Distilleries in Austin, TX

Local Distilleries in Austin, Texas

Discover local Distilleries in Austin, Texas. Smaller distilleries around the state still produce spirits the traditional way without all of the pressures of meeting high quotas of mass-produced spirits. In fact, some of the local distilleries around the state have won awards from all over the world for their excellent spirits. So if you’re browsing around for some liquid courage, try something from your local distillery, you never know it might just be the perfect blend you’re looking for.

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Austonian Spirits

Distillery in Austin, Texas

Lawrence Sasso, founder of Austonian Spirits, took advantage of his engineer’s background and found a way to create excellent Texas whiskey without using traditional oak barrels. He guards his secret process closely, and it makes Austonian Spirits the first company to bottle a sustainably matured whiskey. His process uses significantly less wood, and “reinvent(s) conventional […]

Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co.

Distillery in Austin, Texas

Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co.”is one of those places that if you’re in the know, it’s one of the coolest experiences in your life”. This is “a bar full of only cask strength whiskey” since “almost everything is presented at cask strength”. When “the whiskey is not enough the beautiful scenery is just as amazing as the […]

Nine Banded Whiskey

Distillery in Austin, Texas

Their name was inspired by the Nine Banded Armadillo which is the official state small mammal of Texas. Nine Banded Whiskey blends their whiskey with “limestone-filtered water from the Texas Hill Country”. Distilled in Kentucky and bottled in Austin, their whiskey is “a soft whiskey despite its higher proof”. It has “some peanut character amidst […]

Republic Whiskey

Distillery in Austin, Texas

The “Republic Whiskey has rich notes of oak and vanilla fading into dark cherry with a bold finish like a West Texas sunset”. It is “smooth sipping” and “you can really taste the vanilla notes and the caramel in the nose”. When you drink, it “goes down easily and warms the belly in all the […]

Revolution Spirits

Distillery in Austin, Texas

Revolution Spirits is a “solid distillery” with “awesome creative cocktails”. You will be “really impressed by what these guys are producing here: High-quality gin & other spirits, & beautifully crafted artisan cocktails”. Their “Austin Reserve Gin is fantastic” and “this is a very cool place to get away from the city”. You “always have a […]

Saint Liberty Whiskey

Distillery in Austin, Texas

Saint Liberty Whiskey distillery is the only company that gives recognition to the untold stories of pioneering women bootleggers through their products. Their Bertie Brown’s, Bear Gulch Bourbon has “stone fruit and candied oranges on the nose and slightly smoky with hints of caramelized vanilla, apricots, and brown sugar”. It also “has dried fruits on […]

Still Austin Whiskey Co.

Distillery in Austin, Texas

Still Austin Whiskey Co. has a “patio area” that “offers a great place to day drink and is dog-friendly”. With an “outdoor seating” that “is spacious” and “if it’s not too hot out you have no reason to go anywhere else!” You can “start with a flight” and “you’ll get a Gin, Clear Whiskey, and […]

Tequila Fire

Distillery in Austin, Texas

Tequila Fire’s tequila is “made from 100% agave grown in Jalisco”, Mexico distillery. It is “bottled unaged straight off the still”. Their Cat Tequila Silver “presents with a mouthwatering burst of lime and tropical fruits”. It then takes “an earthy, mushroomy turn with a dark chocolate note”. You will notice “the finish is surprisingly soft, […]

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Distillery in Austin, Texas

Tito’s Handmade Vodka owns America’s Original Craft Vodka produced in Austin, Texas. A dream that started in the mid-90s and they still make in batches using old-fashioned pot stills. They also taste-test every batch to make sure you get only the best. Their vodka is “definitely smoother” compared to other “premier vodka brands”. You can […]

Valor Spirits

Distillery in Austin, Texas

The owners of Valor Agave, under Valor Spirits, Inc., are both Iraqi war veterans. A part of the sale of their product goes to support veteran charities. Support and buy their products. It will be the “best organic agave nectar” that you will ever taste. It makes “tea” “taste more natural and more refreshing than […]