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Green Thumb FarmingNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Pflugerville

Green Thumb Farming is a suburban micro-farm. Green Thumb Farming practices an environment-friendly approach to farming. This farm is a non-GMO farm. They do not use pesticides here. Green Thumb Farming is located in Pflugerville, Texas. Green Thumb Farming takes time to set up shop in the local farmers market to bring their harvest closer to the consumers. You can easily find them - just look for the stall where there are huge, green leaves and lots of bright, plump red and orange tomatoes, it is probably them!

Hamilton Pool Vineyards and Farms

Farm & Ranch in Round Mountain

Hamilton Pool Farms is known for winemaking. Hamilton Pool Farms is located in Round Mountain, Texas. The farm and farmstand are only 20 miles from Austin City Limits. Hamilton Pool Vineyards is one of the first vineyards in the Texas Hill Country. Do you want to learn how to farm? Hamilton Pool Farms is also an outdoor farm school. They conduct gardening and herbal medicine workshops. Hamilton Pool Farms also practices regenerative farming. They make sure the way they do things is sustainable. The community, through CSA, is enjoying the vegetables and herbs from this farm.  

(512) 400-4173

Hartley Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Austin

The Sixth generation of the Hartley family runs the Hartley Ranch. They are striving to provide high-quality beef as it has been a family tradition and legacy.The founders of the farm established the business over a hundred years ago. With long-standing expertise in raising cows, the farm's breed is nothing but the best cattle in Texas. They also keep on improving. They brought American Angus beef to the top.Their customers keep on asking for more for their beef's superior taste, delicate and textured marbling, exceptional tenderness, and deep flavor.Aside from beef, they also offer the best Berkshire pork in town.

(512) 917-0808

Harvest Moon Garden

Farm & Ranch in Bandera

Harvest Moon Garden brings fresh and locally-grown vegetables for the Rain and Hunt county communities. They grow word-class tomatoes, four different varieties of onions, several varieties of peppers, some squashes, herbs, and greens. They have bell peppers, jalapenos, cayenne, poblano and more. Also, they have zucchinis and yellow squash. Their herb collection contains chives, basil, rosemary, cilantro, and thymes, while their greens include cabbage, swiss chard, and kale. Beets, green beans, radishes, cucumber, artichokes, eggplant, and okra are their most common veggies. Buy vegetables from them today!

(903) 262-7917

Hi-Fi Mycology FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Sean Henry and Cory Nellissen are the founders of Hi-Fi Mycology farm. They grow over six varieties of mushroom. Sean has been working in the growing industry for a while. He got acquainted with the fungi world through his work. On the other hand, Cory fell in love with mushroom while working as a professional cook in New York City. When the two met, the fascination even grew much stronger, which lead them to the founding of the Hi-Fi Mycology. It is Austin's first urban mushroom farm.They sell King Oyster, Blue Oyster, locally foraged Texas Oyster, Black Poplar, Chestnut, and Lions Mane mushrooms.They sell them in Farmer's markets, restaurants, and even beer breweries.

Ives Creek Organic

Farm & Ranch in Austin

In Bellville, Texas, the Ives Creek Organic provides the freshest and most nutritious product in towns, such as fruits, herbs, and many more! They are using aquaponics techniques on their farms. Also, they replace the soil with water and fish to create an environmentally and all-natural non-GMO product. The fish can provide the nutrients for the plant that is helpful for its growth. With the process of aquaponics, the outcomes lead to having a better taste and quick growing products. To see the latest update about Ives Creek Organic, you can follow their Instagram account @Ivescreekorganics. Find them and visit their page! 

(312) 420-1140

Joe’s Microgreen

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Joe's microgreen is a small sustainable urban farm and a food recycler in East Austin. Joe founded the farm in 2012. They are driven to reduce waste while producing nutritious food. They do this by getting all organic food waste that could have ended up in landfills and turning it into a valuable resourceFood companies generating lots of food waste can sign up on his composting services. Then, these wastes turn into nutritious compost for plants. Joe uses the composts on his produce. He also sells compost by the truckload or by the bag."Local family farm with high-quality products and a focus on sustainability. Love it!"

(512) 537-3993

Lost Pines Yaupon Tea

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Jason Ellis, Heidi Watcher, and John Sibold founded the Lost Pines Yaupon Tea in 2015. While they all love the taste and benefits of Yaupon Tea, they have seen an excellent opportunity to harvest Yaupon tea ethically.Back in 2011, the 6th of the largest wildfire happened in the Lost Pines area. Aside from this damage, human damage has also greatly affected the place in the past. As a result, the government created the Lost Pines Habitat Conservation. It encourages property owners within the area to help in restoring the forest for the endangered toads that lived there. Cooperating in the project meant that a property tax break for the owners.The trio started cooperating the property owners to harvest yaupon trees. This makes everybody a winner: the environment, the toads, the property owners, the government, the founders of the farm, and you.

(512) 748-4546

Lund Produce Company

Farm & Ranch in Elgin

Kevin Lundgren, a 5th-generation farmer, manages and owns the Lund Produce Company. In 1991, he started replenishing 11 acres of their land with nutrition. Therefore, it became a great place for plants and animals to grow. His farm is called Brachgrove Farm. It is only 35 miles downtown Austin.His neighbor whos family has been planting shallots since the 1800s have asked him to take care of the few surviving shallot plants she had.In 2008, Kevin managed to grow a lot of the shallots in his healthy soil, so he was able to sell them at the local Whole Foods. By 2009, he was already selling it directly to families.The farm also plants Oxblood lilies, onions, corns, and broccoli. The Lund Produce Company has been featured on TRF's Kim's List. Read the blog entry on 6 Sustainable Farms in Elgin You Can Buy Organic Produce From

(512) 845-0267

Margaret’s FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Margaret's Farm is owned and operated by Margaret Taylor. Margaret grows maize (corn), a variety of greens, herbs, and black-eyed peas. She also raises goats, chickens, guinea fowl, and ducks. Also, one of Margaret’s favorite meals is a flavorful Kenyan stew with greens like swiss chard or collard greens, tomatoes, and chunks of goat meat. Ugali, a dish of maize flour (cornmeal) cooked with water to a porridge- or dough-like consistency, typically accompanies the stew. You can find Margaret most Tuesdays at the SFC Farmers’ Market East. Be sure to stop by and pick up some of her greens and delicious chicken eggs!

Munkebo Farm

Farm & Ranch in Manor

Germaine Swenson is the founder of the Munkebo Farm. She named the farm 'Munkebo' as a tribute to her great-grandma. 'Munkebo' is the birthplace of her great grandmother from Sweden. Upon learning about her roots through spending time in Sweden in 2009, she founded the farm in the same year.The 80-acre farm practices permaculture methods. Currently, the farm raises pigs, Angus cows, Piedmontese cows, guinea, chickens, and ducks.Facebook reviews generally commend their meat and eggs. "For years, I've been buying duck meat and eggs from Germaine. Such amazing meat cuts with rich smell and flavor. When I saw their selection, there was barely any fat in the meat."Catch them at Mueller Farmer's Market in Austin and Republic Square Farmer's Market.

(512) 940-5228

Rocking B Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Austin

The key to having high-quality animal products is to have high-quality pasture. If you want to buy organic meat, visit Rocking B. Ranch owned by Branson family! It is a 320-acre working ranch located in a beautiful place of Mason and Menard, in the heart of the texas hill country. The Rocking B. Ranch is a grass-fed livestock operation. They raise Boer crossbred goats, Angus cross, and Devon cattle. According to tot he farmers, their animals are healthy due to non-confinement and non-artificial growth. They are free of pesticides. Then encourage grass-fed and organic beef as it is better than the usual feedlot beef. Furthermore, it has less fat, less cholesterol, and fewer calories. Also, grass-fed beef has more vitamin E, more beta-carotene, and more vitamin C!

(512) 422-1173

Steelbow FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Manor

Steelbow Farm started in 2017. This is just their fourth year farming in Texas, and yet, the vegetables they produce are always sold out. This is definitely a testament to the quality of the products as a genuine, farm-fresh food. Their veggie box contains restaurant-quality produce, and if you didn't sign up to reserve for one, do not expect that there is anything left once these boxes are sent out and collected by locals who will definitely cook these as soon as they are home.

(415) 317-4797


Farm & Ranch in Spicewood

The husband and wife, Orion and Tina Weldon, are the founders of TerraPurreza. They have been in Spicewood, Texas, since 2015. The TerraPurreza is an organization that aims for the sustainability of vibrant health. They also want to develop a stable habitat by connecting people to regenerative land use. The regenerative agriculture is a collection of food approaches or techniques. This approach focusses on rehabilitating soil health, restoring natural water cycles, and native grasslands.Furthermore, the farm is currently offering raised beds, organic/ pastured eggs, and poultry. They also offer raw, unfiltered honey, and a variety of seasonal produce. To know more about TerraPureza, follow their social media accounts for more updates on their products. Feel free to message them for questions or inquiries. 

(609) 815-6410

The Vegetable Cart

Farm & Ranch in Elgin

The farm nests in a small 23-acre land with a colossal goal for the community. The Vegetable Cart wants to produce products that are human and environmentally friendly. Therefore, they only raise hormone-free sheep and cattle and plant pesticide-free vegetables. You'll also love the soaps they make! They make a combination of rice bran, coconut oil, and olive oil to ensure the soap is gentle, lathers perfectly, and not drying to the skin. Without preservatives nor artificial color, using their soap will be cleansing to you while not being harmful to you and the environment. You won't have to deal with allergies. Free-range eggs and baked goodies are something to look forward to while at the farm. Drive 2 miles from past the New Highschool, and you'll reach them at Elgin. The Vegetable Cart has been featured on TRF's Kim's List. Read the blog entry on 6 Sustainable Farms in Elgin You Can Buy Organic Produce From

(512) 215-4193

Urban Patchwork

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Urban Patchwork "provides fresh, affordable Food for Austin, one neighborhood at a time". Furthermore, this network believes that the community is the backbone of health, security, sustainability. It "helps neighbors turn unused yard space into farmland" to produce vegetables, fruit, nuts, and eggs. Additionally, they "offer start-up programs, nutritional workshops, and home food production". They also provide courses in "canning, fermentation, and job training and creation". In exchange for hosting farm plots, residents and businesses receive fresh vegetables. Urban Patchworks lets you hire personal gardeners, landscapers, and consultants for your residence or commercial project. Just visit their website to learn more about them.

(512) 662-1854

Urban Roots

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Urban Roots aims to provide the people of Austin with "another source of real food grown locally" 40 percent of their produce is donated to hunger relief organizations across the Greater Austin Area. They also have a farm internship program, where they teach the young people of Austin "about good food, and empower them to find their voice." The interns get hands-on training bb by preparing the fields, planting, weeding, and harvesting, along with leading farm tours and connecting with the community.

(512) 750-8019

Vital Farms

Farm & Ranch in Austin

A great source of delectable butter and eggs from pastured cows and chicken, Vital farms has been bringing ethically-produced food from farm to table since 2007. They go beyond free-range and cage-free chicken as they allow their chickens to live in pastures for their whole lives. They regularly rotate the chickens on different areas in the field to keep the grass supply fresh and clean. The farm is Certified Humane and Certified B-Corporation. Happy customers are willing to pay the price for such a quality product! "Pay a little bit more; Yes, but the eggs are delicious. Try to d  a side by side taste test yourself at home, you’ll see."

(877) 455-3063


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