Bakeries in Dallas, TX

Local Bakeries in Dallas, Texas

Discover local Bakeries in Dallas, Texas. Small-batch bread made by artisans that have honed their craft through the years. Everything is hand-mixed, fermented, shaped and baked to perfection. If you’re in the mood for amazing artisan bread that’s light and delicate, or deep and rustic then you’re at the right place. We’ve hand-curated the best bakeries in Texas to bring you the most up-to-date list of the best bread makers in the state.

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Crest Ridge Farms Bakery

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

It started out as a passion, baking for friends and neighbors, and it turned into something special that makes their buyers keep coming back for more!  From the Crest Ridge Farms Bakery to your table, this East Dallas artisan microbakery has rolled out a fantastic line up of mouthwateringly delectable baked items that customers describe […]

D’s Sourdough-D’s Breads

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

“Good bread. Simple ingredients. Delicious taste. Perfect the way bread SHOULD be”. This is how buyers describe the organic, hand-crafted, and long-fermented sourdough bread and pastries by D’s Breads. “A Dallas Farmers Market favorite”, owner and artisan baker Debra Piedra starts her sourdough creations by using organic ingredients, wild yeast, and freshly milled organic flours. Called as the “local sourdough maven”, she has […]

Full Circle Bakery

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

Cookies for a purpose! Full Circle Bakery has been baking since 2012 and their vision was to “source ingredients and supplies from local businesses to make cookies and the sales of these cookies go “full circle” into non-profit organizations in Texas.” Check out their menu of delightfully tasty cookies, like chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, peanut butter, […]

Hippos and Hashbrowns

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

Food made from scratch in small batches, the way it should be! This is the core of the Hippos and Hashbrowns Bakery. This family-run business prides itself in preparing everything with care, to produce high-quality baked goods which they sold to the public and eventually, to local grocers, farm stores, coffee shops, and specialty gourmet shops. […]

Lemma’s Bakeshop

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

Rich, sweet, flavorful treats and desserts, made with tender loving care! Lemma’s Bakeshop is the tribute of its owner and founder, Cathy, to her grandmother Lemma, who has always been her source of great memories – especially when reminiscing about the “delicious aromas coming from her kitchen.” And she wishes to “share that same TLC […]

Pie Crush Bakery

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

Passion turned family tradition, and now, the source of happiness for people who love pie, this is the story of Pie Crush Bakery. Each pie is “made from scratch, using fresh locally sourced ingredients” and the baker’s own “hand-rolled pie crust” as she fills each pie to the brim with delectable and crave-worthy fruit flavors. […]

Proper Baking Company

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

A brilliant addition to your list of bakers if you are British, or just love anything from that side of the world, you should not miss the Proper Baking Company!  This “family-run artisan bakery located at the Dallas Farmers Market serves the highest-quality British baked goods that they made from scratch!”  They’ve got the traditional […]

Stinebert Gourmet Banana Bread

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

A little taste of heaven in a piece of banana bread! Sign up for banana bread with “endless varieties” with Stinebert Gourmet Banana Bread! At least 10 flavors of banana bread loaves and banana bread muffins are available, plus some seasonal and special additions to the line-up! If you can’t decide which flavor to choose, grab the Texas […]

Swedish Sisters Bakery

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

You’re in for unique treats at the Swedish Sisters Bakery.  It’s like going on a trip to the Scandinavian region, though a bite of their specially made Swedish bread and desserts.  School yourself with Swedish food terms and indulge in their authentic flavor.  Some of their baked goods include the Semlor or Swedish cream buns, […]

Yiayia’s Greek Bakery

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

A family-owned Greek bakery preserving grandmother’s century-old recipes. “Yiayia’s is a hidden delight at the Dallas Farmer’s Market – the BEST Greek yogurt and the baklava is amazing.”  You can find Greek pastries freshly baked, Greek pies, coffees, and many more.  Their products “very authentic and has home-made food.”   They also “have great coffees and […]