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Cured highlights lovingly hand-crafted cured foods made of the purest regional ingredients in a contemporary and historical atmosphere. Cured is housed in a renovated historical building that dates back to 1904. Cured is a chef-owned restaurant highlighting a vast selection of charcuterie cured from 30 days to 12 months, all proudly displayed in a humidity-controlled glass enclosure. The charcuterie selection includes "apple jalapeno pork rilettes", "smoked duck ham", "3 month lamb culatello", and more. On top of that, they serve classic brunch food like "french toast", small plates like "beet, avocado, and citrus salad", savory entrees like "ash seared bigeye tuna", and luscious desserts like "apple & peach crisp".Nothing could be more perfect than chicken and waffles and Cured serves some of the best! Read more about them and others in Kim's 8 Places for the freshest chicken and waffles in Houston.

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