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Nevena Paunovic

Podcast Manager

I work as the podcast manager behind The Lone Star Plate show, alongside host Patrick Scott Armstrong and our video editor. I help make sure all the details come together, so you can sit back, listen, and enjoy.

Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, I’ve made thousands of episodes for many different shows, go live out of my tiny home office. I enjoy working with Texas Real Food and The Lone Star Plate show, because it’s about the essence of all things – healthy food for healthy living. When I need a break from the talkative realm of podcasting, I practice yoga and cook bean stew and paprikash for my boyfriend.

What’s your favorite ‘real’ food or Texas staple?

I love cooking bean stew and paprikash. Paprikash is one of the most famous and delicious Hungarian dishes made with chicken in a thick, rich stew! As the name suggests, the sauce is enriched with the delicious taste of paprika. It’s a warm, hearty stew that’s sure to be your next favorite comfort food.