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We aren’t a traditional marketing agency, but we’ve partnered with some to execute their marketing strategies and bring their ideas to life on behalf of our enterprise-marketing clients. And we’re not a temp staffing company either, though we’re sometimes confused for one.

We’re a hybrid – a new kind of creative marketing firm whose employees and contractors often work onsite at our clients’ offices. Or maybe they work remotely. Or maybe a mix of both. It’s different for every client we serve.

If you are looking for an agency that can adapt to meet your special needs, you’ve found the right shop. Whether it’s a full-service creative team working onsite at your offices or one-off marcom project support, Liaison can help.

At our core, Liaison is about solving problems. Whether it’s the immediate problem of a rapidly approaching deadline or the larger challenge of how to produce marcom collateral quickly and cost-effectively, we want to help. We bring a specialized set of tools – our unique service offerings and desire to serve – to every job.