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Local Family Farms & Ranches in Blanco County, TX (4)

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Arnosky Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Blanco -

Discover the picturesque Arnosky Family Farm, a must-visit destination in Texas. Experience warm hospitality, breathtaking flowers, and a sustainable 100-acre flower farm. Don't miss the iconic Big Blue Barn, a local landmark and community hub. Explore their market days and find a variety of products, including syrups and locally grown vegetables. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Arnosky Family Farm.

Millfos RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Blanco -

Millfos Ranch, a proud fourth-generation cattle farm, stands as a testament to the dedication of hardworking women ranchers in Central Texas. Delight in their premium grass-fed beef, available at $7.5 per pound for halves or whole cuts. Heifers and steers weigh approximately 200 to 250 pounds per half. Additionally, the ranch nurtures a charming small herd of Boer Goats and Barbado sheep, averaging around seventy pounds per animal. Contact them for current pricing details. Immerse yourself in the farm-to-table experience through enlightening tours they offer.

Reverse Pioneers

Farm & Ranch in Blanco -

Reverse Pioneers is owned by people describing themselves primarily as “permaculturists and holistic management practitioners”. Their main goal is to reverse the damage on their dry and brittle temperate grassland while providing for human needs. They studied permaculture design in Thailand and have been implementing those practices on their 12 acres, and it shows. Both of them hope to incorporate art, culture, education, and entertainment into the farm to reconnect people to their natural landscapes. It’s these sort of reverse trends they’re after that give them their name. Some of their products include different types of microgreens, pea shoots and quail eggs.  You may email them or contact them via phone to know more about their farm produce. CSA Boxes available through Central Texas Farmers Coop.

Three Sisters Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Johnson City -

Three Sisters Ranch, which is located in Johnson City, is a proud Texas Hill Country pasture-to-table business selling eggs and chickens. When you buy from Three Sisters Ranch, you get heritage meat. Another plus besides the quality of the meat and poultry they provide is the level of service you get. They will deliver your order and make sure to have a friendly chat with you on your front porch as well because they appreciate not just your business with them, but your friendship as well! They are very friendly, whether it's via chat or email, or if you meet them at the farmers' market where they also set up shop.

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