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Arrow G RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Sherman

Owned by "a sweet family", "Arrow G Ranch, LLC has some awesome beef jerky" which can be purchased at the Downtown Denison Farmers Market.   They also have "super fresh Arrow G eggs" which you can have along with  "toast with avocados and cheese".  The owners of this farm have a goal of producing high quality and healthy products through honest, ethical practices. They have free-range eggs from pastured poultry and grass fed beef through rotational grazing. Visit their website and Facebook page to contact them for purchase and delivery options. Remember, their farm has "grass-fed, happy cows!" They have "NO UNNECESSARY CHEMICALS".

B&G Farms

Farm & Ranch in Denison

In Denison, North Texas, B&G is a family-operated farm and ranch with a 100-acre land. They raise well-bred cattle alongside continuing their aunt’s passion for taking care and rescuing horses. Also, they grow hay, fruit, pecans, and other produce while offering high-quality harvest from thoroughly selected non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds.Currently, they are working on raising chickens and goats, building a vineyard, beekeeping, and growing herbs (for cooking and medicinal purposes.) Soon, you can get eggs, honey, herbs, and more! Delighted customers said, "Great work Audrey and family! They are bringing the farm back to life" and "Wonderful, fantastic posts. Great sense of humor."

(903) 423-2724

Circle 15 Farms

Farm & Ranch in Gunter

On the Grayson or Collin County line Gunter, Circle 15 Farms "provides locally-grown farm-fresh poultry" for the dinner table that started in May 2015. Also, they take pride in taking good care of their animals and land. Moreover, their livestock includes "chicken, duck, geese, turkey, while specializing in pastured lamb, free-range eggs, and duck eggs". Besides, they "process their meat in a Texas-inspected market", and they "have a TX egg license" to be able to sell to restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers' markets. Some of the satisfied customers said, "Duck eggs are amazing!" and "Great people! Fabulous meat and produce."

(469) 450-6400

Colwell’s Market & Produce Stand and Rise & Shine Farm

Farm & Ranch in Collinsville

The Colwell’s Farm market is Collinsville's main farm market. The market is a popular place for fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, and other items for the community of Collinsville and aims to be a venue for local farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers. In turn, they also aim to give the community a means to purchase fresh, nutritious, and high-quality produce from local farmers and producers.The market is open 6 days a week, but customers are able to buy what they need even on off-days. They have the “honesty box system” which allows the community to shop even before or after market hours.

(940) 372-9055

Diggin It Farm

Farm & Ranch in Collinsville

Diggin It Farm is a small farm in Collinsville that "raises pastured poultry (whole USDA broiler/roasters) and collects all-year-round fresh eggs" from their chickens. It sits on 40 acres of pastured land. Also, the farm owners Marty and Anna Diggs opened it in 2016. Moreover, their "chickens are free from animal by-products, pesticides, toxins, antibiotics, or chemicals", and eat grass and bugs. Furthermore, the ranch assures they are "clean, nutritious, sustainable, and humane", and you can "buy them at Local Dairy Market". Happy customers will be "impressed" because "the chicken's flavor is delicious". And, you will "going to buy another soon".

(940) 465-7773

East Line Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Trenton

Eastline ranch is a small family-owned and operated bee apiary in Texas. They focus on bee care, not honey production. Therefore, expect to get the best-tasting honey from their happy bees. They own twenty acres of untreated pasture and woodland for their bees to forage. Moreover, they don't use plastic on their hives and don't treat the bees with chemicals or antibiotics. As a result, they produce the most organic and natural honey possible is the goal.Furthermore, they leave the pollen intact to maximize it's health benefits. Also, they don't travel or relocate their beehives to remote pollination sites. That makes their honey truly local, raw, and unprocessed. You can drop a line on their email address, [email protected], to inquire, and have confidence that you're purchasing the best products from happy and healthy bees.

(903) 884-8080

Frances Foy Farm

Farm & Ranch in Gordonville

Debre Felske or 'Debbie' is the person behind the success of France Foy Farm. While Debbie started raising goats for her homemade soaps, she also sells different varieties of fruits and vegetables.She sells apples, pears, and melons. Also, she produces vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, cherries, acorn squash, radishes, zucchinis, kale, arugula. She also offers fresh and dried herbs like thyme, marjoram, borageAside from fresh produce, she makes a ton of other homemade products. She makes candles, soaps, oil blends, bath essentials, and more.Above all, a Facebook Review says, "Awesome prices, awesome products!" Catch her at Sherman Farmers Market.  

(972) 795-0554

Gentlesoll Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bells

Gentlesoll Farms keeps loyal to its mission, which is "to grow produce in a clean (unpolluted) media and environment." This aquaponics farm retains all the essential nutrients available, from planting to harvest.  Gentlesoll Farms' produce is flavorful while packed with vitamins and minerals.  "You can taste the difference!" Buy and "enjoy nutritious goodness grown with pure hearts to enrich human health".

(972) 754-7372

GF Beef

Farm & Ranch in Denison

Jason founded GF Beef LLC in 2011. While he bought the ranch in 1997, the farm didn't have cattle grazing through its pasture 'til 2011.Today, their herd consists of Wagyu, Angus, Longhorn, Charolais, Limousine, and Hotlander.The farm puts so much importance in the genetic line of every breed they raise to ensure it produces excellent marbling and flavor. Recently, they have crossed Wagyu and Aberdeen cows to create a rare combination that only the farm carries at this time.A Facebook review says, "There is no other beef we would rather eat! Best beef. Best prices. Period!"According to Jason, they are coming up with new specialty likes. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated.

(903) 818-3697

Grace Acres FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Sherman

The Johnston family owns Grace Acres Farm. This farm has cows, milk goats, livestock guardian dogs, barn cats, meat and egg chickens and bees. They do not use chemicals on their animals. They also make every effort to have fresh pasture or good quality hay and freshwater available at all times. They also use herbs to fight parasites and to keep all their animals healthy. They also have fresh vegetables and planted fig, peach, apple, pear, plum, nectarine, olive and pomegranate trees in their orchard. Their other products include homegrown herbal tea, jams and preserves.

(469) 951-8950

Grandkid Acres Farm

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne

Grandkid Acres Farm has this goal:  that their "kids and grandkids can eat a healthy diet."  And they do this by growing vegetables, eggs and chickens in a sustainable way.  All of their products are grown and raised organically, without any hormones or antibiotics and chemicals.  They do have a lot of vegetables and even baked goods to offer the community.  This is also a family working farm, with the children even helping out by manning their store!

(903) 818-1218

Green Meadow Eggs

Farm & Ranch in Tom Bean

At 400 Mockingbird Lane, Tom Bean, you can find Green Meadow Eggs LLC. Green Meadow Eggs is a resident-owned ranch of Janet Schaab that provides farm fresh brown eggs from pastured poultry. Moreover, they do not use pesticides or herbicides on their pasture, making sure there is always grass for the chickens to graze. Additionally, their supplemental feed does not have soy, hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives. The owner sells to co-ops and individuals. Also, the current price is $3.00 per dozen of large eggs. Hence, if you want to make arrangements to come to their house, email or text her at (903) 821-0286. 

(903) 821-0286

Hilltop FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Denison

Hilltop Farm in Denison Texas employ nothing but organic methods on their farm. The owners guarantee that there are no inorganic inputs on all of their egg or vegetable production. They utilize only non-GMO, heirloom seeds in all of their veggies. On top of that, they don't use any chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, pesticides, or anything artificial. They're usually in full production beginning early June all the way up to fall.Why are their products so plump and yummy without artificial fertilizers? Well, they make their own organic compost and organic compost teas!To get rid of weed, they pull out weeds the old-fashioned way, by hand, and they control pests with their own organic concoctions!

(903) 815-6986

J.M.R. Cattle Co. & Farm

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne

You will never have "a bad meal since using longhorn beef from J.M.R. Cattle Co. & Farm." Their cattle are given NO growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids of any kind. The pastures also are not treated with pesticides.  Their cattle are also grass fed and grass finished, they are not given grain to fatten them up at any time. If you buy from them, you will be "able to get in all the nutrients from eating red meat without all of the negative effects".  It is "highly recommended buying your beef from this amazing rancher". They have "great beef and customer service is awesome". And, their "goal is to provide a healthy beef option at a reasonable price".

(903) 294-8808

Jenschke Farms

Farm & Ranch in Denison

Since 1961, the family-owned Jenschke farms in Fredericksburg, Texas, is in the business of farming, Jenschke Farms' peach orchard has already 20 varieties of peaches and currently have 3,000 trees. They also make ices cream, jams, jellies, and canned peaches, and recently, they launched strawberries and pumpkins. Also, they even have Christmas trees on the farm. Also, they allow their customers to pick fruits on their own. Their client says, “They love the place because it is amicable for kids. The kids love the place, especially the hayrides. The strawberry and peaches are all good. Also, their peach cobbler is so yummy, even their cider.” If you also want to experience the Jenschke Farms, visit their beautiful place! They are very accommodating!

(830) 997-8422

Jolly Acres Farms / The Jolly Good Shop

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne

Update: The Jolly Acres Farm is opening up a storefront where you can drop by and pick out your favorite handcrafted goat milk caramels, caramel products, and quality locally produced artisan foods! We've updated their address so if you're in the area, be sure to drop by and say hi and grab some of their fabulous caramels at the same time!Jolly Acres Farm is a micro-farm that specializes in raising, handling, and processing goat dairy. With the right ingredients and proper care at the farm, they can produce creamy goat milk. This milk serves as the star for all of their artisanal products. Laurie's homemade and decadent goodies make it to the top favorites of kids and kids at heart with a sweet tooth. She makes salted caramels, caramel coffee spoons, chocolate caramels, toffee pretzel bark, caramel corn, and more. Moreover, they raise happy hens that, in turn, give them nutritious eggs. 

(469) 301-1995

K Bar K Meats

Farm & Ranch in Pottsboro

Kent and Karen Black founded the K Bar K Meats. Today, Scott Galyon manages the ranch. They have over 1300 acres of pastures for their animals.Their cowherd alone counts up to 400 heads. Right now, the farm raises several kinds of cows: Angus, Hereford, and Black Baldy Cattle. They also raise lamb, hogs, and chickens. All of the meat they produce is one-of-a-kind. Facebook Reviews commend their meat products. "The BEST rib-eye steak and bacon! Also, great people, great food!"With a massive land for raising animals, they can supply meat markets, restaurants, and families. Catch them on Saturdays at Frisco Farmers Market.

(903) 271-3257

Livestock First RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Denison

Taylor manages and owns the Livestock First Ranch. They offer several kinds of pasture-raised meat like chicken, beef, and Berkshire pork in Denison, Texas.Taylor not only raises animals for food, but he treats them humanely and as sentient beings. He always puts the animal's well-being above profit. When you got that kind of relationship, the animals are less stressed. Thus, they develop better meat, nutrition, and flavor. His principles allow him to provide more than just food on the table. It is preventative medicine through food."Taylor raises his animals with integrity and pride. Always happy to answer questions thoughtfully with detailed responses making his service outstanding as well."

(575) 543-8088

NUR Farm

Farm & Ranch in Whitewright

NUR Farm was established in 2013 on 37 acres. It is located in Grayson County, Texas which is approximately one hour north of Dallas. They are a family-owned working farm. The farm was also named after the owner's mothers, Nurten and Ruth.  NUR Farm offers beef, eggs, honey and produce which they sell at the Sherman Farmers Market.  They adhere to organic practices in all that they grow and raise in their farm, without using any chemicals hormones or antibiotics.

(214) 868-3188

Nutty Hill Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sherman

The Wilsons moved from the hustle bustle city of the metroplex to the Nutty Hill farm in Luella. Their desire for a healthier living made them start to grow fruits and vegetables. They produce different fruits, vegetables, and herbs without using harsh pesticides and herbicides.Nutty Hill Farm offers fruits, vegetables, and products such as pecans, honey, pastured eggs, bread, pickles, jam, and jalapeno powder. They sell their harvests and products from their farm to the local stores at the Sherman Farmers Market.Nutty Hill Farm does not just sell but also learn as they grow and are having fun in the process.

(817) 371-3666