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Eckermann’s Meat Market

Butcher in Amherst

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Established in 1961, Eckermann's Meat Market carries a wide variety of sausages “made from the finest, most wholesome ingredients” from local ranchers and farmers. Over the years, they have kept their recipe just about the same as it was in the very beginning, the “beef-pork with garlic sausage” being one of their best sellers. The business continues to grow to area households and marketplaces in “Central and South Central Texas” and the meat market greets hundreds of local and out-of-town customers each month. They offer a full line of “fresh beef and pork cuts” that you may order in advance or have it packaged while you wait.

(979) 836-8858

Edes Custom Meats (Hillside)

Butcher in Amarillo

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Edes Custom Meats in Hillside is an award-winning retail meat market, beef jerky manufacturer and custom processing plant that has been serving the community since 1982. Using “advanced meat science and technology of commercial meat processing,” Edes Custom Meats has built its reputation as a reliable and trusted source of the “tastiest” and “juiciest” meats like beef, pork, sausage, specialty items and smokehouse products. They have also developed a well-recognized beef jerky recipe with the “perfect flavor, tenderness, and texture.”

(806) 352-4242

Edes Custom Meats (McCormick)

Butcher in Amarillo

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Edes Custom Meats in McCormick is an award-winning retail meat market, beef jerky manufacturer and custom processing plant that has been serving the community since 1982. Using “advanced meat science and technology of commercial meat processing,” Edes Custom Meats has built its reputation as a reliable and trusted source of the “tastiest” and “juiciest” meats like beef, pork, sausage, specialty items and smokehouse products. They have also developed a well-recognized beef jerky recipe with the “perfect flavor, tenderness, and texture.”

(806) 622-0205

El Aguila Meat Market

Butcher in El Paso

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El Aguila Meat Market is located at El Paso, Texas. They have the "best meat on town, excellent customer service and affordable prices!" With "great staff, very helpful and attentive". Their "marinated Chuck steak" will be "enjoyed and complimented by everyone". They also have "great produce" and "very good meats". Also, has a "large selection of groceries".

(915) 313-4716

Farmer’s Fresh Meat

Butcher in Houston

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Farmer's Fresh Meat is “Houston’s finest craft butcher shop and meat market” that takes pride in providing the freshest selection, free of hormones and preservatives, at an unbeatable price. All of their meat arrives fresh every day and are “custom cut and processed in-house” to fulfill the needs of the thousands of customers. Their skilled butchers masterfully carve it to your liking, the “old fashioned way!” They also specialize in game processing and producing southern style favorites, such as “Farmer’s Homemade Boudin and Stuffed Cornish Hens.” If you’re looking for wholesale meat, Farmer's Fresh Meat proudly offers wholesale quantities and services to restaurants, food trucks, and other businesses throughout Houston.

(713) 734-6328

Fisher’s Meat Market

Butcher in Camden

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Nestled in North Texas town of Muenster, Fischer's Meat Market is a third generation family business that provides “quality, fresh and original cured meats, smoked German style sausage, and fresh beef” raised in their own feed lot and slaughtered on-site. Whether you want a single steak or a custom processed side of beef, Fisher's Meat Market make sure your experience is as “convenient and pleasant as possible.” They maintain a well stuffed and stocked full service meat counter with “fresh cut and ground meats, sausages, and lunch meats.” In addition to their retail meats and processing, Fisher's Meat Market also offer a wide range of cheeses, imported beers, specialty salsas, jams, jellies, preserves, sauces, marinades, imported specialty products, custom blended seasonings, and fresh produce.

(940) 759-4211

Gorman’s Meat Market

Butcher in Terrell

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A family owned and operated business since 1958, Gorman's Meat Market is an old fashioned butcher shop that carry Texas and Kansas “prime or choice Angus grass fed beef, grain-fed pork, farm fresh chickens” packed in ice and several of their own fresh made sausages. They slow smoke various “meats with mesquite and hickory woods,” and they can custom smoke any item for you so you can enjoy all the flavor with none of the hassle! Gorman's Meat Market also carry “USDA inspected buffalo, elk, venison, ostrich, alligator, pheasant, duck, lamb, veal, frog legs” and are able to special order just about any exotic animal you might want to try your hand at cooking.

(972) 524-5353

Granzin’s Meat Market (New Braunfels)

Butcher in New Braunfels

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Granzin's Meat Market New Braunfels is all about tradition and how an old-fashioned market should be. They offer the “highest-quality meats at good prices,” through their on-site live cattle and hog processing and friendly customer service. Celebrate Texas traditions with the freshest meats, dry sausage, and produce, including specific varieties like milanesa to stuffed quail, self-contained cheese dogs, and different types of German-style sausages. And they assure people that these products are not treated for any color, items sold are always freshly cut and wrapped and each produce is hand-selected.  Aside from the New Braunfels branch and facility, Granzin's Meat Market has also expanded by adding new branches in Seguin and Pleasanton. 

(830) 625-3510

Greak’s Smokehouse

Butcher in Alvin

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Greak's Smokehouse is a family-owned and operated smokehouse and butcher shop that's located inside Froberg's Farm in Alvin, Texas. It offers a large variety of meat items from homemade meats to deer processing. Oh, these folks have the "best sausage in Texas," or at least for most people in the neighborhood. Boudain, pecan, summer, and breakfast sausages are just some of them. And, they also have jerky and stuffed pork chops too! When it comes to their deer processing service, you can be assured that "Greak's does it right." Each order is tagged individually and kept separate from beginning to end to ensure that the deer you dropped off is the deer you’ll be enjoying later!

(281) 388-0368

Harold’s Farmers Market

Butcher in Amarillo

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Harold’s Farmers Market is the “best place to buy meat in Amarillo” with friendly service, and unbeatable prices. It is a family-owned, old-fashioned meat market that offers the “freshest and tastiest meat in town.” They have skilled butchers that cuts their own meat according to your needs whether it is cold cuts or slabs of meat for barbecuing. They honor special requests including larger or smaller cuts. From steaks to ground meat, everything is phenomenal! They also have variety of “tasty frozen food items,” all of which make a great meal solution for busy families. Harold's Farmers Market is also a great place to get fresh vegetables and the best beef patties. They always have a large selection of other items and spices to choose from!

(806) 373-2693

Hess Meat Market Inc.

Butcher in Muenster

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If you plan on buying meat at Hess Meat Market Inc. in Muenster, Texas, make sure you plan. Seriously. Plan ahead. Write down what you need. This is no place for people who are unsure or fickle-minded. The sheer volume of what they sell here will render an amateur meat shopper speechless, dazed, and confused. It is a good thing that Hess Meat Market Inc. has everything you could possibly need, just don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed, ok?

(940) 759-2744

Hillbilly Nutrition

Butcher in Waxahachie

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Tracy McCoy founded Hillbilly Nutrition in 2012. It all started when she started paying attention to her food. Tracy took a Nutrition program in 2013 and graduated the next year. At the same time, she has been growing her food and doing her best to get food from local farmers. In 2017, her family of three moved to a little piece of homestead paradise. Today, her farm sells varieties of pastured-pork meat like pork shoulders, bologna, sausages, bacon, and ground pork.  She also offers free-range eggs, pasture-raised lamb, and dairy products like yogurt, milk, and cheeses. Sometimes they provide unfiltered honey, kombucha, and roasted coffee. The farm also continues to educate families on the most nutrient-dense food through the Hillilly Farm Stand Co-op. Hillbilly Nutrition delivers fresh grass-fed meats straight from their farm! Read more as they were included in Kim’s list of 9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas!

(214) 325-7620

Hirsch’s Meat

Butcher in Plano

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A family owned retail meat market, Hirsch's Meat has been serving Plano and surrounding areas since 1992 with the “highest grades and quality of fresh meats possible.” Everything about Hirsch’s Meats signals a quintessential, “old-fashioned butcher shop.” There are separate mounds of ground chuck, round, and sirloin. Bratwurst, Polish kielbasa, stuffed pork chops, and chicken wings are arranged in neat rows. They have “skilled and experienced butchers” who cuts fresh meat daily, grind ground meat, produce “handmade fresh and smoked, sausages.” They will cut the meat to your specifications on the spot. Hirsch's Meat also offers frozen whole Cornish hen, duck, pheasant, rabbit, veal liver, and Frenched rack of lamb should you be so inclined.

(972) 633-5593

Horizon Market

Butcher in Aiken

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Located in Plano, Horizon Fresh Market is an “independent Mediterranean neighborhood grocery and meat market” that began as a butcher shop and quickly evolved into a full-pledged grocery store. Opening in 2017, Horizon makes diverse cuisine a priority, and is proud to sell specialty food items to suit whatever you’re cooking. They offer a variety of “Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Persians, Indian, and Pakistani products.” They are proud of their selection of specialty foods, including their “All Natural Texas Fresh Angus Halal Meat” from butcher department. Walk over to their bakery for unique treats like Simit and Turkish delights, Baklavas and Buraks and browse their cheese selection to discover something new to take home.

Hudson Meat Market

Butcher in Austin

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Located in the heart of downtown Austin, Hudson Meat Market is a smoked-meat shop offering a variety of fresh, “flavor-packed sausage, exotic game, and artisanal smoked meats” that are consistently outstanding for more than 50 years. They are best known for their “Smoky Ridge smoked barbecue sausages,” which are done in several styles. Hudson's Meat Market also does a lot of custom processing. They have USDA-inspected facilities that meets the “art of traditional German butchering” in Central Texas. Whether you’re looking to simply skin and quarter your game, or have the team process it into patties, steaks, or even jerky, Hudson Meats is a pro!

(512) 445-6611

Hull’s Meat

Butcher in Turkey

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Proud to be a part of the community, Hull's Meat Company is your friendly and affordable neighborhood meat market that is known for producing the “finest beef, pork, chicken and deli meats” available in Big Spring Texas. They only carry high quality fresh meat and they also have Cookout packs that will have you “fire up the barbeque for mouth-watering delicious meals.” Once you try their delicious meats and deli selections, you will be hooked! Their specials keep the customers coming back for more, because they offer delectable meats that you can afford! Hull’s Meat Company has “competitive pricing” and delicious cheeses, deli style lunch meat, spices, and much more. They can also customize your orders just how you like them.

(432) 267-7781

Jack’s Pak-It

Butcher in Paducah

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Jack’s Pak-It is an established neighborhood meat market, deli, and grocery store owned and operated by the Blanda family in Beaumont, Texas. Established in 1953, they have been offering a "great selection of meat, killer lunch food and damn impressive wine selection". Since then, they still "continue to offer quality foods and friendly customer service". "THE place for high quality meats in southeast Texas". They will even "cut you meat right there and make sure it's exactly how you like it". Considered as an "excellent specialty store" by most of their patrons. They have "all kinds of unique items, specialty foods, ready-to-cook entrees and a deli with awesome choices". Also have a "great take and bake dinners and the best baked chicken on the lunch table daily". "Do try the delicious desserts also. Its all Family here". "Must try!"

(409) 892-6345

Jasper Qaulity Meats

Butcher in Jasper

Open Now!

Jasper Quality Meats is a locally owned specialty meat market in Jasper, Texas, offering the “finest cuts, quality meats, smoked meats & more.” They have everything from “pig feet to Prime Rib!” They can also customize products to your liking! They have perfected doing their own “dry aging process” and the meat is very tender! You can actually taste the meat flavor and does not require much seasoning at all when you grill it! The owners and employees are extremely “knowledgeable, helpful and friendly!” This is definitely a neighborhood friendly place to shop for fresh meat that will blow you away. The quality of the service and the meat goes hand in hand.

(409) 384-9924

Johnny G’s Butcher Block

Butcher in Austin

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Johnny G's Butcher Block is a “local meat market and butcher shop in South Austin,” providing the “freshest meat products,” daily that are locally sourced. Their meat market offers a retail counter, wholesale to restaurants, food trucks, caterers, as well as processing wild game. They have been an Austin tradition since 1980 and they still offer the same quality meat products. Locals love the friendly service, weekly specials, and off-the-wall offerings of Johnny G's Butcher Block including “quail, pork belly, and tripe.” They also have “18 types of sausage that is made in house” in the same smoke they have used for over 30 years.

(512) 280-6514

Jose’s Hamm’s – Butcher Shop and Custom Meat

Butcher in McKinney

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Known for their famous “Spiral-Cut Honey Glazed ham,” Jose's Hamm's - Butcher Shop and Custom Meat is a family owned butcher shop specializing in “prime and choice cuts of beef, quality pork and chicken, house-made sausages, smoked brisket, ribs and pulled pork, deli meats and cheeses.” If you want a custom cut steak for a special occasion or you want a side of beef processed to your liking to fill up your freezer, Jose can accommodate your request. They strive to provide “quality meats that you will love!” They have been making sausage for over 35 years, including “Bratwurst, Jalapeno Brats, Italian, Spicy Italian, Chipotle, The Yard, Chorizo and Breakfast Sausage.” In addition, they also offer some of the finest Texas BBQ sauce, mustard, jelly, olive oil, rubs and coffee.

(972) 562-7511

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