The Common Market

A common problem for many small family farms is finding themselves at the bottom of the list when businesses, offices, schools, and many others are looking for food sources. They are lucky if they are listed at all. It is not a deliberate act from buyers, especially those coming from urban locations; most of the time, they go for near and accessible producers. Most of the time, these are big businesses supplying supermarkets and grocery stores. This is what The Common Market tries to address. They bring buyers and producers together to make sure local businesses are thriving and their products are moving. Tell them what you need and how much, and they will make sure to scour local producers first. This way, small family farms have a fighting chance. This way, small family farms don't end up overrun by big business competition. This way, local farmers are inspired to continue doing farmwork, knowing what they produce will turn a profit. The local farmer will work hard knowing that someone is looking out for their best interest, that they are part of the sustainable local food ecosystem they helped build.