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    Bandera, TX 78003
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    Farms, Ranches, and Local Food Businesses that deliver Ice Cream in Bandera, TX 78003 (13)

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    Wildseed Farms

    Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 42.41 mi

    The most important contribution of Wildseed Farms, which won the Garden Center 2001 Innovator award, is producing seeds, which it has been doing for 35 years and counting. Without Wildseed Farms and others like them, who knows where or how we can get our supply of seeds. How are we to grow wildflowers? If you are in or near Fredericksburg, Texas, make sure to visit. There is no admission charge, and you get to see 200 acres of wildflowers of different colors (and lots of butterflies too) here in the largest working wildflower farm in the country. The farm is open all year long!

    (830) 990-1393

    Cooper Farms Country Store

    Farm & Ranch in Fairfield - 224.76 mi

    Most known for their “sweet peaches and homemade Ice cream”, Cooper Farms Country Store has made their own name for producing “Artisanal” jarred products, sweet treats, sodas, pecans, and a lot more! They have a physical store where they sell their own peaches and a bakery where they make many different pies and cobblers year around. They offers a wide variety of jams, jellies and preserves as well as a large selection of nostalgia candies and over 350 different craft sodas in glass bottles. They can also make over 30 different flavors of fudge and they have milkshakes and floats too. Come visit the store and try the best-selling “Peach ice cream” that a lot of people are raving about!

    (903) 389-5500


    Store in Shiner - 116.39 mi

    Bluestem is a place where you can find something unique from a “local Texas Artisan.” They have everything from meats, noodles, honey, jelly, salsa, meat pies, paintings, air fresheners, glass, handbags, soap etc. They are dedicated to bringing their customers “quality artisanal goods” from all around the Lone Star State and unique designs inspired by Texan culture and landscapes. Bluestem is a “Revival of Texan Traditional Craft.” But also a continuation, and a tribute. They simultaneously curates beautiful objects from “Texan artisans, manufactures hand-made goods,” and designs products which share their customers’ love of the Great State. They always use local materials, local businesses, and local craftspeople for their merchandise.


    Lick Honest Ice Cream (Historic Pearl)

    Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 43.85 mi

    We used to think of ice cream as a sinful delight. We grew up thinking "ice cream is bad for us" because it makes our teeth rot and makes us fat. Lick Honest Ice Cream wants to change that into something positive. Here is how they do it. First, they do good to their customers by making ice cream without using chemicals. No fructose. No corn syrup. None of that. Secondly, they do good to the community by sourcing the ingredients of the ice cream from local vendors. So the next time you enjoy eating ice cream, make sure it is Lick Honest Ice Cream. Only then is eating an ice cream not a guilty pleasure.

    (512) 382-0745

    Schakolad Chocolate Factory

    Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 43.92 mi

    Schakolad Chocolate Factory is one of the truly custom retail chocolate boutiques in the business. The chocolates they produced are "Made Fresh on Premises" using a tried and true three-generation European style family recipe that calls for the highest quality ingredients and attention to design detail. The chocolate items do not come pre-packaged from Headquarters, rather that items are prepared and dipped at each individual retail location allowing their franchise owners the flexibility to be creative and customize their fresh products to the customer's request. Although recognition is spreading, Schakolad is determined to stay true to the nostalgia and personal service of the corner “family owned chocolateria” by making their chocolates fresh, on premises, at each location.

    (210) 354-3322

    Lick Honest Ice Cream (Hemisfair)

    Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio - 44.22 mi

    Ice cream is always inviting because it promises to make you feel good. That is why it is disappointing if you have to choose from the same set of flavors every time. That is where artisanal ice cream maker Lick Honest Ice Cream distinguishes itself. There are new flavors available all the time, inspired by peak-season ingredients available from local producers. Guessing what new flavors to choose from next makes it exciting, to look forward to eating ice cream with family and friends soon.

    (512) 382-0745

    Lick Honest Ice Cream (South Austin)

    Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 91.14 mi

    Lick Honest Ice Creams creates small batches of “artisan ice cream” with only the finest local and seasonal ingredients available. They do not use artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives, ever! All of the milk and cream used to make ice creams comes from a local, family-owned dairy in Central Texas; and everything from the sauces, syrups, cookies, cakes and marshmallows is made by hand in their own kitchen. The coolest thing about Lick is that they come up with the craziest flavor combinations that is truly delightful and mature - Bourbon, mint, beets, ash, peppers. Very creative and visually appealing! They allow as many samples as you'd like so do not be afraid to be adventurous!

    (512) 382-0745

    Lick Honest Ice Creams (North Austin)

    Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 95.03 mi

    Lick Honest Ice Creams gives the locals in North Austin, Texas a taste of seasonal flavors. Although it is ice cream, you can be sure it is guilt-free because the ingredients are sourced from local farmers and artisans. By doing this, Lick Honest Ice Creams helps in making the community where it does business sustainable. Lick Honest Ice Creams also makes cakes, cookies, sauces, syrups, marshmallows, and waffle cones. These are made from scratch using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, just like its ice cream.

    (512) 382-0745


    Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 95.12 mi

    Non-dairy ice cream in the house! NadaMoo is an Austin-based “dairy-free ice cream shop” that offers scoops of its popular coconut milk-based ice cream flavors, like the mint chip, birthday cake cookie dough, maple pecan, and snicker doodle. Everything is available in cup, cone, or milkshake format. NadaMoo is not only delicious, but the prices at the scoop shop are very reasonable too compared to most hip ice cream shops. Keeping with the theme, NadaMoo is also serving vegan baked foods and coffee with dairy-free creamers. They also have gluten-free waffle cones that are incredible! Though it is Dairy free, the taste of their ice cream has not been compromised. All the flavors are so good and it's definitely worth checking out.

    (512) 566-4964

    Lick Honest Ice Creams (East Austin)

    Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 95.46 mi

    A cone of Lick Honest Ice Creams is a feel-good food with a feel-good story. Since it opened shop, Lick Honest Ice Creams has grown and became successful simply because the ice cream and other treats sold here at delicious and customers keep coming back. This is good karma at work. Local businesses provide Lick Honest Ice Creams quality ingredients which are transformed into a wide array of delicious treats. The business is successful. The customers are happy. The local community is thriving. All that and all you need to do is eat ice cream.

    (512) 382-0745

    Araya Artisan Chocolate

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 221.33 mi

    Araya Artisan Chocolate are handcrafted following the “French and Belgian techniques” using premium single origin chocolate, and only the finest and natural ingredients available. No preservatives or artificial flavors are added. Each chocolate is an “edible gem”. The flavor combinations are wonderfully rounded, and often surprising. Every piece of them was exquisite, with amazing flavors and so beautiful where you don’t want to eat them! There are “more than 30 flavors available” and elegant boxes available to make a unique gift for someone special. A selection of Vegan/Dairy Free products are also available. Indulge your senses with the aroma and intense flavors of their handcrafted chocolates, discovering the essence of the spices, nuts, fruits or liquors within each piece that “melts in your mouth” and leave a memorable experience!

    (713) 960-0850

    Awesome Bites

    Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 225.86 mi

    Don’t let your allergies take the joy out of eating.  Here’s a treat for you, literally!  In Awesome Bites Co., "everything is vegan and dairy, egg, soy, and nut-free, with lots of gluten-free options, and yet awesomely delicious!  This artisan bake and ice cream shop that has been "reinventing treats" that are “full of flavor and made with the healthiest ingredients” that even kids and the pickiest eaters can enjoy!  Truly something that parents can “feel good about giving to their kids every day”.  Whether you or your kids have allergies or intolerances, or you are just craving for something tasty and healthy, these treats are "made to share with the people you love.  Eating better and safer never tasted so awesome!"   

    (832) 582-0118

    Kilwins Plano

    Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 270.29 mi

    Kilwins Plano is an excellent little spot for a tasty sinfully delicious treat that offers a delightful experience thru their best confections; Mackinac Island Fudge, hand-crafted Chocolate, and "Original Recipe" Ice Cream! It's a really fun and cool specialty chocolate and dessert store with tons of amazing treats! If you are looking to buy freshly made desserts, this is the place to go. Customer service is great, everyone that you will encounter in the store are very nice and helpful. They will let you try different flavors to figure out which one you want. The Sea Salt Caramel was especially good; smooth and intensely flavorful. They also have fresh chocolates that you can pick and pack or pre-packed gift packs. Kilwin's locations are all over eastern US and thus their candies and confections can be easily ordered online.

    (469) 298-0941

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