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Allex’s Seafood Market West

Fish & Seafood in Galveston

Allex’s Seafood Market West in Galveston offers “fresh and excellent” seafood choices. As noted by some of their patrons, the selection might not be as huge as other sellers, “but what they do have tastes amazing.” Part of their seafood inventory include snappers, Mahi, swordfish, redfish, triple tails, shrimps and crab claws. Another thing that got rave reviews: the exemplary customer service! From helping out customers with their concerns to them processing requests and orders, the staff of Allex’s Seafood Market West is very much willing to “go above and beyond.”

(409) 737-2212


Fabian Seafood

Fish & Seafood in Galveston

Fabian Seafood is a family-owned and operated business in Galveston that has been selling fresh seafood since 1975.  They have started their business selling fresh shrimp from the back of pick-up trucks and have since expanded their operation, with them now selling to 11 states.  Fabian Seafood has a good product line up, like “domestic, wild-caught gulf shrimp” that is fresh, shell-on, and headless.  They also carry domestic fresh blue crab that is fully-cooked and hand-picked and oysters sold in pints and quarts that are sourced from state-approved waters and shucked in licensed and inspected facilities.  Partially-cooked, peeled, and deveined crawfish that are never frozen and gutted fresh whole red snappers are also available.

(409) 765-9522

Galveston Shrimp Company

Fish & Seafood in Galveston

Galveston Shrimp Company is a family-owned and operated business established in 1978. Their inventory includes fresh gulf shrimp, crawfish, scallops, lobsters, octopus, oysters, different types of crabs, fish and so much more that are sustainably harvested and of great quality. The business was founded by Italian immigrant Rosario Cassarino who unloaded fish and shrimp boats at Pier 19 and sold their catch to Galveston residents and tourists for twenty years. As their son managed the operations, they have then upgraded their facilities and also set their eyes on wholesale instead of just retail. In over 40 years of their operation, they have managed to build their name and their network by remaining “focused on building lasting relationships.”  

(409) 741-5600

Hillman’s Seafood Market

Fish & Seafood in Dickinson

Hillman’s Seafood Market has been a part of the area’s history and memories having been around since 1959, when it still had a café service to its patrons. But from then until now, they have always been the “freshest choice” when it comes to seafood. They offer live shrimps, red snappers, crabs, and crabmeats as well as live croaker and important fishing bait and supplies.

(281) 339-1994

J.B.’s Seafood

Fish & Seafood in Port Bolivar

J.B.’s Seafood has been in the industry for more than 30 years now. They have been a reliable source of the freshest Gulf shrimp, Galveston Bay, and East Bay Select shucked oysters, which they sell at their location in Crystal Beach, TX, for both retail and wholesale. Whether for barbecue, broiling, boiling, baking, or sautéing, whatever recipe, J.B.’s Seafood high-quality products will surely be a great choice.  

(409) 684-6464

Katie’s Seafood Market

Fish & Seafood in Galveston

Katie’s Seafood Market is known for having the “freshest seafood on the island!” This family-owned enterprise was established in 1998 and is a vision-come-true for owner, and former commercial fisherman, Buddy Guindon. The business also had their shot at the limelight when Guindon and their seafood business were featured in the 2015 National Geographic reality show, Big Fish Texas. In their more than 20 years in the industry, Katie’s Seafood Market gained its name by having the “largest retail display on the Galveston Island.” The inventory includes Red Snappers, Groupers, Golden Tile Fishes, Flounders, Oysters, Shrimps, and Blue Crabs, sourced from local fishermen and shrimpers of the Gulf of Mexico.

(409) 763-8160

Prestige Oyster’s Inc.

Fish & Seafood in San Leon

Prestige Oyster's Inc. is the provider and a “year-round source” of high-quality gulf oysters. As their name suggests, they have created and maintained their status, “leading the oyster industry in safe, viable gulf oysters.” Prestige Oysters sources from over 100 boats from Texas and Louisiana to Maryland and has two full-time processing plants so they can offer fresh, frozen, and high-pressure processed oysters to their customers. But the most important thing: it’s not just about business, they have also invested as well in helping sustain the bay and the Gulf Coast.  

(281) 339-2111

Sampson & Son’s Seafood Market

Fish & Seafood in Galveston

Sampson & Son’s Seafood Market provides the freshest seafood, along with “exceptional customer service, quality workmanship, and reliable and speedy service.” These guys get the best reviews about how “efficient” they can be in processing each purchase and about them being “knowledgeable” about their products and “how different cultures may want their items prepared.” Sampson & Son’s Seafood is a “no-frills” market which offers Colossal shrimps, fresh stone crab claws, crawfish, oysters, blue crabs, snappers and more!

(409) 763-9316


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