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Local Food Businesses in West Oak Hill - Austin, Texas

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Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Artisan Food Producer in Austin, Texas

Brewing the “best tasting Kombucha” on the planet earth while maintaining a sustainable and conscious business. Buddha’s Brew Kombucha is a craft brewed fermented elixir full of living cultures, organically grown within and never from a powder. To ensure the freshest, most probiotically active kombucha possible, they “brew and bottle the full strength Kombucha daily” […]

Cocoa Puro

Artisan Food Producer in Austin, Texas

Locally crafted in Austin, Cocoa Puro produces Pure Whole Bean Chocolates from “Kakawa Cocoa Beans” that are made in small batches from the finest, freshest, and purest ingredients, without preservatives of any kind. Kakawa Cocoa Beans have a blend of white, milk and dark chocolates and cocoa powder, and use the whole bean, which offers […]

Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Lil’Doddy Burger Lab

Restaurant in Austin, Texas

Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Lil’Doddy Burger Lab is “Hopdoddy’s younger sibling.”  Offering a “fast casual experience” as one of the few Hopdoddy burger bars that have their own drive up window where you can go pick up your online orders without muss or fuss! Even with the fast-casual approach, you can still expect the best […]

Jack Allen’s Kitchen (Oak Hill)

Restaurant in Austin, Texas

The Oakhill branch of Jack Allen’s Kitchen is one of their four branches in Austin, Texas. While the restaurant focuses on making fresh, locally-sourced food through their Southern-inspired flavors, this particular branch is the only one that offers private dining services. Like the other branch locations, they also feature a gluten-free menu, along with buffet […]

Kerbey Lane Cafe (Southwest)

Restaurant in Austin, Texas

Kerbey Lane (Southwest) is “one of Austin’s finest locally owned chains”. “Queso is heavenly, so as pancakes”. You can “actually take home their branded pancake premixes, and even find them at Costco”. It “can get very crowded in the afternoons and onwards but super friendly staff will definitely do their best to locate you in […]

Live Oak Wellness

Artisan Food Producer in Austin, Texas

Along with their health and fitness programs, Live Oak Wellness produces an ultimate sustainable, local, and natural Acorn tea that was invented and developed right in Austin with years of practice and adjustments on its production process. Indeed, the unique hearty and long-lived oak tree and its bountiful yield has been finally been harnessed! Utilizing […]

Tipping T

Restaurant in Austin, Texas

The Tipping T Eatery is known as “a great brunch spot”; serving brunch on weekends and lunch during Fridays. The Tipping T Eatery is situated in the Tejas Pavillion, one of the buildings sitting in an eco-friendly property. The place has both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating has a very nice atmosphere with […]

Whole Foods Market (Arbor Trails)

Store in Austin, Texas

The Whole Foods Market (Arbor Trails) sells a “very good variety of grains, nuts, veggies and other organic groceries”. Their “whole foods brand milk is really good”. Anyone can “love their collection of chocolates and handmade soaps” with “so many flavours” and variants. A “nice selection of bath, body, and makeup items that are cruelty-free […]

Winner Winner

Restaurant in Austin, Texas

Winner Winner is a famous takeaway spot serving pasture-raised chicken, lamb and pork roasted to perfection in rotisseries, and ribs in addition to their house-made farm-fresh seasonal side dishes and sandwiches. The restaurant has gained its popularity from its unique dining venue that was built out of a restored 1949 railroad dining car. While the […]