Review of Brazos Lamb by TexasRealFood

Brazos Lamb is dedicated to producing high-quality forage-based lamb as well as replacement stock that will thrive in tough conditions. Just try "the chops" and for sure, even if you like beef so much, their "lamb is better hands down!" You can "get down to the Farmers Market in downtown Abilene" and try their lamb. It is "tender and very fresh". Also, the "meat is mild and delicious". Their sheep are locally raised, locally processed, and locally sold so you really can’t get much fresher than that. Their diet is also almost 100% forage-based, browsing on a mixture of small grain annuals during the cooler months and millet/sorghum blends during the summer.  Furthermore, their sheep are also part of an integrated weed management program on the farm.
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Locally Grown and Raised Farm Products by Brazos Lamb

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