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Baked By SarahNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Aquilla -

It has always been more than baking bread for Baked By Sarah. This is the realization of a dream, a life-long passion, a heartfelt calling. Baked By Sarah offers custom-made services; the idea is to make something you want because that is what you will definitely enjoy. They also sell open range eggs, fresh milk, local honey, and local wheat. Looking at Baked By Sarah's labor of love, it is hard not to salivate. It looks good and smells good - both the sweet and the savory. Cinnamons, muffins, honey wheat bread, cheese loaf, cheese, and onion bread - it is like there is something for each day of the week!  In the end, isn't this what we all deserve?

Cobb Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hillsboro -

Cody Smith, the owner of Cobb Creek Farm, established the business in 2012. In the beginning, the only had cows in the ranch. Eventually, he added sheep and chickens to the farm. Little did Cody expect that the chickens will bring a significant impact to his farmland. Quickly after he added the chickens, grass and insects have flourished in the area. Soon after, Cobb Creek focused on breeding chickens. Today, Cobb Creek is one of the largest pastured chicken producers in the USA.  But Cody keeps on improving. In 2017, he started raising pork on the farm. For the latest updates, check their beautifully designed website.

Juniper Cove Winery

Winery in Whitney -

Texas is one of the states in the US that is known for growing grapes. This explains why there are many food products made and sold in Texas that are made of grapes. Jams, jellies, preserves, and of course, wine! Juniper Cove Winery is a local business - one of the many - that make wines using Texas grapes. This winery has an excellent list of available wines (white, red, and specialty). Juniper Cove Winery visits Uncle Gus' Marina and Resort for the weekly Third Thursday Trade Days. This is one of the many opportunities to have a taste of this excellent wine. Juniper Cove Winery is located in downtown Whitney, Texas.

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