TexasRealFood is the #1 business directory and information resource for locally produced, real food in Texas. But what is “real food”?

Real food is the opposite of processed food. Food that is made in factories and factory farms, that is full of harmful chemicals end empty calories. Stuff often shipped to us from places thousands of miles away. This is food that destroys our health and pur planet. Indeed, the industrial food industry does more harm to the environment and the climate than the oil industry.
At TexasRealFood, we believe that we need to shift away from industrial farming and processed foods, carbohydrates and sugar, and back towards “real food”: Fruit, vegetables and meat.
Real food is made by people that you know. Real food is local. Real food is seasonal. Real food is honestly priced.
Real food truly nourishes you and your family, and is nourishment for both your body and your soul. It is good for your health. The production of real food is also good for the planet. It is good for farmers who grows it and respectful to all creatures involved in its production.
TexasRealFood is part of the local food movement in Texas. We are all about real food made in the Lone Star State and the people who make it.
TexasRealFood is about promoting food businesses in Texas that share these values and live them every day. This includes, for example, local family farms and ranches, artisan food producers and the restaurants that buy their products.
We don’t believe so much in fancy food labels like “certified organic” (although they have their place). Often, the original principals associated with these labels (for example animal welfare) are undermined today by large industrial food corporations.
At TexasRealFood, we have much more faith in the family rancher who is not certified organic but does a lot more for animal welfare and sustainable food production than most certified organic farms. Thus, the term “beyond organic” was coined a few year ago and it represents perfectly what TexasRealFood os about.

Connect With Your Food. Know Where it Comes From. Know How to Prepare it.

“Cooking creates a sense of well-being for yourself and the people you love and brings beauty and meaning to everyday life. And all it requires is common sense – the common sense to eat seasonally, to know where your food comes from, to support and buy from local farmers and producers who are good stewards of our natural resources.”
-Alice Waters

What we believe in are home cooked family meals. Prepared with with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Where the family gathers around the dinner table together and enjoys a meal together. Without TV and smart phones.
We think that this seeming small thing – having a home cooked meal together – consistently practised ins a spirit of community, love and consideration for each other, will go a long way in reducing some of our most prevalent issues in society today like obesity and loneliness.