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BSAK RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Rochelle -

BSAK Ranch is a cow/calf operation that raises Premium Grass Fed Beef in theTexas Hill Country just minutes from Brady, Texas. "Finding a good source of ‘certified’ grass-fed products can be hard in San Angelo, Texas" .You will "love the beef from BSAK". It is the "best all grass-fed beef with no hormones, antibiotics or who knows what from feedlots". The owners, "Will and Brad are honest ranchers you can trust!" You will be "glad there are still folks like them to do business with". You will be "so pleased to have their beef as part of our Farm-To-Table Organic Market!" Also, "get the recipes for their pot roast and short ribs!" It is very "yummaliscious!"

Wines of Dotson Cervantes

Winery in Voca -

Wines of Dotson Cervantes is "a great place to relax and enjoy", located in  Voca, Texas. Visit them and you will feel how welcoming they are because "the owner makes you feel right at home". You will also remark that "the atmosphere is inviting, and the wine is fantastic". They make Gotas de Oro (Drops of Gold) Muscat Canelli which was first presented in the Fall of 2009 as well as world-class merlot, chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon grapes produced in the Texas Hill Country. They have already been featured in Saveur Magazine, Southern Living Magazine, Austin American-Statesman and Chicago Tribune which really shows how remarkable their vineyard is. After visiting, this can be one of your "very favorite places in the Hill Country!"

Winters Family Beef

Farm & Ranch in Brady -

Amy Greer, a 6th generation farmer at Winters Family Beef, along with her husband George, embraced a new path in 2018. They started raising Wagyu and Angus beef with utmost care, producing wholesome ranch-raised free-choice fed beef of steakhouse quality. Dry-aged for 30 days, their meat boasts a deeper flavor and unrivaled tenderness compared to the standard 14-day aging. Visit them at Lakeline and Mueller Texas Farmers Market, nestled just four miles southwest of Brady in the stunning Western Hill Country. Customers appreciate having a local farmer offering organic, grass-fed Wagyu beef blends at an affordable price. Taste the difference today!

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