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Rancho Loma Vineyards (Coleman)

Winery in Coleman -

Rancho Loma Vineyards (Coleman) is located in "Coleman, Texas" which "might be a little off the beaten path for some" but it is "worth the drive". If you want "a quiet evening, good food, good wine, and a good environment then it's worth the quick drive". The winery and tasting room is "in an old refurbished storefront in town and has been very well done". Its "decor and feel is very polished and modern, clean and open". This is a "great place" with "live music and guest chefs" and "the variety, great food, and awesome wines make this a go-to place". There are also "lots of space for an event or special occasion". This is definitely "a beautiful stop on a long drive". They have "great wines" such as the "Cohesion Blend" and "Dulce Rojo". You will be "regretting not joining their wine club" when you leave.\ Rancho Loma Vineyards (Coleman) is included in Kim’s 7 Great Take Out Deals in Fort Worth During Covid-19. Even without a pandemic, they’re still worth checking out!

Rockin S Beefalo

Farm & Ranch in Santa Anna -

The Bryant Brothers acquired the land where Rockin S Beefalo currently thrives. Initially, this land served as a retreat, but they had grander plans in mind. They were determined to rejuvenate the land's former beauty, which had been depleted by previous farming practices. This undertaking was far from simple. The land had suffered from a ten-year drought, and even when rainfall finally returned to their region, it took an additional two years before they could introduce livestock. In 2012, they embarked on raising cattle and Beefalo, which naturally helped maintain the farm. It took another four years for seeds to finally flourish in their soil. In 2016, they achieved a significant milestone by processing and harvesting their first batch of beef. Their years of dedicated effort had unquestionably borne fruit.

Watson VineyardNo Own Retail Location

Winery in Coleman -

"When it's been a long day you open the good stuff!" Just like the "Watson Vineyard's Symphony" which is a great wine you can have. Watson Vineyard produces other wines that you can buy from selected establishments like the "Red 1 Delta" which is available at "Rancho Pizzeria". You will also be able to sample "some great wines at 34 Liquors" and will find "the white and Red" to be "superb". You can also volunteer during their harvest period and for sure, you will have "good times". Their website is currently under construction but you can check out their Facebook page where they post updates on their activities.

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