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Local Food Businesses in Kidd Springs - Dallas, Texas (8)

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Cooper’s Meat Market (Dallas)

Butcher in Dallas

Closed Now!

Cooper’s Meat Market and Kitchen in Dallas is the second location of this family-owned San Antonio business. A purveyor of the finest meats to connoisseur, it bills itself a “custom meat market and steakhouse” that offers prepared food to go, retail shopping, catering and delivery. This location in Dallas is a large establishment with a lot of empty space. Beyond the entry is a glass room where the butcher “cuts meat to order.” Around the corner is the 50-seat dining room, and toward the back are refrigerators “full of prepared food” line one wall. They also have a retail space with some spices, jarred items and a whole lot of Yeti coolers for sale.

(214) 200-4128

Cox Farms Market – Dallas

Store in Dallas

Closed Now!

Cox Farms Market - Dallas has "the best produce". This family-owned retailer of natural & organic foods & produce also sells nutritional supplements. This is their second location which is found at Fort Worth Avenue in Dallas, Texas. It's a small store that stocks only high-quality products. If you need some simple and organic groceries then you don't have to deal with searching through endless supermarket aisles, this store is the place for you. Beautiful and fresh produce is available the whole year round and the place has been hailed as being "Just the right size" for all of your naturally grown product needs.

(214) 748-8851

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas

Closed Now!

Dude, Sweet Chocolate offers a wide assortment of sweet treats with all the "interesting and unusual flavors."  Some of the definite must-tries are the Crack In A Box, Chubby Nuts, the large selection of dark chocolates, as well as the Whistle Pig, a great flavor fusion of chocolate and whiskey.  Other specialty items include the hot choco powder, soft-serve sundae, and other sweet and tasty gift options.

(214) 943-5943

Five Mile Chocolate

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas

With roots in coffee and the sweeter side of the culinary world, Five Mile Chocolate was created by the idea of building “craft chocolate in Dallas,” not only as an opportunity for creation, but as an invitation to join an economy of good work. Their chocolate bars are made from the bean with the only two things needed for great chocolate – “75% cacao and 25% organic sugar.” These are carefully handcrafted, made in small batches with chocolate from all over the world. And don’t worry, these beans are sourced from sustainable farms at prices well above commodity and Fair Trade prices.

(214) 929-6752

Macellaio Dallas

Restaurant in Dallas

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Located in Bishop Arts District, Macellaio Dallas is a restaurant devoted to "charcuterie" and "cured meats". It boasts a "vibrant" and "spacious" dining area, and a bar area that seats up to 19 people. This restaurant's interior is furnished with warm wooden tables and chairs that provide a "cozy" feel. It offers an extensive selection of salumi, including cooked & fermented dried sausages, dry-cured whole muscle, and more. On top of that, it also serves snacks like "crispy artichokes", salads like "Texas tomato salad", seafood like "Atlantic oysters", entrees like "wagyu bone-in ribeye", and sweets like "basque cheesecake".

(972) 685-9150


Restaurant in Dallas

Day Off!

"Very few restaurants are unique". Some "offer the same types of food you’d expect with a bit of surprise here and there". "But not so at Salaryman". "Cozy is their setting". "Impeccable is their non-hurried service". "Precious are their attention to details". "The menu here is impressive". They offer "creative and innovative courses". "Delectable are their signature dishes". These include "a perfectly grilled chicken", like the "Yakitori". They also have the flavorful "Chintan Ramen". Their "ramen is brilliant". It is "flavorful, like what you would expect from a chef of this caliber"."Here, what is thought to be ordinary becomes the unexpected". Because, "what was initially a small meal quickly become a well rounded dinner" here. So, "if you haven't been here yet, do yourself a favor and GO NOW!"

(214) 364-8902

Tribal All Day Cafe

Restaurant in Dallas

Closed Now!

Tribal All Day Cafe collaborates with local farmers and artisans to achieve its mission to nourish the community and they are committed to preparing healthy food using authentic ingredients. This cafe believes that food shouldn't just taste good, it is supposed to make you feel good too. From eggs and cheeses to vegetables and fruits, each and every ingredient used in their dishes is locally grown, sourced, and produced. In this cafe, you can find "dragon fruit smoothie", "pesto sandwich", "bean and rice wrap" and more healthy flavors. Whether you're looking for gluten-free, or perhaps you may be vegan or non-vegan, Tribal All Dat Cafe has something for you.

(469) 776-8003

Tyler Street Market

Farmers Market in Dallas

Day Off!

Tyler Street Market, a weekly Oak Cliff farmers market held on West 9th Street between Tyler and North Polk. You can check out their main page, Good Local Markets, for more information about the Tyler Street Market and our other markets. The website is https://www.goodlocalmarket.org/ "for the most up to date info!" You will be "looking forward to a great local season" once you visit the market. You will also "find locally grown fruits and vegetables, honey, meats and cheese, eggs, baked treats, arts and crafts, music, friendly people and overall the best that Dallas has to offer".

(214) 379-7097