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Big Creek Farms

Farm & Ranch in Texas City

Big Creek Farms began raising bees and honey about 20 years ago. Clodia decided she wanted to raise blackberries and blueberries so in 2007 they began with one row of berry vines and 3 rows of blueberry bushes. Their most popular product is the creamed honey that they make in both regular flavor and cinnamon. "Big Creek Farms raised the standard of how honey should taste like". You will become "obsessed" because "it is so delicious!" You will even begin "putting it on everything: Bagels, fruit, and even" in your "coffee". You will only have one final say --"Absolutely the best HONEY I've ever purchased!!!!!"

(281) 659-5740

Dragon Weyr Farms

Farm & Ranch in Port Bolivar

The farmers at Dragon Weyr Farms moved to the small town of Magnolia in 2005. They were originally from Katy, Texas. They have always dreamed to raise lots of food on the land for as much as they could. Aside from that, they also wanted to remove all processed food from their diet. For this reason, they have continued to improve and grow their animals. Dragon Weyr Farms started with chickens from which they have harvested fresh eggs. Today, they already have over seventy chicken laying eggs and over fifty maturing ones. After that, they ventured into raising rabbits, peafowls, and turkeys. Recently, they had their first goat. Check them out today!

(832) 934-2648


Farm & Ranch in League City

The Grow-4 Health in League City, Texas, is a microgreens farm. They are using organic methods to produce petite superfood packed with nutrients rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. For many years now, the farm is in the business of producing microgreens. They sell their products at farmers' markets and restaurants. Moreover, they offer a baby version of mustard greens, arugula, and sunflower, and many more! Also, they add a nice punch of flavor and loaded nutrients in salad and vegetables. Happy client says, “The Grow-4Health has the freshest & most nutritious food topping that you can't get anywhere else. You can add microgreens to almost all the dishes, and it makes everything look & taste more healthy and delicious.” You can check out their website at

(713) 705-5391

Healthy Way Dairy

Farm & Ranch in Santa Fe

Once you visit this place, you will learn to "love this farm's milk". Just by visiting them, "you can tell that they genuinely take care of their cows and love them unconditionally."  Their milk is praised for the consistency, which is "thick and creamy."  Even the coffees and teas that are made from this milk also gets the milk's "unique original taste."  One impressive thing about Healthy Way Dairy,  there is an "honor system in place for payment". Pay by placing the cash in a slot of a tin box, or through the Venmo app, making the transactions "so convenient."

(409) 739-2389

Island Aquaponics

Farm & Ranch in Galveston

Island Aquaponics opened in 2011 with a mission to bring fresh premium greens, herbs, and lettuces to the community. While they temporarily closed, a new owner made it possible for the farm to reopen their doors in January 2018. Cassi Boatwright and Diane Glowacki have worked together to restore the 2100 square feet greenhouse. In just six months, they are already back at the market, selling their first organic produce. The farm is proud to share that they feed their plants with all organic fertilizer and only let them drink 100% rainwater. With a system so efficient, they make the above claims easily possible. There is still a lot of renovations in the future, but they are slowly getting there. 

(409) 370-0864

Moon Dog FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Santa Fe

Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, 40 miles outside Houston, Moon Dog Farms is a small "family-owned vegetable farm and fruit orchard in Santa Fe, Texas". The owners Alex McPhail and Casey McAuliffe. They started their venture in the winter of 2013, on a piece of borrowed family land. Moreover, they use "farming practices that are beyond organic using age-old natural methods" to grow food and maintain our fields. Primarily, they have pears, blackberries, muscadine grapes, citrus, and apples. On the other hand, their vegetable fields produce everything from salad mixes to carrots. Also, they sell to a few select restaurants and at local farmers' markets.

(512) 635-4912

Rockin D Longhorns LLC

Farm & Ranch in Santa Fe

Rockin D Longhorns LLC is a cow ranch that specializes in raising registered Texas Longhorns. First established in early 2022, the owners have since then grown their cattle farm to four mamas, one heifer, and one her sire named 'The Vindicator.' Available on sale are their calves, bull semen, whole cows, and meats that are delivered fresh to your door from their farm. You can even visit them at their cattle farm to marvel at their majestic Texas Longhorns.

(281) 705-9705

Seki Bonsai Nursery and Farm

Farm & Ranch in Santa Fe

The Seki Bonsai Nursery and Farm started Jim Stone fell in love with the Bonsai plant when he was sixteen years old. For this reason, he studied the plant under many American and International teachers. Today, Jim offers a wide selection of bonsai plants and landscape plants, including unfinished, unstyled, and finished materials. He also provides tools for pottery. Bonsai consultations and private classes about Bonsai plants are also available at the farm.Aside from offering bonsai services and products, the farm also offers seasonal produce, farm goods, grass-fed beef, goat, and poultry products. Currently, they have Araucanas and Marans from which they gather unusually-colored eggs. They also have two flocks of Rio Grande Wild TurkeysIn 2012, the farm opened an apiary while offering hive removals to increase their honey bee production.

(409) 927-4595

That Farm Stand On Highland Road

Farm & Ranch in Santa Fe

A sign on the table reads homegrown. This is a statement of pride. That Farm Stand On Highland Road wants to emphasize that the produce you will find on the table and in the cooler are grown using organic methods. These are pesticide-free produce. They are healthy. They are yummy. And yes, they are very nice to look at. The orange and green colors of bundled carrots, the bright red beets, and the green hues of the cabbages and lettuces. The bright, lively colors of the vegetables show you how fresh these items are.

(409) 771-2425


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