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Diamond A Ranch Beef

Farm & Ranch in Dime Box -

Diamond A Ranch brings its extensive experience in various ranching segments to provide high-quality beef directly to consumers. With a background in Brahman cattle production, cow crossbreeding, auction market management, and more, Jerry and Julie Armstrong made the decision in 2016 to offer their carefully raised grass-fed beef directly to local customers. Now, you can conveniently order farm-fresh meat online through their website, eliminating the need to visit the market. Indulge in the delicious flavors of Diamond A Ranch beef and experience the satisfaction of supporting a local, sustainable operation.

Half Mile Acres

Farm & Ranch in Ledbetter -

Half Mile Acres is famous for its "pasture-raised chicken and pastured chicken eggs and duck eggs". They offer "great-tasting and healthy chicken". They even treat their laying hens like royalty! They run and forage around the pasture have access to fresh, non-chlorinated, untreated well water. They eat with a non-GMO feed that is free of soy, corn, antibiotics, and hormones. Make sure to visit this farm "located at Ledbetter, Texas". They also "sell at the Bastrop 1832 Farmers Market every Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm". You can purchase a whole chicken and various other cuts, including necks and feet. Their chicken eggs and duck eggs are also available until they ran out. They can even hold your items if you order ahead of time. Presently, "limited supplies of pastured turkeys" are also available in Half Mile Acres.

Snow’s BBQ

BBQ Joint in Lexington -

The award-winning Snow’s BBQ, which is located in Lexington, Texas, is one of the best barbecue spots in Texas. If you want to enjoy the delectable creations at Snow’s BBQ, you can visit the restaurant, order online, or even just call your order ahead. Most barbecue spots in Texas open at 11 AM, but Snow’s BBQ opens as early as 8 AM (probably because they know that there are a lot of people ready to wait in line just to have their piece of meat from this revered spot, and they don't have the heart to make their customers wait one minute longer than necessary). The best part? You don't need to be in Texas for the chance to enjoy the food here, because they deliver anywhere in the US. And yes, flat rate shipping too!

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