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Baugh’s Market and Speciality Foods

Farmers Market in Rusk -

Make it a fun habit of opening Baugh’s Market and Speciality Foods' monthly farm box. Customers love it because what's inside the farm box is carefully picked quality items. There's home-made bread which is great with a bottle of elderberry syrup. You can also find fresh ground coffee and coffee jelly, and more! You can find them in the farmers market or leave them a message on their social media, especially if you are interested in attending one of their classes. They also teach yogurt-making, soap-making, and other interesting crafts that you can turn into your own  small business!

Maydelle Country Wines

Winery in Rusk -

Their "rustic area is quite enchanting to me and the story of the old railroad building will amaze you". Maydelle Country Wines is definitely off the beaten path, "near the Texas State Railroad and Farmhouse Pottery". They are a "local family who has been around for generations". Their winemaking business "flourished" which started as a "hobby". The atmosphere is "eclectic, friendly", and they have "very good" wines that you will find it "tough to choose just a few to take home". They even "have the best Merlot" that you ever "taste". This is a "great experience" especially "if you are into sweet fruit wines".

Preacher’s End Farm

Farm & Ranch in Jacksonville -

Preacher's End Farm specializes in salad greens, cooking greens, and root vegetables in cool weather and heirloom tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, okra, and eggplant in summer. Also, from October to May, they make some of their produce into deliciously composed salads with freshly-made dressings. They then sell them through a subscription format. And, they have an "excellent salad subscription". They also make crates and craft boards from scrap pallet wood and also, sharpen kitchen knives. They also make soap and occasionally do some canning.

Sweets by PamNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Rusk -

Sweets by Pam is a bakery business operating in Rusk, Texas making custom-designed cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions. Sweets by Pam also bakes other sweet goodies like cheesecake, fruit tart, cake with chocolate-covered strawberries, lemon Cake, Italian cream cake, and carrot cake. Products are for local pick up only so make sure to contact Sweets by Pam and leave your name, contact number, and day and time of pick up.

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