Grub Tubs

One of the many problems of modern times is how we are quick to throw things away when these are still useful in many ways. Take leftover food, for example. Our instinct is to throw in the garbage bin anything that we are not eating. We should know that leftover food still has many uses. GrubTub is using leftover food collected from restaurants to produce cheaper animal feed. This way, they lighten the financial burden of farmers, considering the high cost of animal feed. We do not want anything to do with leftover food because we often associate it with something messy and unpleasant. GrubTub makes sure that their collection tubs in restaurants do not result in an unpleasant odor or leak. And because they want to minimize carbon footprint as much as possible, they dispatch their collection vehicles only when there is enough to collect. No leak or smell is coming from the tubs while these tubs sit there, so it is not a problem for stores or customers. The community, the government, and everyone should support small businesses that contribute to sustainability, like GrubTub.