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3rd Coast KombuchaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Galveston -

Brewing in Galveston Island, 3rd Coast Kombucha is your “source for real kombucha” in its unadulterated and most concentrated form. Through closely developed relationships with local farmers, 3rd Coast Kombucha sources seasonal, organic and sustainably-grown produce for its infusions and uses only the “highest grade loose leaf teas.” The current flavors they have includes Blueberry Ginger, Watermelon with Sea Salt, Lavender Lemon, and more! They also have seasonal flavors like Calamansi, Basil, Asian Pear, and Star Fruit. To ensure freshness, 3rd Coast Kombucha “hand-bottles every ounce it sells.” 3rd Coast Kombucha is taking the time to brew full-bodied energizing local, organic kombucha so you can relax and enjoy life without the hassle of brewing it yourself. Find them at the Old Moon Deli 408 23rd st Galveston Tx 77550 on tap.

Ben’s Texas Gourmet MarketNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Friendswood -

Ben's Texas Gourmet Market is a specialty food manufacturer that produces handcrafted pickles, rubs, and sauces from his family's home-style recipes.  From when he started in 2014, he has expanded to producing these tasty specialty items commercially for sale in stores, cafes, coffee shops and fine restaurants.  Some of his products include Spicy Dill Pickles, Sweet & Spicy Cajun Pickles, Sweet Garlic & Onion Pickles, Chicken Rub, Sweet Red Pepper Rub, and Texas Red Rub.  Ben's is also a catering company that offers "customizable catering menus for gatherings of all sizes."

Cool Cow Creamery

Artisan Food Producer in Kemah -

You can expect handcrafted made in-house local ice cream at the laidback Cool Cow Creamery. Known as the only small-batch creamery in Kemah, Texas, they guarantee that all of their delectable delights use fresh, premium ingredients. A personal favorite is their Peanut Butter Pandemonium and, for those trying to stay away from all that sugar, they also have sugar-free offerings.

Crescent City ConnectionNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Friendswood -

Crescent City Connection is a home bakery in Friendswood, Texas that specializes in crafting the sweet flavors of New Orleans. Their signature "treats" include a cinnamon-based cake called King Cake, Creamy Pralines, and the White Chocolate Bread Pudding, which is oozing with yummy white chocolate sauce. Other "delicious desserts" also include brownies, pineapple upside-down cakes, turtles, chocolate pretzels, and many more. Oh, "everything is delicious" here, folks. Top that with a "friendly" staff and a "great customer service" and you'll be sure to come back for more!
Although this home bakery is not shipping their products yet, you can pick up your orders locally. Or, at the nearby farmers' market, where they sell their products on Saturdays and Sundays.

Dunn Brothers Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Friendswood -

Fresh from their roastery experiences in Portland, Oregon, the Dunn brothers, Ed and Dan, moved to the Twin Cities in the late 1980s to establish Dunn Brothers Coffee and serve the “freshest brew” possible and to provide a “warming coffee experience”, putting the community at the core of the business. The coffee here is never more than 5 days old because they roast small batches of coffee, in-store, every day to provide more fresh, rich, and enjoyable coffee experience to the customers. They have a passion for their craft that compels them to do everything better. From roasting the coffee fresh on-site, to making every drink one at a time by hand. Dunn Brothers Coffee is one of the 8 Noteworthy Artisan Coffee Roasters in Texas! Check out the link to read more.

Galveston Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Galveston -

Galveston Coffee Roasters offer various “Custom Blends” featuring coffees from around the world and also a wide selection of flavored coffees. It’s a Local Mom & Pop Shop selling a multitude of Coffees they fresh roast themselves.They roast a couple of times per week as needed so your order is always fresh. They also package mail orders in nice Blue Foil bags that are heat sealed to keep fresh while shipping. If you care about coffee that tastes like coffee, you gotta try this place. The coffee is to die for! From the friendly, knowledgeable owners, to the coffee-themed ambiance, you’ll definitely love it here. Try the amaretto blend, simply “the best coffee” you’ll ever had. They have free refills and sample cups out to try all of the blends.

Gelü Italian Ice

Artisan Food Producer in Friendswood -

Gelü Italian Ice is a “great joint” that specializes in authentic and homemade Italian ice that makes the “perfect treat on a hot day!” With “so many flavor options” including “fat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free,” y’all will absolutely “love Gelü.” They serve “green ice cream” that is “super nice and tasty,” and their fruit flavors taste like real fruit.” Adding some “Tajin sauce on the watermelon Italian Ice” is also “highly recommended.” Offering at a “reasonable price,” these Italian ices can be purchased in pints, quarts, or gallons. For all the “Keto” folks out there, “you have got to try the ‘Bullet coffee’ at Gelü as it is amazing!” In addition, “not only is the coffee amazing” but “they also have really, really good burritos.” Not to mention the “low-carb burrito” they offer. Drop by at their shop, order for delivery, or hire them at your next event for that ultimate winter in summer experience!

Local RoastNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Galveston -

As its name speaks for itself, Local Roast Co is a local coffee roasting company that is based in the beautiful island of Galveston. They offer freshly roasted coffee following the “primitive roast” method and using their own roaster housing a vintage-salvaged cast iron grill. And yes, they roast even on stormy days and sell their craft at various farmers market such as Galveston’s Own and Peach Street Farmers Market in Angelton, Texas. They sell five coffee profiles from Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Columbia, so y’all be assured that these are some “delicious” ones. You “definitely have to go pick some up,” folks! I’m “sure” you’re going to “love it!”

Pierogi Queen

Artisan Food Producer in League City -

Pierogi Queen is all about serving authentic Polish cuisine right in the heart of Texas! Founded by Eva and Mirek Sek, who were both from Poland, they went on to build the name of their restaurant in the Houston area, even being featured several times in articles, restaurant rankings, local radio and television interviews. The people behind Pierogi Queen whips up pierogis, blintzes, cabbage meals, kielbasas, and more that are true to their Polish roots, made from fresh ingredients and free from anything processed or enhanced. Pierogis of classic and new flavors are available freshly made or in frozen packs that can be cooked at home.

She Devil PastryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Galveston -

She Devil Pastry is a home bakery based in Galveston, Texas. It is owned and operated by Janina Farias who is a classically trained pastry chef. Therefore, she specializes in decadent desserts that can be enjoyed on all occasions. Unlike American pastry, French-style pastry is a much more sublime experience that will not give you the trip to the dentist. It’s also a technique-driven line that requires a lot of time, training, and high-end products. Thus, it’s admirable that this business strives “to bring high-quality French pastries to the valley.” This bakery has a lot of unique goodies to offer including French macarons, cream puffs, Mexican hot chocolate buttercream, scones, and gooey bars. However, the list doesn’t end there. Janina adjusts her menu from time to time to make sure that its patrons won’t be fed up with the same treats. Basically, she can make anything and we highly recommend her for all your decadent baking needs.

Sonyola Granola

Artisan Food Producer in Friendswood -

Sonyola Granola began its journey 20 years ago, in hopes of creating a “great tasting nutritional snack” for the family. They want something that didn’t have flour, fillers, artificial flavors, and wasn’t hard to chew. Sonyola Granola was launched when they perfected the taste and texture of their granola, offering light and crispy granola that is “made to order to ensure freshness”, therefore, no preservatives are ever used in the product. Each batch of granola is handcrafted in a certified commercial kitchen. Baked within days of its final sale, their granola arrives in your kitchen the same way it leaves theirs, fresh and naturally delicious. You may also find Sonyola Granola at Juice Easy, American Shaman, and Day 6 Coffee Co.

Teazsol TeasNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Kemah -

TeazSol Teas was established in 2016 in Kemah, Texas that offers “all vegan teas and Hispanic baked goods.” Their unique teas, spices and herbs are carefully selected, and fresh. They identify the new generation of tea drinkers who are looking at becoming healthier and to making better drinking choices. Some of their product includes tea drops, specialty TEAmales, tea extracts, matcha tea, and other tea products. The selection includes Whites, Greens, Blacks, and Herbal Teas to cover all your needs. Teazsol has new ways of tea brewing without a tea bag. They uses “corn husks” to brew tea, in replacement of the traditional tea bag that gives not only a unique look, but taste as well. With that, TeazSol Teas has coined the name “TEAmales” for its original creation.  

Texas Select Seasonings

Artisan Food Producer in La Marque -

Wild Bill, owner of Texas Select Seasonings have been making gourmet food products with "A taste as bold as Texas" for 28 years years now using the finest all natural ingredients available. Since 1985, their “gourmet food products” such as bbq rubs, seasoning blends, salsa and pepper jelly have been used by competition cooks, for backyard bbq’s, by caterers and chefs to deliver a flavor that is unmatched in the food industry. Often “emulated but never duplicated,” Texas Select Seasonings’ products continue to deliver on quality and consistency for three decades. After years of perfecting all natural spice blends and fresh salsas for family barbecues, competition and special events, Texas Select Seasonings is confident that you will experience a bold taste as Texas in their products.

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