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Local Food Businesses in Historic District - Dallas, Texas

Discover local Texas food businesses in Historic District - Dallas, Texas

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Avery’s Savory Popcorn

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas, Texas

Known for delivering the finest quality flavored popcorn using the “highest quality ingredients”, Avery’s Savory Popcorn is a “Gourmet Popcorn Shop” in West end that you must try! You will be lured in by the aroma looming outside and once you stepped foot inside the shop, you will be greeted by friendly staff and an […]

Bam’s Vegan

Food Truck in Dallas, Texas

Bam’s Vegan located in the Dallas Farmer’s Market is a definite must-try for everyone—not just vegans! Owner Brandon Waller creates highly inventive plant-based dishes that blow people’s minds.  Waller’s vegan food opens “a new exciting approach to master the vegan lifestyle” making the transition to a plant-based diet a lot more exciting and inspiring.  If you’re […]


Artisan Food Producer in Dallas, Texas

Established in 2017, Cake4One is a small-batch bakery that serves homemade gourmet cakes in beautifully crafted mason jars. What a “fabulous idea,” right? Their cakes are portable and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. “They are so convenient to just Grab and Go; it’s ‘Joy in a Jar’.” And not only that “the mason jars […]

D’s Sourdough-D’s Breads

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

“Good bread. Simple ingredients. Delicious taste. Perfect the way bread SHOULD be”. This is how buyers describe the organic, hand-crafted, and long-fermented sourdough bread and pastries by D’s Breads. “A Dallas Farmers Market favorite”, owner and artisan baker Debra Piedra starts her sourdough creations by using organic ingredients, wild yeast, and freshly milled organic flours. Called as the “local sourdough maven”, she has […]

Dallas Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Dallas, Texas

In typical Dallas Fashion, the Dallas Farmers Market is much more upscale than what one would expect at a traditional farmers market. While some people might find this to be “inauthentic” it is still a very good concept for an urban area. The Dallas Farmers Market has two areas: The Shed: Which is your typical […]

Market Provisions

Farmers Market in Dallas, Texas

Market Provisions offers local fresh produce, and other healthy, delicious food items at the Dallas Farmers Market.  The owners/staff “personally know” the local farmers and artisans that stock their shelves,” highlighting the quality of the products.  Some items sold by Market Provisions include granola, pastries, nuts, hydroponic lettuce, sprouts and shiitake mushrooms!

On the Rocks

Distillery in Dallas, Texas

On the Rocks is the world’s premier ready to serve bottled cocktails served in several airlines and hotels. Their “Old Fashioned is absolutely phenomenal”. They have “nailed the flavor profile of an OF, along with leaning more to the “boozy” side of the drink rather than obscuring it”. It is a “great travel cocktail”. “It […]

Pie Crush Bakery

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

Passion turned family tradition, and now, the source of happiness for people who love pie, this is the story of Pie Crush Bakery. Each pie is “made from scratch, using fresh locally sourced ingredients” and the baker’s own “hand-rolled pie crust” as she fills each pie to the brim with delectable and crave-worthy fruit flavors. […]

Proper Baking Company

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

A brilliant addition to your list of bakers if you are British, or just love anything from that side of the world, you should not miss the Proper Baking Company!  This “family-run artisan bakery located at the Dallas Farmers Market serves the highest-quality British baked goods that they made from scratch!”  They’ve got the traditional […]

Royal Blue Grocery – Main Street, Dallas

Store in Dallas, Texas

Royal Blue Grocery is a “really good little spot in downtown if you’re looking for something a few notches above the typical bodega”. This Royal Blue Grocery has “everything you need to procrastinate a big-box grocery store visit”. This place “makes living in a downtown area bearable”. This is also “the only place in the […]

Royal Blue Grocery – Ross Ave, Dallas

Store in Dallas, Texas

This grocery “is your standard Royal Blue – coffee bar, sandwiches, pastries and grocery items”. This place is “perfect for a casual lunch after visiting the museum”. “Located in the Trammell Crowe tower lobby, touts delivering a plethora of items and needs, ranging from gourmet goodies to a full-service café and sandwich counter”. They also […]

Rubio’s Produce at Dallas Sweet Harvest

Farm & Ranch in Dallas, Texas

Rubio’s Produce at Dallas Sweet Harvest gives the community the chance to stock up “weekly for fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts & local honey.”  Offering “great food, great deals,” they are “MORE than generous” and “always have great prices.”  Some of their items for sale include apples, mangoes, watermelons, tomatoes, peaches, juices and even plants!

Stocks and Bondy

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas, Texas

At Stocks & Bondy, they offer fresh, organic, local grass-fed, high-protein, high-collagen, soy-free, gluten-free products. They have soups, stocks, sauces, and broths are their specialty. It’s clean, with subtle bone flavor. It’s a perfect blank canvas to construct your personal soup. The fresh eggs and the “grab-and-go meals” are more than tempting as well. You […]

Texas Spice

Restaurant in Dallas, Texas

Texas Spice is conveniently located inside the Omni Dallas.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and don’t forget to ask for the cocktail menu because they serve some of the best cocktails in town. There’s something for everyone at Texas spice and they have an amazing wait staff that’s famous in their own right. Reasonable […]

Thompson Produce

Farm & Ranch in Dallas, Texas

Thompson Produce has “the best dried fruits, nuts and honey”. Their “Amaretto, Cinnamon and piña colada” can become a “favorite” among all their “flavored pecans”. With an “awesome customer service”, you will find them selling at the “Dallas Farmer’s Market”. Specializing in Pecans, they have fresh shelled and in-shell nuts. They also offer homestyle jams […]

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

Restaurant in Dallas, Texas

Y.O Ranch Steakhouse serves the best Texas cuisine since 1996 and is situated in the “ravishing” Hill Country of the Lone Star State. This steakhouse is changing the game with their legendary and extensive wild game selection available on their menu. With various types of venison, game birds, and the buffalo filet mignon (their signature […]

Yiayia’s Greek Bakery

Bakery in Dallas, Texas

A family-owned Greek bakery preserving grandmother’s century-old recipes. “Yiayia’s is a hidden delight at the Dallas Farmer’s Market – the BEST Greek yogurt and the baklava is amazing.”  You can find Greek pastries freshly baked, Greek pies, coffees, and many more.  Their products “very authentic and has home-made food.”   They also “have great coffees and […]