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Big Oaks Little Farm

Farm & Ranch in Kaufman -

Big Oaks Little Farm allows visitors to reconnect with nature and their food sources. They have scheduled farm days where you can learn more about how they raise their different kinds of livestock as well as maintain their beehives. They also set up their stalls at local community farmers' markets if you're looking to re-stock your pantry.

Deep Roots CSA

Farm & Ranch in Mabank -

Deep Roots CSA is showing us what it looks like when community-supported agriculture is successful and sustainable. Deep Roots CSA is a collaboration that aims to meet a simple goal: make sure everyone has healthy food. Two farming families collaborated and they collaborated with the community who promised to support their endeavor. In return, they are promised fruits and vegetables produced without pesticides or GMOs. You'll never get tired of hearing feel-good stories like this, especially when you are on the table eating food that nourishes and makes you feel good.

Fit Foods FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Kaufman -

The Fit Foods Farm in Kauffman, Texas, offers microgreens in both wholesale and retail. Fit Foods Farm has been providing microgreens in the market for quite a long time now. Moreover, they offer Green Pees, Micro Basil, Micro Cilantro, Raddish, Sango, Sunflowers, Salad Mix, and many more! You can also find The Fit Foods Farm at Whiskey Cake Artisan Market in Las Colinas. They are getting many good reviews because of their high proteins and beautiful products. One of their clients says. “It is great for juicing, salads, snacks, and more!” Come and visit them! Try the microgreens product of Fit Foods Farm!   

G Farms

Farm & Ranch in Forney -

Experience 100% grass-fed beef like a farmer at G Farms, a cattle ranch in Texas. Join their popular cow-pooling program, where families can collectively purchase and share a live cow. Once mature, the cow is sent to the butcher and divided into equal portions for each family. Enjoy a variety of cuts, including steak, ribs, and ground beef. Embrace the convenience of farming at home with locally-grown, high-quality beef.

Lone Star Farm

Farm & Ranch in Terrell -

Since 1901, the Lone Star Farm in Terrell, Texas, is raising all-natural beef of Angus Cattle that is available to the public. It is a well-known farm because it received the Grand Champion County Bred Market Steer Award at the Kaufman County Livestock Show. Aside from that, they also have blackberries, peaches, and pears in their small garden. And now they are currently selling homemade jams and jellies. Since the farm starts the operation in serving its customers' natural beef, they make sure that all their products are in a good state. The farm aims to provide high quality and fresh food. If you want to visit their farm and interested in their products, call Roseann Morrow at (469) 644-758. Don’t miss a chance to experience the natural beef product of Lone Star Farm!

Wagyu ExcelenteNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Mabank -

The Wagyu Excellente in Midland, Texas, has been producing all-natural beef for many years now. They offer premium American Wagyu from the Gearhart Ranch and Excelente Meats. The Wagyu Excelente adds superior value and elegance to any menu. Moreover, they offer Ground Wagyu, Competition grade, Wagyu Roasts, Wagyu Brisket, and Wagyu Fine Steaks and Chops. Moreover, Wagyu is the number 1 marbling breed in the world. Also, the Wagyu marbling contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and lower saturated fatty acids (SFA). The MUFA is a high fat that matched with salt and pepper are right seasonings to draw out Excelente aromatic umami flavors and juices. Try now the most delicious Wagyu in Midland, Texas. Call them for more details! 

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