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Farm-To-Table Restaurants Specializing in Chinese Cuisine in Texas (8)

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Dashi Sichuan Kitchen + Bar

Restaurant in San Antonio

Dashi Sichuan Kitchen + Bar fuses centuries of tradition from Sichuanese cuisine with flavors from Texas. This marriage of culinary cultures has proven to be a masterwork of gastronomic artistry. The hearty Mama Chen's tofu is a herby and hearty tofu dish that is both available in beef and vegetarian options.

(210) 562-3343

Khao Noodle Shop

Restaurant in Dallas

At Khao Noodle Shop, you will get to enjoy "amazing" Laotian dishes in a "cozy" atmosphere. This restaurant was conceived with a mission to bring the best of Southeast Asia to Dallas and be a place where people can come together and share home-cooked meals with friends and family. Khao Noodle Shop is fully committed to sourcing its ingredients from the local community gardens and farmer's markets. The menu highlights painstakingly created, perfectly shareable Laotian dishes, including the famous "boat noodles", which is a classic Laotian dish boasting "intense flavors" in a rich broth. Other popular dishes include "shrimp bites", "tripe chicharrones", and more "flavorful" creations.

(972) 803-3373

La Chine Chinese Cuisine

Restaurant in Plano

La Chine features handcrafted Chinese cuisine in a "relaxing" atmosphere. This restaurant is committed to serving only the highest quality food using locally-sourced ingredients that are delivered fresh daily. This way, you can eat assured that everything on the menu comes directly from the farm. It offers an extensive menu, featuring small eats like "shanghai style dumpling", greens like "house salad", main dishes like "stir-fried beef and broccoli", seafood specials like "sweet and sour fish fillet", noodles like "pan-fry crispy noodle", and veggies like "spicy curry tofu clay pot". With a great selection of menu items, La Chine ensures that there's always something for everyone to enjoy.

(972) 378-9222

Lin Asian Bar And Dim Sum

Restaurant in Austin

Lin Asian Bar and Dim Sum is founded by Chef Ling, a Chinese native, with the goal to bring "authentic" Chinese cuisine to Austin, Texas. Everything on the menu is prepared passionately in a healthy way of cooking using only the freshest, "organic" ingredients. The menu features appetizers like "szechuan spicy cucumber", salads like "cabbage saladwith almond vinaigrette", veggies like "salt and pepper tofu", and entrees like "sauteed beef angus with foie grass". It also offers an extensive selection of dim sum, including "potato shrimp ball", "chicken taro egg roll", and "vegetable dumpling". With a thoughtfully-curated menu that consists of Asian-inspired creations, Lin Asian Bar and Dim Sum is definitely a go-to when you're craving for some Chinese food.Lin Asian Bar and Dim Sum continued to deliver farm-to-table goodness even in the middle of the pandemic! They’ve been featured as one of 15 farm-to-table delivery options in Austin During Quarantine.

(512) 474-5107

Nammi (Food Truck)

Food Truck in Dallas

Nammi's objective is to share and introduce the flavors of Vietnamese fare. By "putting a twist" in the conventional Vietnamese cuisine, you will get combined flavors and tastes from different cultures yet keeping the Vietnamese approach as a foundation. The menu consists of banh mi sandwiches, Asian tacos, rice bowls, noodle bowls, small bites, and drinks. Banh Mi is the famous traditional Vietnamese street food, which is a french baguette filled with cilantro, cucumber, pickled daikon carrots, and garlic mayo. Every sandwich, tacos, and bowls come with four flavors that you can choose from: Vietnamese veggie tofu, grilled pork, lemongrass chicken, and bbq pork. And to maximize your Vietnamese cuisine experience, opt for the "Vietnamese iced coffee" or any of the "Asian drinks".

(972) 252-2052

Phat Eatery

Restaurant in Katy

Phat Eatery, which is located in Katy, Texas, specializes in delicious Malaysian street food which the crew makes from scratch daily. If you haven't been here and you are wondering what to order, try the sizzling tofu. Phat Eatery promises to serve you great sizzling tofu that even those who do not eat tofu will become tofu lovers after this experience. If you are a vegetarian, don't worry. They offer a vegetarian Sizzling Tofu. Or why not try the Mee Goreng, beef rendang, or chicken curry. There is no wrong choice because everything here is delicious and mouth-watering.

(832) 913-6382

Steamies Dumplings

Food Truck in Austin

Steamies Dumplings, a family run business in Austin, TX, serving handmade Chinese dumplings that “are to die for any dumpling lover”.  Each dumpling is handmade from scratch, made with the freshest local ingredients.  Steamies Dumplings offer a variety of different dumplings for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians out there.

(737) 781-7545

Wu Chow

Restaurant in Austin

Wu Chow is a go-to if you're craving for some Asian flavors. This Asian restaurant is dedicated to bringing authentic, modern Chinese food right to the heart of downtown Austin. It offers dishes made from locally sourced herbs and ingredients representing all eight styles of Chinese cuisine. The Asian restaurant offers "top-notch Chinese food" such as "dim sums that are to die for", "tangerine peel beef", and "fried green beans". Ultimately, this is "the place where great Asian cuisine meets organic and healthy food" where you will surely have "excellent food in great surroundings" and an overall "amazing experience".Wu Chow continued to deliver farm-to-table goodness even in the middle of the pandemic! They’ve been featured as one of 15 farm-to-table delivery options in Austin During Quarantine.

(512) 476-2469

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