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Local Artisan Food Producers in Texas

Discover local Artisan Food Producers in Texas. Real food made with real respect for the ingredients used. These are the basic requirements of how a producer gets to be included on our artisan food producer list. Nothing mass-produced and industrialized here, just honest-to-goodness food made by honest-to-goodness people with a passion for food.

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The VINE Juice Company

Corpus Christi, Texas

Are you looking for great options for fresh juices, smoothies and light meals? The Vine Juice Company sells raw, natural and fresh cold-pressed juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls, and vegan options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Its menu features vegan-friendly, dairy-free and gluten-free options for the “health-conscious crowd” in Central Corpus Christi. You can build […]

The Vinegar Joint

ZZ No Location, Texas

The Vinegar Joint specializes in vinegar elixirs and tonics. The elixirs are made with raw and organic apple cider vinegar that is mixed with some superfood ingredients; and, the tonics are made using the slow and old method. Extracts, concentrates, powders, or anything artificial were never used to make these products. They’re “refreshing, delicious, and […]

The Waldo Way Dairy Farm & Artisan Bakery (Mineola)

Mineola, Texas

The Waldo Way Dairy Farm & Artisan Bakery is a family-owned farm that specializes in Raw dairy and artisan baked goods since 2013. They also have a farmshare program where members can buy into the operations of the farm. They offer Raw Milk Products, pasture-raised beef, artisan baked goods, skin care products and even a […]

The Waldo Way Dairy Farm & Artisan Bakery (Tyler)

Tyler, Texas

The Waldo Way Dairy Farm & Artisan Bakery – Tyler is another location for this family farm that offers raw dairy products and artisanal baked goods. They’ve been in business since 2013 and have been providing members of their farmshares some of the best raw dairy products this side of Tyler, Texas. Some of their […]

Third Coast Coffee

Austin, Texas

Get yourself some quality coffee to brew in the comfort of your home! Third Coast Coffee roasts their coffee beans to order in small batches, developing profiles to bring out the “best qualities” of each and every bean. They carry a wide range of coffees and roast profiles in accordance with their belief that coffee, […]

Third Coast Honey

Angleton, Texas

Third Coast Honey has been working hard to provide the best raw and unfiltered honey in the neighborhood since 2015. Indeed, this family-owned and operated company was able to expand its horizons that stood through the test of time. Thus, you can find their honey in many parts of the state, including farmers markets and […]

Third Space Theory Coffee

ZZ No Location, Texas

Third Space Theory Coffee is a locally owned mobile coffee cart in Waco, Texas. They offer “single-origin” Organic Honduran beans that are “locally roasted” and sold from light, to medium, to dark. This variety has a taste of honey; it’s sweet with chocolate, caramel, and a hint of strawberry notes. “The coffee is always great” […]

Thirdborn Ginger Beer

Houston, Texas

Thirdborn Ginger Beer uses only natural ingredients, and goes through a traditional brewing process, producing a subtly sweet, spicy, and non-alcoholic beverage. This ginger beer has a balanced taste compared to other ginger beers in the market that are too sweet but lack that spice that is characteristic of ginger beers. Buyers can choose from […]

Thirsty Bee Meadery

Tomball, Texas

Thirsty Bee Meadery in Tomball is established by local beekeepers who produce mead through the local honey that they fermented. They can harvest several types of mead on tap and in bottles. There is the light and refreshing Draft Mead, which has 7% ABV (alcohol by value) mead. The Traditional Mead has 10-14% ABV, made […]

Three Bowls Bakery

Cypress, Texas

Three Bowls Bakery is a home bakery that’s located in Cypress, Texas. It specializes in “such delicious” gourmet cookies and they are mostly likely the “best” ones you’ll ever have – no kidding! “There are lots of choices and each one” has the “perfect amount of sweetness” that you won’t get bored or fed up. […]

Three Lumps Of Sugar

Tomball, Texas

Providing quality artisanal sugars, salts, and botanicals, Three Lumps of Sugar is a small local business aiming to bring “a little sparkle to your drinks”. Their products are all handcrafted, milled to perfection in small batched. All their ingredients are all-natural with no artificial flavors and colors. You can even customize your own flavor by […]

Three Six General

Austin, Texas

Three Six General is a farmers market food stand that crafts and offers locally prepared and cured meats and condiments such as bacon, ham, beef jerky, hot sauce, mayonnaise, spicy mustard, and other seasonal items like “pecan cutting boards” and “chicken liver paté.” On top of that, “these guys are small picking & fermenting as […]

Tierras Planas Roasters

Lubbock, Texas

Tierras Planas Roasters started when founder “Kerry Mayfield” discovered, tasted, and appreciated the many different ways to roast, brew, and use coffee around the world. After tasting one of the most flavorful cups of coffee he had, Kerry purchased his own roaster to bring that taste to Texas, and the desire to brew the “perfect […]

Timmy’s Tasty Organic Lemonade

Richmond, Texas

Henry Organics, the maker of Timmy’s Tasty Organic Lemonade, is an organic food and beverage corporation, whose focus is to provide healthier alternatives, without the use of GMOs. Each product that they produce uses 100% organic ingredients, yet they all still have that old-fashioned taste. They currently offer three flavors: old-fashioned, blueberry, and “mango-berry.” And […]

Tiny House Coffee Roasters

Buda, Texas

An Austin-based roastery that specializes in “direct-trade coffees” and cold brew on tap. Tiny House Coffee Roasters has a mission to create a better world, with better coffee by working with small producer farmers and spreading “specialty coffee” to new frontiers. They are creating a simpler path between the people, exceptional coffee, and a better […]

Tiny Temptations

Houston, Texas

When I read that Tiny Temptations sells many macarons of different flavors, I believed them. However, I didn’t imagine that the variety is this extensive. There’s blueberry lemon, and then there’s coffee. It gets interesting: there’s caramel macchiato, and then there’s also HOT Cheetos too! I don’t know which flavor to pick first. I don’t […]

Tio Pelon’s Salsita

San Antonio, Texas

Born in Northern Mexico and raised in South Texas, “Oscar Perez,” also known as Tio Pelon has embraced San Antonio as his home for over 10 years. His hometown pride and culinary inclinations guided Tio Pelon to share a family recipe that everybody should get to know. He took his tremendous passion for food and […]

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Austin, Texas

Tito’s Handmade Vodka owns America’s Original Craft Vodka produced in Austin, Texas. A dream that started in the mid-90s and they still make in batches using old-fashioned pot stills. They also taste-test every batch to make sure you get only the best. Their vodka is “definitely smoother” compared to other “premier vodka brands”. You can […]

Tony’s Jerky

North Richland Hills, Texas

Tony’s Jerky is a small business that prides itself on providing fresh made to order beef jerkies. These dehydrated meats are made from the purest and highest quality ingredients without added preservatives. On top of that, they also offer trail mixes and protein packs that are perfect for a healthy and quick snack urge, packed […]

Tough Cookie Bakery

Bastrop, Texas

Tough Cookie Bakery and Café started in 2011, serving the community “mostly organic fresh-baked vegan and vegetarian” menu. This locally-owned café, bakery, and coffee shop offers brunch and lunch items, as well as espresso, that are mostly wholesome food – vegan and using the highest quality and organic local ingredients. Tough Cookie Bakery and Café […]

Tough Mother

Round Rock, Texas

When it comes to defending your health, you need a secret weapon. An Austin, Texas-based holistic foods brand that produces organic, raw, and “pure health tonics and foods” in convenient form is Tough Mother. Tough Mother creates an arsenal of secret weapons which can be an everyday household staples for long-term health and kick-ass natural […]

Transylvania Treats

ZZ No Location, Texas

Are you craving for something extremely “unique” and authentic? Today might be your Transylvania day! A classic tradition from the land of Dracula that originated in the 1400s, chimney cakes are made by wrapping a special dough around a wooden stick, rolled in sugar, and spit-roasted on their cool oven. These cakes are similar to […]

Treatsies Bakery

Lubbock, Texas

Treatsies Bakery is a home-based bakery that specializes in cakes, candies, cookies, and cupcakes. On top of that, this bakery also does custom-orders and specialty cakes that will certainly won’t disappoint you. Every batch is made at home from scratch, using recipes that have been passed down from mother-to-daughter for generations. The cookies and creative […]

Trianon Coffee

Austin, Texas

One of Austin’s oldest “independent coffee shops” nestled in the hills of West Lake, Trianon Coffee is serving up locally roasted coffee and foods 7 days a week! They have been roasting for almost fifteen years, carrying on a tradition of hand-crafted coffees, roasted in small batches, and delivering fresh regular, decaf, custom blending, and […]

Trigger Happy BBQ

Amarillo, Texas

The competition just got hotter! Located in Amarillo, Texas, Trigger Happy BBQ is a competition BBQ team produces an “award-winning barbecue sauce” with complex flavors that will burst in your mouth leaving you with a unique finish. This sauce was developed for all things barbecue. It is best used for glazing or as a dipping […]