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Jammit! Jam

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

Jammit! Jam specializes in spreadable fruit for sophisticated palates using seasonal, whole-fruit, natural raw cane sugar, herbs or spices, and a splash of libation. Their jams are produced in small-batches, still hand stirred and hand poured into each jar. They offer enticing flavors like Apple Cinnamon Bourbon or Peach Thyme Prosecco, and just recently added a Texas necessity, Garlic Pepper Jelly. It is low in sugar, and they are “Certified Female Owned business”. Their method of cooking really allows the multiple layers of flavors to shine through. It’s always good on toast or with peanut butter, but it also pairs well with artisan cheeses, gourmet pastries and can even be warmed up as a sauce or chutney over meat, pork, duck or chicken or fish.

(214) 912-3907

Naturally Curly Cook

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

Naturally Curly Cook makes extremely homemade foods that are simple and natural. They are most known for the “quiche and kolache” that they sell at the Good Local Markets and Farmer’s Market. They make and shape all of the crusts by hand, and makes their bread dough from scratch. The quiche and pies are uniquely deep dish, and not like the other pies you will find anywhere else in Dallas. This extremely homemade dining is not only fun for curious eaters to explore, but also smart for your body. You know exactly what is in every bite- and you know that it is good! Naturally Curly Cook also do boutique catering, designing custom menus, sourcing ingredients as locally as possible, and making every element in their own kitchen.

(903) 714-6863

T-Rex Pickles

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

A producer of constantly rotating selection of pickles in Dallas, T-Rex Pickles makes a variety of pickles using the “local brewery’s beers, along with local produce”. Beer is a key flavor component of the T-Rex pickling brine, along with spices, homegrown herbs and vinegar. The picklers’ preferred brews come from Four Corners Brewing Company in West Dallas. They offer over 18 varieties of locally canned pickled produce, including spicy dill pickles, cranberries, asparagus, and carrots. Their crisp and flavorful pickles make a great accompaniment to sandwiches and burgers. T-Rex also produces seasonal offerings including pickled okra, squash, jalapeños, sweet peppers, green beans and cactus paddles with ancho chiles.