Coffee Roasters began in December 2012, an “Australian style coffee shop” with simple European-café-type food and a laid-back, familiar atmosphere. Russell Hayward, experienced restaurateur, lifetime espresso coffee lover, and founder of Ascension, developed this concept with the simple goal of elevating the everyday American café experience. They focused on high-quality, farmer-focused coffee from all […]

Ashley’s Own Eats & Treats

Lubbock, Texas

Ashley’s Own Eats & Treats offers gourmet yet affordable menu options for all occasions. “Ashley and her staff do an amazing job” that y’all will surely be “beyond impressed!” Their “chicken tenders, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, and rolls were clearly made with love and so delicious.” Her “gumbo is exceptional, from the color to […]

Atomic Kitchen

Dallas, Texas

Born and made in Tomball, Texas, Atomic Kitchen is a local artisan business that was founded in 2016. They are known for producing “Pickled Jalapenos in a jar” that are atomically delicious! Their “Garlicky Garden Jalapenos” are sliced and come hand-packed in 16 oz. and 32 oz. jars. Their pickled Jalapenos are the crunchiest, most […]

ATX Homemade Jerky & Artisan Market

Elgin, Texas

Are you looking for some great jerky? You can’t go wrong with ATX Homemade Jerky & Artisan Market with their “traditional beef jerky” to their more unique flavors such as Teriyaki or KC BBQ flavors. It was crafted to perfection in the Capital of Texas. Beef Jerky varieties are sure to bring your taste buds […]

Aunt Nettie’s Sweets & Treats

Allen, Texas

If you are in need of southern desserts, either for yourself or your business, Aunt Nettie’s Sweets & Treats will save your day! They take pride in their products and customer service. All of the desserts are made from scratch from cakes to pies. They taste so wonderful, as if they came straight from Granny’s […]

Auntie’s Foods

Dallas, Texas

Auntie’s Foods produces “Gluten free products” that are proudly manufactured and packaged locally in a 100% gluten free facility in New Braunfels, Texas. Auntie’s flour eliminates the unpleasant taste and texture found in other gluten free products. They have “All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour” that you can substitute in place of regular flour “cup for cup” […]

Aurelia’s Spanish Chorizo

ZZ No Location, Texas

Aurelia’s Spanish Chorizo makes “small artisan batches of sausage” that are prepared with full pork shoulder cuts, fresh ground garlic and Spanish Paprika imported from the de la Vera region of Spain. Aurelia’s owner, ”Leslie Horne” fell in love with Spanish chorizo when a friend brought her some from Spain. An avid home cook, she […]