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Liam Williams

Content Producer

I’m a content creator focusing on food and the food industry. This means that I write articles here at Texas Real Food concerning the state of the food industry, compile helpful tips on real-world cooking techniques, or do short taste-testing videos for your enjoyment.

I’ve always been passionate about food, teaching myself to cook, and working at multiple food establishments until I found my way into Texas Real Food. Moving to Texas as a younger boy got me connected with nature and a realization that like every other species that gives as much as it takes from the environment, we have to do the same. Texas Real Food embodies that for me and proves that communal food systems can be much more beneficial both economically and in terms of health. This is a key focus in any of the content I create – helping to move towards understanding food and where it comes from a little bit every day for our readers. 

What’s your favorite ‘real’ food or Texas staple?

Growing up in Europe, primarily in the UK before I moved to Texas, I never had much of a taste for BBQ. However, the years I spent in Texas totally changed that perspective and gave me a newfound appreciation for anything smoked, grilled, or barbequed. Not just because of endless creative variations of similar recipes, but the atmosphere and sense of community surrounding it.