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3 Texans Winery

Winery in Temple -

3 Texans Winery is a female-owned and family-run vineyard and winery located in Temple, Texas offers "a variety of reds and white wines". To reach this "quaint fun place" that was started back in 2009, "you need to make the short drive out to this vineyard if you are in Temple or Belton". Get to relax and enjoy "entertainment most weekends". You can also purchase wines and wine glasses on their online shop. "Snacks can be brought in" and enjoy a wonderful time tasting and drinking their Cabernet, Tempranillo, and Malbec in their "beautiful new bar and tasting room". This winery that "makes you feel at home" can also provide the perfect event room for any small off-site meeting or a small get together with friends.

Ancient Whole GrainNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bartlett -

Ancient Whole Grain With offers a vast selection of grains sourced from various regions known for their rich agricultural history, they offer a diverse range of ancient whole grains that are both nutritious and flavorful. With its focus on preserving ancient food traditions and promoting healthy eating, Ancient Whole Grain is a trusted supplier for those seeking heirloom grains.

Ancient Whole GrainNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Temple -

Ancient Whole Grain is located in Temple, Texas. This is a group of family farms specializing in growing organic, low-gluten, healthy, ancient grains. Here is something interesting about Ancient Whole Grain. They are dedicated to keeping the strain of the grain pure. So they make sure to grow just one variety on each plot. And to avoid using toxic chemicals, they plant on small plots so that it is easy to control weeds, pests, and diseases. This is their own path to organic farming. This may sound unique or unfamiliar to many, but that is just one more proof of how diverse and creative farming is in Texas. They sell ancient whole wheat seeds (Banatka, Emmer, Black Emmer, Biblical Durum, and Red May) as well as Mixed Botanical seeds. If this is your cup of tea, get in touch with Ancient Whole Grain. Ancient Whole Grains are higher in proteins and almost no gluten to low gluten so it's an excellent choice for those with strict dietary requirements or to anyone that just wants to eat healthier! Why are we mentioning this? Because they now offer freshly milled flour! P.S. They will be at the farmers market at Salado at the Barrow Brewery on September 18 and 25 with some ancient whole grain (Banatka) flour! Banatka wheat flour is not sold online or in stores. It is organic, non GMO, highly nutritious, easy to digest, low gluten, and has a mild nutty flavor. This flour is great for artisan bread, pancakes, muffins, flatbreads, biscuits, etc.  

Ash Acres Dairy Farm

Farm & Ranch in Belton -

Ash Acres Dairy Farm is located in Belton, Texas, a farm that produces what they proudly claim as the freshest and best-tasting Grade A milk in Bell County from their herd of Jersey cows. If you live in the area, why don't you go ahead and try and see for yourself how the milk is. The farm is a certified Tuberculosis-free and Brucellosis-free herd. The cows here come from an esteemed bloodline trusted to produce great quality milk. They also sell cheese and ground beef.

Axis Winery

Winery in Salado -

Opened on Valentine's Day 2019, the Axis Winery is easy to find on Main Street. "Great location and convenient to local eateries and breweries". The "beautiful little restored cabin was a perfect setting" while relaxing with a glass of wine and "dogs come to visit you while you drink wine". You can also buy a cheese and meat tray to pair with your wine. "Owners are incredibly helpful and friendly" on this "quaint" place that also "has amazing acoustics". There is also a gift shop where you can buy Axis Winery 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, wine glasses, serving platters, and other wine accessories.

Bakes & Cakes By RosieNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Killeen -

Bakes & Cakes by Rosie is a home-based business that strives to save the world one baked treat at a time. Keeping her family recipes and tradition, Rosie specializes in breads, cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and pies. Buttercream and fondant work is also her masterpiece. She works with standard recipes and specialty items to customize each order while fitting everyone’s taste and budget. Her “cake was not only beautiful but also yummy and flavorful”; it’s an “amazing cake inside and out!” Her “cannolis were great”; it’s “crunchy and the filling was very delicious!” With such a “perfect taste” and “perfect texture,” y’all will surely miss a lot if you don’t try these. The team’s “response was fast” as well. They have a very “easy ordering and pickup” system that can make assure your order even “on such short notice.”   

Mak Ma-Ma’s Coney Cafe

Restaurant in Killeen -

Mak Ma-Ma's Coney Cafe, which is located in Killeen, Texas, is a restaurant that serves burgers, coney dogs with chili, chicken wings, chili fries, and more. They want to bring to Texas the traditional Coney Island foods. More than the delicious food, what makes Mak MaMa's Coney Cafe special is what it does for the community, behind owners Mak and Sharon Pearson. Mak Mama's Coney Cafe prides itself on being a family of givers by helping feed the hungry people in the community. They also reward members of the community with discounts and other promos, and when there is a job vacancy, they make sure to reach out to homeless people, hoping a job will help them rebuild their lives with dignity.

Megg’s Cafe

Restaurant in Temple -

Megg's Cafe is a culinary destination, serving innovative Central Texas cuisine. Embracing local partnerships, they create dishes with fresh, local ingredients. Indulge in favorites like deviled eggs, crab cakes, and lamb burgers from their evolving menu. Don't miss their irresistible desserts, like the beloved brown butter pecan. Experience their hand-selected craft beer and curated wine list, highlighting Texas craft beer and an ever-growing selection of wines. Discover the taste of Central Texas at Megg's Cafe.

Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ – Killeen

BBQ Joint in Killeen -

Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q in Killeen, TX, proudly stands as the haven for authentic Texas BBQ. This establishment, known for its real Texas flavor, invites patrons to experience the true essence of barbecue in the heart of Killeen. With a menu featuring signature brisket, succulent ribs, and an array of savory sides, Rudy's offers a cafeteria-style dining experience. The no-frills setting with indoor picnic tables ensures a focus on the robust flavors that define Texas barbecue. For locals and visitors alike, Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q in Killeen serves as a genuine and satisfying destination for those craving the authentic taste of Texas BBQ.

Salado Wine Seller

Winery in Salado -

Salado Wine Seller is a winery owned and operated by a veteran. It offers "a lot of Texas and international wines". Their labels "feature Texas animals" and they are especially known for their unoaked chardonnay named "Night Flight". Their "wine tasting is delicious and the wine selections and merchandise are amazing". Visit "this quaint winery in Salado" and have a "great pop in for a $5 tasting". For an "additional $5", you "can take home the tasting glass". With a "real laid back experience where they want to help you enjoy and appreciate wine", this winery is "worth a visit because Salado is a beautiful fun little town".

Texas Salt Co.No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Belton -

Grilling up something mean this weekend? Texas Salt Co. has you covered with their awesome smoked salts. Established in March 2020, owners Daniel and Andrew started crafting their smoked salts as a way to prepare gifts for the Christmas season. Because of their efforts, they were praised by friends and family for their salts and their 'Cowboy Salt' eventually was awarded for its excellent quality and unique flavor. If you're looking to grab some for your pantry, you can order online or drop by their 4 shops spread across Texas.

Walker Honey Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rogers -

For over nine decades, Walker Honey Farm has been a beacon of local honey excellence, tending to 2000 bee hives. We take pride in offering one of the most extensive selections of raw honey and honey-related products. Our honey varieties, including ten to twenty unique floral options, are just the beginning. Delight in honey spreads with fruit, bee pollen, honey nut butter, luxurious soaps and lotions, delectable honey candies, and exquisite candles. But that's not all—under the name "Dancing Bee Winery" established in 2011, we craft mead and honey wine. Our retail store also features a tasting bar for you to savor our meads and all your favorite honey products. Come experience the sweetness of Walker Honey Farm today!

Warm Cookie Comapny

Artisan Food Producer in Temple -

Warm, gooey, soft and chewy! The Warm Cookie Company is the first cookie delivery service in the Temple/Belton area. They specialize in delicious, “freshly baked cookies” with no preservatives, ice cream, and gift boxes that can be delivered to your home or office. You will definitely love everything from the salty caramel cookie to the white chocolate ice cream sandwich. They have”Keto-friendly” Cookies and Ice Cream that are Gluten Free and Sugar Free. The cookies from Warm Cookie Company make a great gift if you want to show someone how much your really care. Their cookies are truly baked with love, sweet creamy butter, pure cane sugar, freshly baked and delivered warm, directly from the oven.

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