Review of C&S Farms and Produce by TexasRealFood

C&S Farms and Produce is a family-owned farm producing tomatoes, squash, onions, and melons to the local North Texas market. Their "tomatoes are so delicious" and you can even pick "right off the vine" when you visit. The tomatoes are also "so sweet and not too acidic" and "they actually taste like a tomato!" Their "squash looks nice and tender". The owners, "Cindy and Steve are the nicest couple". You will "love them as much as their produce!" "Go visit them soon" but it is better to if you can contact them directly when you want to make a stop and buy the produce at their farm.

Farming Methods, Practices & Certifications

Naturally Grown Naturally Grown

Locally Grown and Raised Farm Products by C&S Farms and Produce