Review of Chocolates By Jeanne by TexasRealFood

Chocolates by Jeanne, a Cottage Industry Company, that sells “yummy for the tummy” gourmet toffees, caramels, candies, hot fudge sauce, energy bars and assorted cookies. They also have beautiful, savory, and delicious pecan pralines are coming your way! As a Cottage Industry Company, they make their sweets in their “home kitchen” and could only sell face to face at places like farmer’s markets. Jeanne is a kind woman who decided to follow her dream and give back to the community, along with her daughter Keira . All the delicious treats they sell are all “made by hand using quality ingredients,” and they don’t use any preservatives. For the packaging, they use pre-made boxes and printed the gold labels for all their products themselves.

Local Artisan Products by Chocolates By Jeanne

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