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Local Artisan Food Producers in Texas

Discover local Artisan Food Producers in Texas. Real food made with real respect for the ingredients used. These are the basic requirements of how a producer gets to be included on our artisan food producer list. Nothing mass-produced and industrialized here, just honest-to-goodness food made by honest-to-goodness people with a passion for food.

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Ben’s Texas Gourmet Market

Friendswood, Texas

Ben’s Texas Gourmet Market is a specialty food manufacturer that produces handcrafted pickles, rubs, and sauces from his family’s home-style recipes.  From when he started in 2014, he has expanded to producing these tasty specialty items commercially for sale in stores, cafes, coffee shops and fine restaurants.  Some of his products include Spicy Dill Pickles, […]

Bernard’s Gourmet Foods

McKinney, Texas

Bernard’s Gourmet Foods started over 25 years ago after a visit to “Great State Fair of Texas.” David came home with a hand-crank food processor, just perfect for whipping up fresh break-time salsa snacks for himself. Working in the Power Industry, his “downtime therapy” became gourmet cooking. He developed a “whole line of yummy roasted […]

Beth Marie’s Old Fashion Ice Cream

Dallas, Texas

Located on the South side of Denton’s Historic Square, Beth Marie’s original location has the atmosphere of an “old fashioned ice cream soda fountain.” Beth Marie’s has over “130 flavors of ice cream,” and the menu changes seasonally. Most of their premium ice cream is made in an ice cream machine designed in the late […]

Big Bayou Cocktail Sauce

Houston, Texas

After thirty years of refinement and adjustments, Big Bayou has crafted the perfect balance of what we all expect from a cocktail sauce- one that complements not only seafood but all of the dishes without overpowering its delicate flavors. Are you looking for a bold, robust, and versatile flavor cocktail sauce? Search no more as […]

Big Bend Coffee Roasters

Marfa, Texas

Coffee is something to be shared with friends and enjoyed in the comfort of your day. Big Bend Coffee Roastersin Marfa, Texas has been in business since 2008. Big Bend Coffee Roasters specializes in “100% organic, fair trade, and kosher certified coffee”. Their special coffees begin with the selection of “A” quality green coffee beans […]

Big Daddy’s Hot Sauces

Houston, Texas

Located in the beautiful Heights neighborhood of Houston, Texas, Big Daddy’s Hot Sauces is the child of Trevi and Becky Biles, capsaicin and music addicts. They started out with “Ass Burn” as the anchor in 2001. A multiple gold medal winner, that has become a “legend in the Texas hot sauce community.” Big Daddy’s award-winning, […]

Big Poppa’s Kettle Corn

Richmond, Texas

Established in 2008, Big Poppa’s Kettle Corn proudly offers a vegan-friendly and deliciously healthy snack: gourmet kettle corn done with the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness that will make you go, “Wow, that popcorn is AMAZING!” Enjoy “some old favorites and some new ones that are always unique in design and flavor.” Be sure […]

Big Salinas Barbecue

Princeton, Texas

Big Salinas Barbecue takes pride in their BBQ meats that are “smoked low and slow with Pecan wood.” This family-owned and operated catering business best describe their business as “great barbeque made by a family for a family.” Part of their menu are brisket, chicken, sausage, ribs, turkey, along with homemade side dishes that are […]

Bird + Twine

Conroe, Humble, ZZ No Location, Texas

Operating under the Texas Cottage Food Law, Bird & Twine is a home bakery that creates delicious treats for everyone. You are going to be “obsessed with how good the grave digger cake and cookies” are. And “not only did they look great but they taste amazing as well!” They were “so moist and good”; […]

Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie

Dallas, Texas

Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie is a bakery that specializes in French-style pastries. It prides itself on fresh and original creations tailored to each customer. They use the finest ingredients and handcraft delicious French macarons and pastries on a daily basis. Seriously, this is “the best bakery ever,” especially if you’re into some “beautiful” croissants, pain au […]

Black Coffee

Fort Worth, Texas

Black Coffee brings a more convenient coffee experience closer to East Fort Worth.  This award-winning coffee shop combines “exclusive eastside culture” and “unbeatable coffee.”  Black Coffee features a meticulous coffee roasting process to infuse global flavors into their coffees.  Rich, delicious, smooth, and made by artisans!  Drop by the coffee house to fully experience the […]

Black Poodle Tea Co.

Fort Worth, Texas

Loving dogs has always been founder’s cup of tea. Black Poodle Tea Co. was named in honor of 2 very special Black Poodles, “Anna and Knightly”. They have brought joy and laughter to their owner and her family and will continue to do so long after they leave this world. Established in the late Summer […]

Blacklick Spice Company

Houston, Texas

Blacklick Spice Company is a famous “hot sauce business” known for their unique flavors. All their products are Natural, Gluten Free, and Preservative Free. They are using fresh ingredients that are “sourced locally for best quality”. They have sauces that fit every description such as classic, savory, delicate, simple, complex, layered, European, Asian, Country, Tropical, […]

Bldg6 Coffee Roasters

El Paso, Texas

Located in El Paso Texas, BLDG 6 Coffee Roaster is a green coffee bean micro-roastery that focuses on producing small batches of crafted coffees that are selected by a number of techniques, such as cupping, that ensure taste and quality in every single batch. Roasting is what sets them apart from other companies and coffees. […]

Blended Family Foods

Fort Worth, Texas

Blended family foods is a family owned and operated business. They specialize in traditional and specialty salsas that utilize seasonal fruits. They also do customized orders for special events, beer releases (because face it, beer, salsa and chips, what could be better?), and demonstrations. You can find their products in many stores around the Fort […]

Blinderhund Ranch

Bastrop, Texas

Blinderhund Ranch got its name from the family blind miniature dachshund for which the “Blind Dog” bee ranch gets its name. The Honey Bees and Family Farm are located in Bastrop and the family started the Blinderhund Ranch September 2017. Their bees produce delicious “wildflower and mesquite honey” and they have local pure raw honey […]

Bliss Candy Company

Brenham, Texas

Bliss Candy Company is a manufacturer of “Fine Toffees and Confections” in Texas. Everything they make is “Simply Blissious“, The recipe came from the mother of the owner, who makes toffee for every special occasion: Christmas, Easter, birthdays and family reunions, to name a few. Today, Bliss Toffee is the perfect combination of 4 ingredients, […]

Blue Ribon Honey Company

Conroe, Texas

The Blue Ribbon Honey Company started in 2014 after winning the 1st Place in the 2014 Texas Beekeepers Association’s Black Jar “Best Taste” honey contest and 3rd Place in 2016! Since then, they continued to win awards and had a steady stream of customers that can’t have a biscuit without Blue Ribbon honey on top!Their […]

Bluebird Kitchens

Carrollton, Texas

Bluebird Kitchens hand crafts artisanal and specialty jams, jellies, fruit chutneys and other epicurean delights. They use limited ingredients but deliver abundant flavor. Bluebird Kitchens offers a complete line of classic jam flavors like “strawberry jam and blueberry jam”. They also have specialty flavors with grown up twists like “carrot cake jam” and “pineapple upsidedown […]

Boba Patron

San Benito, Texas

A cold drink is best for warm weather. But a good drink is best at any time of the year. It is a good thing Boba Patron is ready to give us yummy thirst-quenchers. Boba Patron is a bubble tea drink shop located in San Benito, Texas offering exciting flavors to choose from (kiwi, orange, […]

Boggy Creek Honey Farm

Omaha, Texas

Boggy Creek Honey Farm is owned by Jesse Wright of Omaha, Texas. Their honey is dubbed as “Pure East Texas Honey” produced in Northeast Texas within 50 miles of Texarkana and Longview. It is best described as a multi-floral wildflower honey. Some of the principle sources are several clovers, prickly ash, rattan vine, persimmon, and […]

BOLD Grounds Coffee

Lubbock, Texas

Bold Grounds Coffee is a family-owned and operated coffee shop in Lubbock, Texas. They make great artisan coffees, roasted to order. Equipped with “40 years combined restaurant and hospitality experience, unmatched work ethics, and an immeasurable drive for quality,” these roasters are really worth-trying for! So if you are someone who knows how to start […]

Bolners Fiesta Products

San Antonio, Texas

Get a taste of Texas flavor with Bolner’s Fiesta Products. A family owned and operated business since 1955 that makes “extra fancy and fresh dry herbs, rubs, and spices” that will enhance the flavor of your fajitas or hamburgers. Although they specializes in Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern flavors Bolners Fiesta Products imports spices from some […]

Bonnie & Clyde Hummus

Houston, Texas

Bonnie & Clyde Hummus is not just selling fresh and delish hummus but also serves pita bread, Bahn Mi sandwiches, and fresh coffee. “It’s a killer hummus” that is “made with sterile water,” and made fresh before every market. Try their “traditional hummus and its simply the best hummus” you’ll ever have. But better “grab […]

Boomtown Coffee

Houston, Texas

It all “began with the dream of serving coffees that we all wanted to drink — roasted with care, brewed with precision, and always served with love.” Lifting the spirits of coffee drinkers one little boom at a time, Boomtown is “a cool eclectic coffee shop nestled in The Heights area. A good escape from […]