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Austin Charcuterie ShopNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in ZZ No Location -

The Austin Charcuterie Shop is a great place to get grazing boxes, cheese boards, and charcuterie boxes for those in-home events you're planning. They have a wide array of food combinations and are open to artfully customizing their boards and boxes according to your needs. Their cheese boards are great for those wine-tasting nights at home with friends.

Eat Up First, LLCNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in ZZ No Location -

Eat Up First LLC is a company based in Texas. They make artisanal food, with the goal of making good food available to the community. The food products are made with quality ingredients, sourced from local farmers and partners. The ingredients used in making food are fresh and clean. They make delicious fruit jams, amazing fruit butter, loose leaf teas, honey, and sweeteners. They also sell brittles and sweets and mixed tea coolers. They also have candied jalapeño. Check the website to see if seasonal items and special items are available. They also sell merchandise. They have a YouTube channel where they show how they cook delicious food. The videos there can help you make the food yourself if you want to try to do it.

Flying A Farms

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location -

Flying A Farms is situated in Beeville, Texas, and is owned and operated by a family of 7th-generation farmers. They specialize in raising livestock like beef, pork, and poultry. Their approach to livestock raising involves the regenerative practice of rotational grazing. This ensures that the quality of food source for all their animals are always high quality as well as help establish a robust ecological system in their specific farming areas.

Harvest Hills Ranch

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location -

Harvest Hills Ranch sells grass-finished beef, pasture-raised chicken and turkey, eggs, and canned pantry food. The farm is located in Hillister, Texas. If you want to know more, they have a YouTube channel. There are videos here that can help you get to know more about the ranch. There are also videos here about health, giving you wellness tips and advice. If you want the ranch to supply you with meat, eggs, and canned pantry food, you can join their Custom Subscription Meat Club. The ranch offers direct home delivery for those living in Houston and the greater Houston areas. For residents of Hillister, Warren, Woodville, and Jasper, the ranch offers local direct home delivery for orders. If you are in Dallas, the ranch has a special drop-site for customer orders. Shipping is available anywhere in Texas and Louisiana.

PopLife PopcornNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in ZZ No Location -

PopLife Popcorn, which is based in Houston, Texas, sells kettle corn popcorn in different flavors (regular and specialty flavors). You can choose from these flavors: Regular Kettle Corn, Caramel, and Movie Butter. If you want fruit-flavored popcorn, there's Strawberry, Blueberry, Green Apple, and Purple Pineapple. Here are other interesting flavors to try: Dill Pickle, Strawberry & Cream, Watermelon Tajin, and Takis. PopLife Popcorn is very active in public selling. They've been to different spots like the Movie Night Market, Flea By Night, East End Farmers Market, Kick Back Summer Market, Los Jefes Market, The Dreamers Market, Rayford Sunday Market, Pasadena Market, Houston Zoo, and the Northside Art Market at the Houston Farmers Market. People of all ages love popcorn. So go ahead and invite PopLife Popcorn for any upcoming event. This is a great idea for birthday parties, outdoor sporting events, festivals, quinces, family reunions, etc.

Pullen Family Farms

Farm & Ranch in Commerce -

The Pullen Family Farms takes pride in how cattle and livestock are raised here. They never inject the animals with hormones or antibiotics. The fields where the cattle graze and feeds are free of any pesticide. The result? Good quality meat. You can choose between grass-finished or grain-finished beef, depending on your preference. If you need pork or chicken, they have these here too. Pullen Family Farms is also proud of the honey harvested here. Here is a good example why supporting local is worth it.  

The Rice Box

Restaurant in ZZ No Location -

The Rice Box, which is located in Houston, Texas, is an homage to Chinatown cuisine and Chinese food life. If you are up for what the restaurant describes as "mind-blowing modern American-Chinese cuisine served from the retro-future", then you should give this place a try. The menu has different categories. Under Classic Dishes, you have Food Truck Classics, Chinatown Staples, and House Specials. They also have Noodles and House Fried Rice. For Street Bites, there are Dumplings, Salt & Pepper Stacks, Soup, and Dessert. Lastly, they also have Wings & Rice as well as Ribs & Rice. It is worth the try to eat it here considering the feedback the restaurant has been getting from customers. There were many comments about how the food is amazing, delicious, and perfectly cooked. They like that it comes in great portion sizes. Some customers described that the food they had was great comfort food. Customers also commented on how the staff was very friendly, welcoming, and amazing. They also praised the positive qualities of the restaurant - the cleanliness all around, the friendly and cozy atmosphere, and its being child-friendly but hip at the same time. They also enjoyed the great art and music here. Many customers are looking forward to going back.

Trishnna TeaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston -

Trishna Tea is the only Texas-based tea company that provides 100% USDA organic Indian-origin tea. These award-winning organic teas with natural herbs, fruits, and no added sugar are crafted and hand-blended in small batches. The “flavors are new and refreshing” – it’s “innovative!” Not to mention that they “taste great and their focus on quality really comes through.” The “Hyderabadi Irani tea and chai” tea is “really delicious” and “authentic.” Their “earl grey has a wonderful aroma and its leaves are beautifully dried” and their “black currant” has “just the right flavor with a subtle sweetness.” Also, “you’ve got to try Orange Carrot,” folks. Its flavor is “really splendid. Plus, the quality shows in the rich taste” of this tea. But, if you’re going old-school, you should try their “green teas” instead. They “are unique yet satisfyingly blended” it will get you “hooked” for sure. All these are “perfect beverages for all sorts of occasions.” Thus, everyone must keep at least one in their homes.

Zubi’s Salsas & Dips

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas -

Zubi's offers dips and salsas that "made from clean, fresh, mindful ingredients."  These are plant-based and allergy-friendly, made in small batches but contain "big flavor"!  This business was started by Sarah Zubiate to introduce healthy food to her 80-year-old parents, without them being aware of it.  She concocted products as a replacement for "sour cream & jalapeno based dips and traditional dairy-based queso, and her parents loved them more than the originals."  And thus the Zubiate Family Food Products was born, where they wish "to share the sacred love of family, flavor, and passion via food."

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