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Local Food Businesses in East Cesar Chavez - Austin, Texas

Discover local Texas food businesses in East Cesar Chavez - Austin, Texas

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Flat Track Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Austin, Texas

Flat Track Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and motor cafe on the Eastside of town. Coffee done right and anything with wheels! Flat Track offers freshly roasted coffee with a roasting approach that aims to balance the unique flavors, sweetness, and acidity present in each coffee they roast. This is the place to be […]

Lua Brazil

Bakery in Austin, Texas

“Chewy, cheesy, awesomeness” that “brings the flavours of Brazil” to Texas.  This is the promise of Lua Brazil, as they fulfill their “mission to deliver delicious Brazilian snacks to the United States” through the heart and soul of their business, their Pão de Queijo. This Brazilian Cheese Bread is a traditional Brazilian food that they tweaked into their gourmet, healthier version, […]

Nine Banded Whiskey

Distillery in Austin, Texas

Their name was inspired by the Nine Banded Armadillo which is the official state small mammal of Texas. Nine Banded Whiskey blends their whiskey with “limestone-filtered water from the Texas Hill Country”. Distilled in Kentucky and bottled in Austin, their whiskey is “a soft whiskey despite its higher proof”. It has “some peanut character amidst […]

Royal Blue Grocery – 6th Street, Austin

Store in Austin, Texas

This Royal Blue Grocery is “located right in front of Liberty Bar and the East Side King located right off of E 6th street”. This “is a quaint little grocery store that has wine and other drinks galore”. “You can also get a variety of snacks as well as fresh food items such as pre-packaged […]

Sweet Tsopelik

Artisan Food Producer in Austin, Texas

Mexican Sweets were mainly born in the convent’s kitchens and eventually went out to artisan factories own by families just like Sweet Tsopelik who produces traditional “Mexican Candies” made with “Local and Organic” ingredients in Texas. They spent a couple of years perfecting recipes for gourmet, homemade, organic, traditional Mexican candies that are made from […]

Texas Coffee Traders

Artisan Food Producer in Austin, Texas

From a simple cup of coffee, to espresso machine repair, Texas Coffee Traders have it all! Texas Coffee Traders is an “artisanal coffee roaster” and local specialist in all things coffee. Locally roasting coffee and providing the freshest beans in Central Texas is what they do since 1994. They have provided the freshest beans and […]

The Bee Grocery

Store in Austin, Texas

The Bee Grocery is a locally owned, one-of-a-kind urban grocer offering neighbors an outstanding selection of “fresh and prepared foods, beverages and household necessities.” The Bee Grocery is a place designed for regular visits, where neighborhood residents can grab wholesome ingredients to cook at home, or enjoy the convenience of hot or cold ready-to-eat meals. […]

Zilker Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in Austin, Texas

Clark brothers Patrick and Forrest and their best friend from high school Marco Rodriguez started brewing in 2008. After winning numerous awards in brewing competitions, the three decided to dive in and open “the brewery of their dreams”. They eventually quit their jobs and pooled their savings, and with help from outside inventors, opened in […]