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Local Bakeries in Texas

Discover local Bakeries in Texas. Small-batch bread made by artisans that have honed their craft through the years. Everything is hand-mixed, fermented, shaped and baked to perfection. If you’re in the mood for amazing artisan bread that’s light and delicate, or deep and rustic then you’re at the right place. We’ve hand-curated the best bakeries in Texas to bring you the most up-to-date list of the best bread makers in the state.

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Pineywoods Keto

Alto, Texas

Check out Pineywoods Keto, as they serve “quality Keto baked goods for the East Texas area.”  They are very much transparent about the ingredients and nutritional facts of almost all their baked goods, making it easier for their buyers to check if what they are consuming is indeed adhering to their prescribed or chosen diet. But […]

Proper Baking Company

Dallas, Texas

A brilliant addition to your list of bakers if you are British, or just love anything from that side of the world, you should not miss the Proper Baking Company!  This “family-run artisan bakery located at the Dallas Farmers Market serves the highest-quality British baked goods that they made from scratch!”  They’ve got the traditional […]

Raised in a Southern Kitchen

Rockwall, Texas

Delightfully “flavorful and moist” pound cakes, with a variety of flavors to choose from! Get these delicious pound cakes from Raised in a Southern Kitchen. Those who have tried their offerings have nothing but the best reviews for their baked treats, saying that “the outer layers have a bit of crunch with the perfect amount of glaze. The inside is […]

Ravelin Bakery

Brenham, Texas

Owned and operated by “Eric and Pamela Helland,” Ravelin Bakery is a neighborhood bakeshop creating “European-style breads, pastries & specialty desserts,” using whole, all natural ingredients. The place has a lot of open space and a wide selection of sweets ranging from cakes to pies to cookies to muffins and more.They also offer daily breads […]

Ravenshouse Bakery

Caldwell, Texas

Ravenshouse Bakery is home to “artisan and handcrafted bread, straight from the farm.” They make everything fresh, hot, and ready to eat! They have their signature “Italian Herb Loaf Bread,” an artisan white bread with a crunchy outside and soft inside, coated in fresh herbs and olive oil. Some of the bread they specialize include […]

Reverie Bakeshop

Richmond, Texas

Delicious while still being “compassionate towards animals, the planet, and our health,” this is the principle behind the Reverie Bakeshop. This North Texan bakery offers “100% vegan” goods, and does not use eggs, dairy or any animal bi-products, making it “healthier than the non-vegan counterparts and just as tasty!”  Enter their bakery and see their […]

Rise of the Phoenix Apothecary and Bakery

San Marcos, Texas

At the Rise of the Phoenix Apothecary and Bakery, everything is “100% vegan-friendly, 100% gluten-free, and 100% refined sugar-free!”  The herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables used in their products are grown “from their own food forest garden.” They also assure everyone that they only use the highest quality and fresh local ingredients such as “nutrient-dense, […]

Rockin’ BS Ranch

Denison, Texas

Rockin’ BS Ranch is owned by “fantastic folks who happen to make the best croutons in North America”. They “have lots of flavors of Jams, specializing in Habanero Jams”. They also do bread, fruit bread, cookies, soup mixes, BBQ Rub, granola, and many other bakery items. They make jams, jellies, pickles & bread using old […]

Rodriguez & Fam Scratch Bakery

Calvert, Texas

Rodriguez & Fam Scratch Bakery is a family endeavor with the love of baking “European style pastries, desserts, and Artisan breads.” It is owned and operated by “Rodrigo Rodriguez, his wife Lidia and their two sons.” From scones to croissants and cookies to cakes, Rodriguez & Fam Scratch Bakery features a wide variety of freshly […]

Rolling In Thyme & Dough

Dripping Springs, Texas

Rolling In Thyme & Dough This is an “outstanding little restaurant and bakery in Dripping Springs”. Their “food is always so yummy and has a great selection for those with food sensitivity”. This is “a bakery with amazing bread, sandwiches (the toasted Foccacia is delicious), soups, salads and more”. And, “if you go before 11am […]

Rose and Bear Bakes

Missouri City, Texas

Grab delectably sweet and appetizingly Instagramable cake pops and cupcakes from Rose + Bear Bakes! This home-based bakery in Sienna Plantation offers homemade and gourmet treats for those with the sweet tooth and as “the perfect expression of love for birthday parties, family celebrations, or a delightful surprise for the office.”  Home baker Crystal O’Brien built up […]

Sanford Sourdough Bakery & Market

College Station, Texas

Located in Round Rock, Sanford Sourdough Bakery creates “All Organic San Francisco Style Sourdough Breads,” made by hand the authentic way. The owners, “Dave and Meriann Sanford,” have spent years working on the art of the “tangy, chewy, scrumptious sourdough artisan loaves” that San Francisco is so well known for. Sanford Sourdough Bakery is proud […]

Sinfull Bakery

Houston, Texas

Sinfull Bakery offers baked goods that are so sinfully delicious you won’t believe it’s vegan! This is “Houston’s first 100% vegan bakery,” established back in 2009! Everything is “made from scratch, with all-natural and mostly organic ingredients.”  Check out this award-winning bakery’s selection of baked goods from bars, cookies, soft granolas, cinnamon rolls, pies, mini-sweet loaves, cupcakes, muffins and […]

Skull & Cakebones

Dripping Springs, Texas

Skull & Cakebones is a “plant-based” market, bakery, and eatery all in one spot. It specializing in serving “all-natural” food and products that are both vegan and non-GMO. It offers a seasonal menu that showcases the best of every season, featuring brunch food like “avocado toast”, appetizers like “cauliflower wings”, greens like “caesar salad”, sandwiches […]

Slanging Dough Bakery

College Station, Texas

Slanging Dough Bakery is a gem for San Angelo and the West Texas area. Everything here is fantastic and “lovingly made by owner, Jason Churchwell.” He is a San Angelo native who brought “world-class croissants” to town. His pastries are “made from the best ingredients.” He uses Plugrá butter, Barry chocolate de couverture noir, a […]

Sol Y Luna Baking Company

College Station, Texas

Sol Y Luna Baking Company is a family owned and operated bakery, mixing up some of the “best breads and baked goods in San Antonio.” They are using the highest quality ingredients and knowledge passed down from “generations of artisan bakers.” Sol Y Luna is what a local bakery should be, a winning combination of […]

Sola Bread Company

McLeod, Texas

Located in Tyler, Sola Bread Company “brings the art of baking bread, pasties, and building a community of love.” Sola Bread Company uses organic flour, water, natural leaven and sea salt, fermented and baked into a loaf that’s perfectly crackly and sharp on the outside but soft on the inside. Locally sourced fruits combined with […]

Splendid Life Cake Bar

Cypress, Texas

Splendid Life Cake Bar offers artisanal bread and pastries full of love and memories! Owner, pastry chef, and home baker Meghan Clark attributes her love for baking from her grandmother, from which she got her recipes, even dating back to 1937. She added a modern twist and her own flair to these prized heirlooms, and […]

St. Lucia Bread Company

Dime Box, Texas

St. Lucia Bread Company is an “artisan bakery that was founded in 1986” with the simple idea of baking great-tasting bread, made from scratch using only the finest fresh and natural ingredients. They specialize in “all types of flour, grain, and savory flavored bread.” Their bread are handmade in Dallas, with consummate attention to quality […]

Stinebert Gourmet Banana Bread

Dallas, Texas

A little taste of heaven in a piece of banana bread! Sign up for banana bread with “endless varieties” with Stinebert Gourmet Banana Bread! At least 10 flavors of banana bread loaves and banana bread muffins are available, plus some seasonal and special additions to the line-up! If you can’t decide which flavor to choose, grab the Texas […]

Swedish Sisters Bakery

Dallas, Texas

You’re in for unique treats at the Swedish Sisters Bakery.  It’s like going on a trip to the Scandinavian region, though a bite of their specially made Swedish bread and desserts.  School yourself with Swedish food terms and indulge in their authentic flavor.  Some of their baked goods include the Semlor or Swedish cream buns, […]

Sweet Erline

Keller, Texas

It’s all about clean positive energy with Sweet Erline! Everything is “happily crafted from scratch using only 100% plant-based ingredients;” even all the items that they use “from producing to packaging is completely eco-friendly.”  They offer a wide variety of “mouth-watering sweets” and treats that are guaranteed “all-organic and all-vegan!”  It is easier and happier to embrace this lifestyle as you have their “sweet […]

Sweet-n-Korny Treasures

Angleton, Texas

Explore cute and adorable art and irresistible “home-baked goodies” with Sweet-n-Korny Treasures!  The owner, who is the baker and artist as well, showcases her masterpieces – may it be in the kitchen or in her “handmade crafts” and paintings! Indulge in her sinfully yummy cookies, like the Mega Loaded Chocolate Chip and the Bailey’s Irish […]

Taste & See Bakery

Alpine, Texas

A bakery, gourmet wine & cheese shop, and a fine arts gallery and a “sweet little neighborhood café,” all in one place! Get a jampacked sensory experience from “farm to table” in Taste and See Bakery.  “A true manifestation of southern hospitality,” shop to your heart’s content hearty and filling loaves of bread and other yummy treats made from scratch, using freshly […]

Taste and See Bakery

Flynn, Texas

Located in Alpine, Texas, Taste and See Bakery is not your average bakery. It is run by “Baker Ginger Hillery,” seeking to nourish the world, one loaf of bread at a time. They offer delicious local coffee and all their bread and pastries are “made fresh daily.” Everything is made from scratch and there is […]