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Local Bakeries in Texas

Discover local Bakeries in Texas. Small-batch bread made by artisans that have honed their craft through the years. Everything is hand-mixed, fermented, shaped and baked to perfection. If you’re in the mood for amazing artisan bread that’s light and delicate, or deep and rustic then you’re at the right place. We’ve hand-curated the best bakeries in Texas to bring you the most up-to-date list of the best bread makers in the state.

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Fran’s Pies

Dripping Springs, Texas

Pies are such great points of nostalgia, bringing people back to their childhood.  And that is the heart inside Fran’s Pies, the “tender crust and high-quality ingredients that bring it all back and make new memories.”  Each freshly-made pie and her other baked goods are “hand-crafted with organic flour and sugar.”  Described to be “packed […]

French Apron Bakery

Beaumont, Texas

Made in-house for Lubbock locals, French Apron Bakery produces “inspired desserts, breads and savory items,” all handcrafted in small batches that you will definitely crave for! Their products are also available in “low carbohydrate, sugar free, gluten free, and other healthy options.” The French Apron Bakery has amazing goodies and treats, but they are more […]

From Mema’s Kitchen

Corpus Christi, Texas

From Mema’s Kitchen offers blissful bites that are devilishly good, but absolutely “guilt-free”!  Make sure to grab these “delicious gluten-free and sugar-free desserts made from scratch.” Tasty and filling bagels, muffins, decadent cakes, cookies, and brownies that you can still eat even if you are on Keto and for those who need or want gluten-free […]

Galveston Bread

Galveston, Texas

One of Galveston’s gems, you can get “bread and sweets for gifts, special occasions, and everyday use” from Galveston Bread. Described by its faithful buyers as “amazing, aromatic, fresh, unique, organic and extremely high quality”, its flavorful bread are made from “only the finest organic flour” of different types, “winter and spring wheat, whole wheat and rye,” along with the baker’s “carefully nurtured starter.” […]

GFY Kitchen

Austin, Texas

Time to discover just “how delicious gluten-free food can be when prepared correctly” with the GFY Kitchen A.K.A. Gluten-Free Yourself Kitchen. As their name says, all their baked products are “proprietary gluten-free, nut-free, rice flour blend and do not contain any preservatives, artificial ingredients, or cornflour.”  This has been the mission of GFYK’s baker Tim after he experienced just […]

GM Baking Etc

Corpus Christi, Texas

GM Baking Etc. provides stunningly eye-catching cakes, pastries and treats with “just the right amount of sweetness.” They also have freshly-made loaves of different types and sizes of bread. Some of their cakes are history-filled recipes, tweaked with their non-traditional interpretations, topped with the most intricate designs that will immediately grab your attention! Just about anything […]

Grain Free Haven

San Antonio, Texas

“No grains? No Problem!” Grain Free Haven aims to give the market a convenient, healthy alternative to tasty food and snacks, despite them having allergies to wheat and other grains or special diet needs like for diabetics, for those doing the Paleo, Gluten-Free, Low Carb diets. Their products include bread, porridge, baking mixes, nut mixes, […]

Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery

Mesquite, Texas

Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery is the answer of the owner and baker Larissa to her and her daughter’s special dietary concerns due to their allergies. But what started as an experiment to continue her passion for baking something she can eat, became her mission, “to bring delicious gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and vegan goodies to the masses!”  Time to […]

Hestia Baking

Houston, Texas

Staying faithful to “baking bread the traditional way,” Hestia Baking Company makes their sourdough starter – the base of all their bread products – the traditional way: “by slow fermentation and using wholesome and simple ingredients, the way bread is supposed to be made.” Staying true to their vision, this Houston microbakery is using only three ingredients: […]

Hippos and Hashbrowns

Dallas, Texas

Food made from scratch in small batches, the way it should be! This is the core of the Hippos and Hashbrowns Bakery. This family-run business prides itself in preparing everything with care, to produce high-quality baked goods which they sold to the public and eventually, to local grocers, farm stores, coffee shops, and specialty gourmet shops. […]

Homestead Bakery

Waco, Texas

A bakery with a drive-through?  Yes, that’s possible with Homestead Bakery.  They made things even more convenient for their buyers, as aside having to drop by and check them out in farmers markets, they can serve you quick and easy through their drive-through option.  “Skillfully crafted in-house, made of the best quality ingredients and freshly […]

Honeycomb Croissant

Houston, Texas

Airy, buttery on the inside, yet flaky and crunchy on the outside.  That is the perfect croissant, as baked by Honeycomb Croissant! This artisan bakery in Houston specializes in producing these exceptional and flavorful croissants with the distinctive and beautiful inner honeycomb structure.  The complex and technical process takes 3 days to beautifully handcraft these tasty masterpieces – […]

JM Artisan Baked Goods

Beaumont, Texas

Start of your day with JM Artisan Baked Goods! A veteran owned and operated company making “homemade baked goods from scratch.” Owner James decided to bring all the delicious pastries and baked goods he mastered from being part of the “Presidential Food Service Security at the White House” to Bandera, where he now calls home. […]

Joe the Baker

Coppell, Texas

Classy French baked goods made by a renowned chef – now what more can you ask for? Chef Joe Baker turns into Joe the Baker as he handles the reigns of this family-run business as he offers delectable pastries and customized treats for special diets. With all the amazingly delicious and first-class sweets he bakes up, […]

Joju Bakery Breads

Bivins, Texas

Owned by Josh Raymer, Joju Bakery Breads sells freshly ground coffee, great coffee drinks, breakfast tacos and “freshly baked artisan breads in Fredericksburg, Texas.” Originally from Austin, Josh trained in Colorado with chefs who believes that “superior taste begins at the farm.” He started baking because he craved for good bread and couldn’t get it […]

Julie Myrtille Bakery

Austin, Texas

In just a bite of one of her baked goods, and it brings you straight to France! Exquisitely plated and wonderfully presented French pastries and delicacies, baked by “award-winning French graduated pastry chef and blogger” Julie Myrtille. Superbly flavored and incredibly textured breads and brioches are available along with other sweet, savory, and filling offerings […]

Julie’s European Bakery

Spring, Texas

Flavorful homemade jams, cakes, and cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth, rich and hearty European recipe soups and lasagna, all from one store and all of them guilt-free as they are low in sugar, low in fat, low in salt and no artificial ingredients! Julie’s European Bakery makes all of that possible with all her […]

Just Pies

Tyler, Texas

Nothing like a homecooked, freshly baked pie to remind you of home and family! Inspired by her Grandma and Aunt, Just Pies owner Tammy Harden followed her passion, “baking fresh homemade pies every day,” using only the best and freshest “local ingredients from neighborhood stores, and a childhood recipe that has been refined and perfected […]

Kathy’s Home Kitchen

Irving, Texas

Just a whiff of the baked treats from Kathy’s Home Kitchen, and it brings back all our childhood memories! Indulge in their sweet and rich baked goods like chocolate brownies, banana pecan bread, blueberry, orange cranberry, and carrot cake muffins, as well as homemade pie fillings, jams, fruit butter, and marmalades. Nothing really beats freshly […]

KETOish Life Baking

Decatur, Texas

No need to make sweet treats your guilty pleasure, as KETOish Life Baking lets you indulge in your cravings while keeping you on track with your chosen or prescribed diet! They offer home-made, freshly baked “low-carb, Keto-friendly options for sweet treats, without the sugar! ” Snack to your heart’s delight, all the cupcakes, cookies, churro donuts, muffins, bagels, […]

Knead Me Bakery

Magnolia, Texas

Knead Me Bakery is the brainchild of Kristy Tamayo, a wife, and mother who wanted to be sure that the bread she gives to her child is preservative and additive-free. Very vigilant about the ingredients that she uses, Kristy assures her buyers that the “eggs come from pasture-raised, free-range happy hens” and that her recipes […]

Koosh Artisan Bakeshop

Beaumont, Texas

Crafters of Artisan Bread & Pastries, Koosh Artisan Bakeshop is a bakery in Amarillo, Texas that is “made with integrity, nutritional value, locality, seasonality, and community in mind.” Koosh Artisan Bakeshop is deeply committed with the community, and obsessed with “delivering outstanding organic baked products.” They understand the nuances between batches and pay special attention […]

La Cabane de Dessert

Beaumont, Texas

A French-inspired bakery, tucked away in Spring Hill area of Longview, Texas, La Cabane de Dessert is operated by “Calli Clanton,” a pastry chef who brings something to the table that makes it a little sweeter. La Cabane de Dessert will “take you straight to France!” With its bistro style, country French ambiance, and incredible […]

La Francaise Bakery

Garland, Texas

La Francaise is Dallas’ first authentic French bakery, tracing its history back to 1976.  Now focusing on just their wholesale operations, “the bakery still relies on time-honored baking traditions” in creating “premium and specialty baked products for wholesale customers.”  Put together high-quality and the finest ingredients, an “all-natural process,” and their products that are “still […]

La Panadería (Alamo Heights)

San Antonio, Texas

La Panadería was opened in 2014 by Brothers José and David Cáceres. This is a bakery-cafe where they share their “Mexican heritage and love for baking” with the people of their adopted hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Specializing in Long-cultured Bread, La Panadería’s unique approach to breadmaking includes a “48-hour fermentation process” that results in […]