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Local Bakeries in Texas

Discover local Bakeries in Texas. Small-batch bread made by artisans that have honed their craft through the years. Everything is hand-mixed, fermented, shaped and baked to perfection. If you’re in the mood for amazing artisan bread that’s light and delicate, or deep and rustic then you’re at the right place. We’ve hand-curated the best bakeries in Texas to bring you the most up-to-date list of the best bread makers in the state.

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Broadway Daily Bread

West Columbia, Texas

Broadway Daily Bread is a home to some of the “finest baked goods in San Antonio.” They take pride in baking a variety of fresh, wholesome breads, “made daily from scratch using select pure, natural ingredients.” They mill their own wheat flour for whole wheat products and they use an unbleached, untreated white flour for […]

Broodwinkel Bakery

Stephenville, Texas

Freshly-made bread from the kitchen to your home, that is the Broodwinkel Bakery mission!  May it be white, multigrain, light rye or sourdough, their bread is said to be “to die for” and “so much better than store-bought”!  You can also grab bagels, different flavors of cookies and so much more blissful treats.  You can […]

Buff’s Bagels & Bakery

Magnolia, Texas

Homemade bagels and baked goods that can still be faithful to your diet! Buff’s Bagels & Bakery, in their mission to “spread love and joy through delicious food,” are churning out fresh bagels and tasty breakfast and snack bars in assorted flavors sold weekly at the Tamina Farmers Market. And to make your bagel run guilt […]

C’est La Vie Bakery

San Antonio, Texas

“C’est La Vie is the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and a spinach and pesto pastry while you get some work done”. They also have a “great breakfast croissant sandwich and freshly brewed peach tea”. “Delicious pastries baking in the oven”. A small family-owned and run bakery and cafe. They make fresh […]

C3 Farm & Café

Midland, Texas

C3 Farm and Café brings you freshly baked goodies, homemade from scratch, and “without any pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.” The owners of this farm and café “take a lot of pride in their product” and it shows in the high-quality products that they bake and harvest to be served to their faithful buyers! Feed your […]

Cake Cravings Bakery

Mineral Wells, Texas

Whether you are in for a sweet treat or looking for something tasty to fill your tummies, the Cake Cravings Bakery got you covered! They offer hot, hearty, filling meals any time of the day, but of course, nothing like a sweet, delicious treat to get you going! They’ve got these pre-made gorgeously designed cakes, […]

Chalet Four

Katy, Texas

Chalet Four is a “cottage bakery in Dallas, Texas” that specialize in croissants and fluffy sandwich breads. This bakery is not a storefront, it is a home. Everything they create is “made from home with the love of rolling and kneading everything by hand.” They provide pastry for your week at home, your morning at […]

Chicago Bagels

Windom, Texas

Rooted in the heart of San Antonio, Texas, Chicago Bagels & Deli is a family owned and operated bakery that has been a “community favorite for 19 years.” It is formerly known as Daily Bagel. They offer a variety of flavored bagels, challahs and gourmet breads to satisfy every craving, “made fresh, in-house by family […]

Crest Ridge Farms Bakery

Dallas, Texas

It started out as a passion, baking for friends and neighbors, and it turned into something special that makes their buyers keep coming back for more!  From the Crest Ridge Farms Bakery to your table, this East Dallas artisan microbakery has rolled out a fantastic line up of mouthwateringly delectable baked items that customers describe […]

Czech Please Microbakery

Gilmer, Texas

Pre-ordering or getting to Czech Please Microbakery early will be a good habit as everything that she whips up, her buyers absolutely cannot get enough of real quick! Even those who have never tried Czexan confections, especially the authentic Czech pastries Kolaches and Klobasniky, became such believers upon first taste! Said to make her customers’ “taste […]

D’s Sourdough-D’s Breads

Dallas, Texas

“Good bread. Simple ingredients. Delicious taste. Perfect the way bread SHOULD be”. This is how buyers describe the organic, hand-crafted, and long-fermented sourdough bread and pastries by D’s Breads. “A Dallas Farmers Market favorite”, owner and artisan baker Debra Piedra starts her sourdough creations by using organic ingredients, wild yeast, and freshly milled organic flours. Called as the “local sourdough maven”, she has […]

Day Cocina

Alvin, Texas

Remove the guilt and indulge in the pleasure from Day Cocina’s exquisitely delectable signature selections. All baked goods are “free of sugar, dairy, gluten, grain and soy” and they even have vegan selections. To further put their buyers at ease, ingredients and net carbs are listed down per item on their website. So let go of your […]

Delicious Delights

Queen City, Texas

Eat to your hearts and tummies’ content, while letting go of your worries about your diet with the Delicious Delights Café! In this “Grab and Go” bakery café, “everything is gluten-free, sugar-free, low carb, diabetic, and Keto friendly.”  Choose the sinfully delicious yet healthier bread and pastries like breakfast bagels and tacos, biscuits, kolaches, muffins, even donuts, pizzas, […]

Delightful Food Company

Tyler, Texas

Expect your “classic, comforting favorites as well as pastries with an unexpected, elevated twist,” all “researched, developed and tweaked to be the best one that you will devour.”  This is the Delightful Food Company’s commitment, to produce only “food that delights!” On their menu, you will often find “familiar food done to its absolute best,” […]

Des Pâtisseries Bakery

Katy, Texas

Des Patisseries Bakery is a family-owned and operated traditional bakery that offer a selected variety of pastries where “quality and flavor are most important.” Their artisan-baked products will take you away and bring you a smile. Des Patisseries Bakery uses the freshest and finest ingredients to create, delicious “French-inspired pastries” to delight their customers. All […]

Duane’s Country Bakery

La Porte, Texas

Duane’s Country Bakery is staying true to the way baked goods should be made – and it should be from scratch!  This baker churns out delectable bread loaves, all homemade and handmade, without any artificial flavors or colorings.  His baked masterpieces include different types and flavors of bread:  multigrain, whole wheat, white bread, as well […]

Eilenberger’s Bakery

Palestine, Texas

Eilenberger’s Bakery – particularly its pecan loaded fruitcake – is proof that good things last. It has been made the same way in the last 120 years, and the result remains the same: people love it, and they keep coming back again and again. If you ever come to visit Palestine, Texas, make sure to […]

Empire Baking Co.

Sugar Land, Texas

Empire Baking Company is an “artisan bakery in Dallas, Texas,” featuring handmade breads, European pastries, sandwiches, cookies and more. Everything they offer is “handmade, hand-shaped and baked fresh everyday.” They don’t use machine, “utilizing natural leavening, without preservatives or conditioners,” every day since 1992. Time may be the most important ingredient used in making their […]

Event Center

Vidor, Texas

Event Center is a “neighborhood bakery specializing in fresh made, artisan bread.” Founded by a couple passionate culinary friends in 2007, Event Center is proud to be a part of the “growing slow food and organic food movement.” They use time-honored techniques to craft some of the most amazing baked delights. Using only the “finest […]

Falk Bakery

Waco, Texas

A bakery with a story spanning years of family history! The Falk Bakery was opened in the 1800s by Bernhard, the great grandfather of its current owner, Beka. With the business having closed down years ago, Beka decided to fulfill her dream of reopening the bakery, this time in Texas, and to “honor the legacy […]

Fall Creek Bakery

Richardson, Texas

Locals from the Richardson area will surely fall for the “delicious hand made” bread, pastries, and desserts by Fall Creek Bakery.  Owner and Chef, Susan Reyes, who found her love for baking after being part of the workforce, offer “a variety of delicious, hand-crafted breads as well as customized sweets.”  Despite being a home bakery, […]

Favorite Sister Bakery

Carrollton, Texas

Can’t think of an interesting theme for your upcoming party? Check out Favorite Sister Bakery’s cookie decorating party service! Book them 2 weeks before your special date, decide on your cookie theme and just relax, as they will prepare and bring everything you need. Expect pre-baked sugar cookies, royal icing, sprinkles, aprons, frosting Tools and 1 box per participant, to […]

Feel Butter Baby Cafe & Bakery

Austin, Texas

“Melt in your mouth delicious buns” that are handmade and freshly baked in small batches!  Feel Butter Baby Cafe & Bakery handmade and freshly baked in small batches!  offers a variety of mouthwatering gourmet buns that are made to order or can be spotted in local farmers markets that they join.  But what makes these buns […]

Ferguson Flourworks

Amarillo, Texas

Ferguson Flourworks features locally-crafted artisan loaves of bread and baked goods. You will enjoy their “strawberry banana loaf of bread” which is really “OUTSTANDING!” They also have “tender and delicious cinnamon rolls!” If you have a special event, company, parties, or the holidays, they would love to help you with that. You can place an […]

Fit Baking Company

Garland, Texas

Fit Baking Company offers a delectable assortment of baked goods that are more inclusive than traditional. All their products are also gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. Everything is crafted to offer the best texture possible while remaining low in carbs and sugar and high in protein. “They are a great snack or small meal replacement they […]