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01 Farmers Market at Woodlawn Pointe

Farmers Market in San Antonio

01 Farmers Market at Woodlawn Pointe, which is located in San Antonio, Texas, is a state-certified neighborhood producers-only market. There are many vendors present here during market day, selling different kinds of goods like farm-fresh produce (Roma tomatoes, potatoes, jalapeños, cucumbers, and more), baked goods from local bakers (check out the banana nut and apple pecan bread from one of the vendors!), pickled food, pantry staples, and many more. So why not schedule your market day on a Wednesday and come by at the market any time from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Woodlawn Pointe. Or visit the market every last Thursday of the month at the Deco Pizzeria along Fredericksburg Road from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. If the weather gets a little bit hot, don't worry because there are stalls here selling refreshments and beverages, like fresh fruit juice.

(210) 549-6768

Akachi RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Kennedale

Akachi Ranch is a small, family-owned business specializing in coastal hay, fish, fresh produce, poultry, and raw honey. But describing the rank as small is being very humble about it, considering what the ranch has. Akachi Ranch raises cattle, chickens, goats, and horses. The ranch has both potbellies and hogs. They also have rabbits, for consumption or for those looking for a pet. If you have a farm or ranch and in need of donkeys to help watch over the cows and goats, you can buy these here. That's not all. They also have catfish, bass, and perch, a honey bee hive, eggs, and a wide assortment of vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, okra, cabbage, onions, grapes, greens, bell peppers, corn, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, and peas. And if all you want is some peace and quiet, Akachi Ranch also offers camp sessions for all ages. Akachi Ranch, which is located in Kennedale, Texas.

Alpha & Omega FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in La Vernia

Alpha & Omega Farms is a family-owned and operated farm. The specialty of the farm is growing culinary herbs.  The herbs here are organic and grown by hand. Alpha & Omega Farms does not use any pesticide or herbicide. This farm has high standards for quality control because the farm is under the care and management of a professional who was also a long-time safety officer and quality control engineer. Alpha & Omega Farms is located in La Vernia, Texas.  If you want to see how they do things here at Alpha & Omega Farms, feel free to visit. The farm offers daily tours to guests. This way, you get the chance to learn a thing or two, if you are interested in gardening and growing your own food.

(571) 247-8766

Berkshire Farms Winery

Winery in Dallas

Berkshire Farms Winery opened in 2017 after brothers-slash-business owners Jonathan and Jason Jackson of Berkshire Farms wanted to take the experience of eating good meat to a new level and offer spirits that best pair with their farm products. They make wine with an emphasis on craftsmanship, making sure the taste and flavor are exquisite, elegant, and enjoyable. Visit their online store and see some of Berkshire Farms Winery's products including their Almond Sparkling Wine and Peach Sangria. They also have wine pops which are perfect for when it is hot and humid.

(214) 631-9763

Blackland RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Commerce

The COVID-19 pandemic has filled us with stress and anxiety. As we seek to return back to our normal lives, it is important to shed our emotional, psychological, and mental baggage. A great way to do this is to spend some time at the Blackland Ranch Wholeness Center. This is a holistic retreat center located in Commerce, Texas. Blackland Ranch Wholeness Center offers facility rental and primitive camping. Staying here gives us the chance to center our minds and recharge our batteries. Taking some time for personal healing is an important part of self-love. This can help us live happier and more productive life.

(903) 886-7760

Blodgett Urban Gardens

Farm & Ranch in Houston

Blodgett Urban Gardens describes itself as "a community garden that harvests fresh fruits, veggies, and smiles." Here, there is weekly gardening, and you can take part in it. So if you have time, why not volunteer? Blodgett Urban Gardens, a non-profit charitable organization, is more than happy to have you. One of the things they teach here is sustainable gardening which you can apply in your garden. If you are looking for produce, go local and buy from them.

Brown Suga’s PicklesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Temple

Founded in July of 2014, Brown Suga's Pickles offers “flavored Dill Pickles with a twist” that are freshly made and canned to perfection! Their products are not just any typical ole pickle. They have a “variety of flavors for all taste buds,” including Sweet & Spicy, Just Spicy, Cherry, Grape, Mango, Green Apple, and Strawberry Kiwi. They also have specialty flavors, the “Vodka Cherries and Vodka-tini” Whatever flavor you choose, they all have an amazing and original taste. If you haven’t tried them yet you’re missing out! Once you have tasted these fresh and delicious pickles, there is no turning back. Brown Suga's Flavored Dill Pickles is truly a satisfaction!

(469) 658-2456

Capt. Sin’s Wholesale Seafood LLC

Fish & Seafood in Fresno

Captain Sin's Wholesale Seafood LLC (a licensed wholesale dealer), based in Fresno, Texas, is a family-owned and operated business providing / delivering only the freshest quality locally sourced seafood to include Live Louisiana Crawfish, Fresh Gulf Shrimp & Crab to our customers at an affordable price. For all pricing, product availability, delivery and inquiries, please contact Captain Sin directly via phone, email, or Instagram [email protected] capt_sin 

(281) 725-8399

District Market Green Grocer

Store in Houston

District Market Green Grocer. which is located in Houston, Texas, helps give Black-owned businesses another platform to sell products. This is a Black-owned enterprise, so this is Black people looking out for each other and helping each other out. Why shop here? For one, this supermarket is always challenging the price of items in the market and seeks to find ways to offer the lowest price possible. Another reason to shop here is variety. There are lots of items sold here. Fresh produce (like kale, collard greens, avocado, bell peppers, cucumbers, pineapples, apples) and baked products. Home-made sauces and spice mix. Vegan food. District Market Green Grocer also sells all-purpose cleaner. And many other things! Come by anytime and show your support for the community.

(832) 680-3485

Earth Healthy

Farm & Ranch in Desoto

Earth Healthy is a family farm in Desoto, Texas that promotes urban farming and gardening. Ensuring access to fresh and healthy food in a sustainable environment. They have a multi-greenhouse complex, committed to the concept of growing organically close to home. They also grow their own soil through a composting and vermiculture process. The owners believe in Will Allen's Growing Power concept. This concept makes them a part of ''the Good Food Revolution that changes how we grow, distributes and eats food so that the process is healthier for the people and the planet". Their two-acre farm consists of 4 hoop houses with one aquaculture system.

(469) 576-0987

Farm Crimson

Farm & Ranch in Kaufman

Farm Crimson is a family-owned farm in Kaufman, Texas, specializing in grass-fed livestock, free-range fowls, and organic produce. To be more specific, they  have grass fed goats, cows, pigs, and sheep! They also have organic chicken, quail, as well as chicken and duck eggs!  They are very active on their social media sites so be sure to check out their Facebook page for the latest updates on the farm, how to order, and more details! Even if you're not in the same area, it's worth checking out their socials, you never know, you might even learn a thing or two!

Farm to Freezer Meat Company

Farm & Ranch in Oakwood

Farm to Freezer Meat Company raises and curates cattle which produces high-quality beef. Farm to Freezer Meat is a family-run business that also has hamburger patties, sausages, ribs, and more! You can buy these when they set up shop in local farmers markets. Aside from selling meat from their ranch, they also source directly from Texas ranches to provide some of the best meat cuts this side of the Lone Star State!

(214) 676-3357

Fresh Life OrganicNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Houston

The Houston-based company Fresh Life Organic is a real success story because they were able to grow and expand their products and services. They are not just selling farm-fresh produce, but they are also offering consultancy, giving professional tips, and helping out other people in their pursuit of adopting an organic and sustainable approach to life. They are a success story because they were able to positively influence the lives of the people who depend on them. Lastly, they are a success story because the cornerstone of their approach to business is helping the people and helping the community. Great people, great produce, great outlook.

(832) 439-9487

Green Thumb FarmingNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Pflugerville

Green Thumb Farming is a suburban micro-farm. Green Thumb Farming practices an environment-friendly approach to farming. This farm is a non-GMO farm. They do not use pesticides here. Green Thumb Farming is located in Pflugerville, Texas. Green Thumb Farming takes time to set up shop in the local farmers market to bring their harvest closer to the consumers. You can easily find them - just look for the stall where there are huge, green leaves and lots of bright, plump red and orange tomatoes, it is probably them!

GreenhouwseNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Houston

Greenhouwse is more than just a farm or a business, it is a dynamic presence in the community. They promote small farming in South Houston and they want to encourage everyone to start planting. Greenhouwse also takes part in local plant pop-up events to sell house plants. They are also very active as vendors in many local farmers market events that take place all year long. The people running Greenhouwse also offer useful and informative training on a variety of topics, like how to grow on raised beds and grow bags, and how to best re-pot house plants.

GriffinGalsGoods & Farm

Farm & Ranch in Giddings

GriffinGalsGoods & Farm, which is located in Giddings, Texas, sells food (produce and vegetables) and livestock (heifers and bulls). They have grass-fed and graded heifers and bulls. If you have a ranch and you need fresh stock, GriffinGalsGoods & Farm might be able to help you. They also have farm-fresh free-range chickens and eggs. If you are looking for goats, they sell free-range goats and goat kid. They also have assorted vegetables as well as seasonings and sauces for sale. Send them a message if you are interested to visit the farm to take a look at the animals and other items for sale.

(512) 578-6110

Heavenly Gardens

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio

Heavenly Gardens is an organic garden. Mr. Prevo, the man behind Heavenly Gardens, has been gardening for 40 years. This organic garden is located in San Antonio, Texas. Judging from the very healthy vegetables and flower plants you'll find in the garden should you stop by for a visit, it is clear that Mr. Prevo and his staff are all green thumbs. Did you know that Heavenly Gardens started a hashtag in their Facebook account that showcases what customers have been cooking using vegetables brought from Heavenly Gardens? If you want to see these posts in your newsfeed, simply follow them on their official social media accounts.

(210) 392-4943

Holman’s Veggies And MoreNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Killeen

Holman's Veggies and More are owned and established by Curtis and Heide Holman.  Curtis is very passionate about gardening and farming, and have focused on this field after he retired from the army.  He grows his produce organically, the way their buyers as well as themselves like to eat them.  Some of their produce include cucumbers, bell peppers, squash, okra, tomatoes, potatoes, beets, green beans, lettuce, watermelon, peaches, homemade jams, pickled items, as well as eggs, and so much more!

Ivy Leaf Farms

in Houston

Ivy Leaf Farms is a community farm, focusing on creating sustainable food sources for the neighborhood. Ivy Leaf Farms is located in Houston, Texas. Three people are running Ivy Leaf Farms: owner Ivy Walls, project manager Jesse Marmolejo, and lead farmhand Walter Walls. Together, they help educate the neighborhood about gardening and help set up community gardens. They have already set up several gardens like the one in Bruce Elementary. They also help put up the Sunnyside Multi-service Center Garden. With food gardens like these, the people in need in the community have access to free eggplants, peas, potatoes, squashes, tomatoes, and many more.

Ivy Leaf Farms

Farm & Ranch in Houston

Ivy Leaf Farms wanted to be part of the effort for a healthy community. And they want to make sure everyone (and everything) looks good doing that! Ivy Leaf Farms is a community farm. This is a way for the locals to have hope that there are real opportunities for them to have better and more fulfilling lives. Through Ivy Leaf Farms, the community hopes that the problem of hunger and food scarcity is less daunting than before. If you want to help realize this dream for the community, you can buy from them. They sell produce as well as other items like shirts, aprons, and coveralls - perfect for the farmer in you! They also accept donations. Ivy Leaf Farms is located in Houston, Texas.

Jennifer’s Cakes and Pastries

Bakery in Killeen

Jennifer's Cakes and Pastries, which is located in Killeen, Texas, is a home-based bakery that accepts orders for cakes and pastries. Call her the cake doctor because she is on-call. Order cakes or pastries any time of the day, 24/7, if you need themed cakes, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, or pies (pumpkin pie, blueberry pie, and pecan pies). This is a Black-owned business. Not only that, but it is also woman-owned and veteran-owned. The business owner is of Caribbean roots, and she is bringing her own brand of flavor in making cakes and pastries.

(817) 658-3993

Lee Lover’s Clover HoneyNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Houston

Lee Lover’s Clover Honey is a business that sells 100% all-natural raw clover honey. Clover honey is made when bees collect nectar from clover flowers. They also sell other honey-based products. Lee Lover’s Clover Honey is located in Houston, Texas. Lee Lover’s Clover Honey is very active in taking part in different activities in the community. It is not surprising that you've seen them set up shop in public activity. Lee Lover's Clover Honey also does national and international shipping, for those located outside of Houston or Texas who want to order.

Lettuce Live Urban Farm

Farm & Ranch in Missouri City

Lettuce Live Urban Farm is an urban farm project. The mission of Lettuce Live Urban Farm is to promote healthy living. You can be part of their farm share program. Each week, you and your family will enjoy herbs and vegetables. These are all locally-grown and pesticide-free. Expect to have any of these items: basil, lemon basil, mint (chocolate & spearmint) rosemary, squash, eggplant, peppers, okra, arugula, cucumbers, Malabar spinach, long beans, cantaloupe, and watermelon. Lettuce Live Urban Farm is located in Missouri City, Texas. Lettuce Live Urban Farm offers workshops too. This is for people who want to learn more about gardening. They have Edible Garden Workshop, Edible Garden Master Class, and an introductory class on food titled Why Organic?

(713) 936-3072

Long Walk Spring Farm

Farm & Ranch in New Boston

Long Walk Spring Farm is a family-owned and operated farm. The farm grows and sells quality vegetables. They also sell herbal products and eggs. Visitors to the farm are very much welcome, just make sure it is not a holiday or the weather outside is bad because in both cases, the farm is closed. Come by the farm especially during the weekend for the weekend farmer's market. Every Saturday, they sell fresh eggs, Moscadine and Wild Plum jelly, and fresh, homegrown produce from 9 AM until sellout. If you can't visit, don't worry. They update their website to let you know which products are available and which products are out of stock. They have a wide range of items sold on their website, from potted spearmint to Southern Pepper Sauce, dried leaves, salve, and pasture-raised chicken.

(903) 628-9805

McCurry ProduceNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Jefferson

McCurry Produce is a family-owned and operated farm located in Jefferson, Texas. They are selling homegrown fruits and vegetables. Customers have commended McCurry Produce for the farm's fresh produce, particularly the watermelons which are sweet and juicy. Customers also praise the kind of service you get to experience here on the farm. Fresh produce and friendly service: this is definitely McCurry Produce's calling card. Many of their customers are repeat customers who are buying produce here for many years. This only goes to show that McCurry Produce is consistent with the quality of their fruits and vegetables, as well as the quality of their service.

(903) 738-3066

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