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Local Artisan Food Producers in Texas

Discover local Artisan Food Producers in Texas. Real food made with real respect for the ingredients used. These are the basic requirements of how a producer gets to be included on our artisan food producer list. Nothing mass-produced and industrialized here, just honest-to-goodness food made by honest-to-goodness people with a passion for food.

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Austin Cheese Company

Austin, Texas

Are you a cheese aficionado? Well, this place is your heaven! Austin Cheese Company is dedicated to inspiring people by providing the highest quality “artisanal food products” including cheese, meats, jams, wine, beer, sandwiches, salads, mac and cheese, wine & beer by the glass paired with exceptional service and education. The company is about great […]

Austin Cultured

Austin, Texas

Austin Cultured is all about ferments! It’s a family owned and operated business that brings you the best in fermented foods. They have “Traditional kraut” that is made simply with cabbage and salt, “Jalapeno Kraut” that will bring a spicy kick to your meal, “Carrot & Onion Kraut” for a little sweeter style, and the […]

Austin Honey Co

Austin, Texas

Austin Honey Company is known for producing naturally managed honeybees pollinating local organic food creating a “sweet wildflower honey”. Happy bees reside at local organic farms in Austin where they provide vital pollination. The owners purposely placed them there to help grow our local food system. This not only ensures complete pollination the result of […]

Austin Kefir Microbrewery

Austin, Texas

We always love a good beverage that will refresh us and help cool things down, especially during the summers. But this beverage has really taken it to the next level by bringing something uniquely refreshing. Austin Kefir Microbrewery crafts tonics and ales that are alcohol-free, naturally effervescent, and perfect for tasty rehydration. Completely vegan, gluten-free, […]

Austin Roasting Company

Austin, Texas

Every coffee lover in Austin knows the Austin Roasting Company! It is a family owned and operated business offering premium single origin, organically farmed, and fair trade coffee to the local community of Austin for 20 years. Their coffees are carefully roasted in small batches, packed and shipped at our local facility here in Austin. […]

Austin Scoops

Dallas, Texas

Austin Scoops has been taking Austin by storm since 2006! It’s an independent and locally owned Ice Cream company that offers “super premium ice cream and non-dairy sorbet,” made fresh on site. Their ice cream is super creamy, thick, and tastes like it is made from “high-quality ingredients.” They source their base cream from a […]

Austin Slow Burn

Austin, Texas

Made in the heart of Austin since 1994, Austin Slow Burn offers a “national-award winning line of gourmet fiery foods,” specializing in a variety of quesos, salsas, jams, pasta sauce and jerk marinade. They focus on the flavor and quality of the products with the added bonus of a slow heat. Only quality ingredients are […]


Austin, Texas

Founded in 1993, Austinuts specialized in processing fresh nuts into “dry roasted” gourmet nuts. They uses the centuries-old roasting method that is common around the Mediterranean to dry roast its product. The nuts are roasted with water and salt and sometimes spices. They contain no added oils, additives or preservatives. This process provides a more […]

Avery’s Savory Popcorn

Dallas, Texas

Known for delivering the finest quality flavored popcorn using the “highest quality ingredients”, Avery’s Savory Popcorn is a “Gourmet Popcorn Shop” in West end that you must try! You will be lured in by the aroma looming outside and once you stepped foot inside the shop, you will be greeted by friendly staff and an […]

Avoca Coffee Roasters

Fort Worth, Texas

Avoca Coffee Roasters is an “artisanal roaster” located in the historic Near Southside neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas. The name came from a Gaelic word that means “great mouth” They roast delectable blends and single origin coffee that you can purchase at any of their coffee shops. They sell Brewed Coffee Espresso and Espresso Drinks, […]

Avocado Crack

Houston, Texas

Avocado crack is an all-purpose seasoning that is initially made for avocados but turns out to be perfect on everything. Knowing that “this product was used by Tabitha Brown,” you’ll know you can’t get away without it. “The spice combination is balanced, flavorful, and the spices complement each other.”  Sprinkle them on steak, seafood, tacos, […]

AXEL Provisions Company

Houston, Texas

Think of hosting a backyard luncheon this Sunday and you want to please your guests on the food you are about to prepare. You list down all the ingredients and the necessary condiments, you buy them from the market, and you actually prepare them. Kind of overwhelming, right? Shed of your time and money with […]

Azucar Ice Cream Company

Dallas, Texas

Hot and tropical climate is the perfect excuse to have an ice cream from Azucar Ice Cream Company! It is an “ice cream and sorbet boutique” located in Dallas Texas. The concept of the store came out of the love for the owner’s abuela (grand mother) who has the passion for ice cream and admiration […]

B&G Cakes

San Antonio, Texas

Kim Invergo, the owner, “a Bandera resident and expert baker,” named her business after her “two favorite horses – Bob and Gypsy.” To date, B&G Cakes is committed to making great desserts the old fashioned way using organic, all-natural, and locally sourced ingredients. There is no mass production going on as Kim custom-makes all products […]

Bake Me Something Good

Lubbock, Texas

Bake Me Something Good is a home-based bakery that operates under the Texas Cottage Food Law. The owner, known for her middle name “Rubi,” makes custom-decorated sugar cookies, cakes, and cupcakes for any occasion. “This young lady makes great stuff!” However, the orders need to be placed at least a couple of weeks in advance, […]

Baked Bites By Linda

Austin, Texas

Baked Bites By Linda is a Texas-based bakery that gives everyone a creatively new experience with baked goods. Baked Bites By Linda makes everything from scratch using organic, non-GMO, and specific dietary ingredients for all your needs. Can you imagine “gluten-free vegan cookies that taste better than non-GF and non-vegan cookies? That’s what these amazing […]

Baked By Amy’s

Austin, Texas

Created by Amy’s Ice Creams, Baked by Amy’s is an Austin-based sweets bakery that crafts unique, creative, and edgy treats made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. They have “the best and most beautiful baked goods in Austin!” Their “chocolate triple berry tres leches and the assortment of cupcakes were a big hit!” These […]

Baked By Becky

Keller, Texas

“Looking for something different? How about some cakesickles” from Baked By Becky? Not feeling it today? That’s okay because there’s more! Besides these “cute” and “yummy things,” this local business also bakes “gorgeous” desserts and treats such as muffins, scones, brownies, mini cakes, Krispies’ squares, cookies, and special occasion cakes fresh from scratch. If you’re […]

Baked By Drake

Houston, Texas

Baked by Drake is a bakery and dessert shop that creates custom cookies for every occasion. It started when Christy Drake made king cakes for friends while living in Lubbock. These king cakes have turned into a cake and cupcake business that latter settled into decorated sugar cookies. She has her own special recipe that […]

Baked by Rizza

San Antonio, Texas

Baked by Rizza is a local business of Marissa S. that’s based out of San Antonio, Texas. Marissa specializes in custom sugar cookies that are perfect for all occasions. “The cookies are not only so cute but delicious” as well. Unlike the others, these ones are “thick” and they’ve got a “cute packaging” too – […]

Bakes & Cakes By Rosie

Killeen, Texas

Bakes & Cakes by Rosie is a home-based business that strives to save the world one baked treat at a time. Keeping her family recipes and tradition, Rosie specializes in breads, cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and pies. Buttercream and fondant work is also her masterpiece. She works with standard recipes and specialty items to customize […]

Baldo’s Ice Cream

Dallas, Texas

Baldo’s Ice Cream shows you the best way to spend your cheat day: to visit their “hybrid ice cream and coffee shop!” In their scoop shop café, you don’t need to settle on the typical flavors. “Fun and unique” ice cream flavors are available, “made from scratch and in small batches” daily. Ingredients are also […]

Bama Girl Bakes

Spring, Texas

Bama Girl Bakes is a local artisan who crafts gourmet cookies and decorated sugar cookies from scratch using “high-quality ingredients.” They also offer “awesome” vegan and gluten-free selections for your dietary requirements and satisfaction. “They taste phenomenal, look pretty, and contain lots of yummy ingredients unlike a lot of the GF options on the market.” […]

Banzo Hummus

Austin, Texas

Are you tired of fighting with your kids to eat that healthy meal? Are they always looking for that bag of chips dipped in unwanted calories? If your answer is yes then this is definitely what you needed. Garbanzo beans have found its way to the heart of many, even in kids. Thanks to Banzo […]

Bare Bakery

Houston, Texas

Bare Bakery is a small batch bakery filling the void of gluten-free, naturally sweetened desserts in Houston and beyond. This bakery believes in the new way of baking; that by using gluten-free, grain-free flours like almond or coconut, and natural sweeteners like honey or coconut sugar, they can accomplish the creation of a gourmet product […]