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Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

Store in Austin, Texas

Your charcuterie board just got a whole lot better. Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is at the heart of Austin’s cheese scene. It is owned by storytellers of “artisan cheese and good food makers”. They offer cheese platters that are curated with love and decades of knowledge by experienced cheese-mongers, and include a diverse selection of “local, […]

Foreign and Domestic

Restaurant in Austin, Texas

Foreign and Domestic is a chef-owned and operated restaurant serving cohesive dishes with bold Texas flavors and ingredients. It strives to consistently create “bold” and “creative” Texas food, all delivered from farm to table in as short a timeframe as possible. It offers a chef-inspired, seasonally-changing menu that showcases the freshest, organic produce and superb […]

Guan Yin Tea House

Store in Austin, Texas

Guan Yin is a community tea house, specializing in “Gong Fu Cha in Austin, Texas.” It is run by incredibly beautiful team of people, serving the best tea in a magical environment. They offer “farm direct tea, quality artisan tea ware, as well as tea tastings, classes, and workshops.” Their goal is to spread Chinese […]

Komé Sushi Kitchen

Restaurant in Austin, Texas

Kome Sushi Kitchen is a Japanese restaurant that strives to offer great food at reasonable prices in a casual, comfortable environment. Founded by a native Japanese couple, you’ll know for sure you’re in for an authentic Japanese flavor. They offer an extensive menu, featuring “takoyaki”, “ramen”, “rice bowls”, “homemade gyoza”, and more. They also offer […]

La Orxateria

Artisan Food Producer in Austin, Texas

Located in Guadalupe, La Orxateria sells hot and cold drinks from around the world. They offer orxata from chufa or tigernuts imported from Spain and prepared in the traditional way. Orxata de Chufa is dairy free, gluten free, nut free, naturally sweet and full of vitamins and nutrients. The name is based on the word […]

Lammes Candies

Artisan Food Producer in Austin, Texas

Lammes Candies gives only the most wonderful shopping experience to their customers.  Proudly made in Austin, its current bestseller is the world-famous “Texas Chewie Pecan Praline.”  It took seven years of recipe testing to present to the world this delightful perfection!  Lammes’ kitchen prepares a good variety of chocolates, taffies, brittles, and more sweet surprises.  […]

Love Puppies Brownies

Artisan Food Producer in Austin, Texas

Love Puppies Brownies is a “simplistic gourmet brownie bakery,” purely bred in Austin, Texas. They offer a variety of unique flavors for every occasion, packaged in different cleverly named flavors like “Make Mine a Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Nutcase, Trailer Park Chic, and Red Velveteen.” They also have seasonal flavors like “Who Cares About Dinner […]

Mom & Pops All Natural Frozen Pops

Artisan Food Producer in Austin, Texas

Mom & Pops provides delicious All-Natural Frozen Pops made with locally sourced ingredients, sweetened with “Organic Cane Juice and Agave Nectar” and made only with love. Manuel and Laura started testing out flavors in their kitchen and they realized that their creations were actually very good. So good, that in that Summer of 2008, Manuel […]

Sala and Betty

Restaurant in Austin, Texas

Sala and Betty aims to provide wholesome and well-prepared meals especially for people who are often too busy to cook for themselves. This restaurant features a drive-thru for guests who wanted their meals to-go and a full-serving dining lounge for guests who have time for a sit-down dining experience. For appetizer, you could never go […]

Vino Vino

Restaurant in Austin, Texas

Vino Vino, after being featured in a Wine Enthusiast Magazine, the “local secret” has since started gaining fame. With an extensive selection of bottled wines impressively displayed on the walls of the wine bar, it’s no surprise that visiting Vino Vino is a “no-brainer for wine lovers”. An exceptionally knowledgeable bartender and the finest skilled […]