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20 Mothers Day Gifts

Liam Williams

April 21, 2021

Everyone has a connection to mothers day be it through your own mother, wife or partner, sibling, even a friend. Anna Jarvis started the idea when she held a small memorial service to honor her late mother in 1907. In 1914 it became widespread and today is a national sensation that Hallmarks takes full advantage of, hance the name ‘hallmark holiday’.

For the Mom Who Loves Coffee

Coffee Machine 

A coffee machine can range anywhere from affordable and ‘gets the job done to the luxurious milk steamer, scheduled, coffee grinding robot. If your mom doesn’t own one she’ll appreciate either. There’s nothing wrong with going to the former, but if you do you might also want to consider the next gift on this list.

Espresso on a budget? The Mr. Coffee One-Touch Espresso Machine is an amazing choice!

Want to keep it simple? The bonVIVO Intenca Stovetop espresso maker can make espresso just as good as the pros make it!

Milk Frother

Milk can be frothed using steam (which is how it’s done in cafes and coffee shops) or through a small rotary device that spins and heats the milk to perfection. You could also buy a handheld frother, but that would be the equivalent of giving a gift without batteries. 

This Miroco Stainless Steel Frother can make coffeeshop quality lattes and cappuccino milk at the push of a button without breaking the bank!

For easier latte art, Miroco also has a detachable version that’s a lot easier to handle so that your  lattes will come out as works of art!


For the Mom Who Loves Tea

Gooseneck kettle

They work for coffee and tea and look pretty darn cool. You can get them electric or stovetop and while the stovetop model looks significantly cooler (made from copper or stainless), it seems that in this modern-day and age convenience is king.

The XIRGS Gooseneck Kettle is perfect for getting the right temperature so that your tea won’t scald! And as a bonus, it has a built-in thermometer as well!

For the more tech-inclined moms, the Cosori Electric Gooseneck  Smart Kettle can get help get the perfect temperature at the push of a button. How perfect? Down to the last degree! Perfect for tea and pour-over coffee!

Flowering Tea

Flowing tea is exactly what it sounds like. They’re little dried flower pods that rehydrate, open, and steep when you add hot water. With a glass tea kettle, it’s the perfect gift for mom or any other special someone in your life. 

Of course, if mom loves flower tea, then you should also get a beautiful teapot to go with it so she can watch the tea bloom!

Good flowering tea is hard to find so we’re sharing with your one of our favorites from Teabloom!


For the Mom Who Loves Wine

Electric Wine Opener 

After a long evening of heavy drinking and cheese-eating, the last thing anyone wants is to get stabbed in the hand with a corkscrew. An electric corkscrew eliminates the need to manually drill and pull the cork from the bottle. 

The Secura Electric Wine opener not only does the job easily, but it’s extremely stylish as well!

Not everyone can finish a bottle off wine in one sitting right? The Crenova 4-in-1 Electric Wine opener set also has an included wine saver pump and aerator for fresh wine all the time!

Wine Decanter

A wine decanter is for more than just displaying wine in a fancy jug. It aerates the wine freshening it up and letting it react with the air to develop better tones and flavor. Not all wine should be aerated, however, but anyone who knows anything about wine knows that.

A YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter set is an amazing gift for mom. Not only does it aerate wine like a champ, but it’s 100% hand blown as well. They also have a different design which you can check out here.


For the Mom Who Loves to Host

Wine Tap

Who needs the inconvenience of pouring your own wine when you can get a tap to do it for you. Step it up even more by getting an electric one that does all the work for you. I know a lot of alcoholics who’d sure appreciate this one.

A one-tap wine Aerator and wine tap is perfect for moms who love to host! No more spilled wine and the best part, the guests can help themselves!

Another excellent choice for minimalist moms is the NutriChef Electric Wine Dispenser, its no frills-design makes it an amazing gift for moms who value function above everything else! 


Cheese Board Set

What’s wine without a cheeseboard right? Say goodbye to using just any old board, upgrade to this US-Patented design that takes entertaining with a charcuterie board to the next level! 

There’s also a large rectangular version that has all of the tools included to make entertaining large groups a breeze!


For the Mom Who Loves to Cook

Enamel cast-iron casserole dish

Enameled cast iron isn’t just beautiful. It’s durable and incredibly versatile for stovetop, oven, and broiler dishes. Even if a cook already owns one of these, owning a second (especially in a different color) never hurts. 

What mom wouldn’t love to receive a Lodge 3.6  quart cast iron casserole dish with lid? Right?

Another great option would be the Klee Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Dish with lid! It’s slightly bigger than the Lodge and it’s cheaper as well!

Bamboo knife block

These bamboo knife blocks are one size fits all and can hold practically any kitchen tool with an edge. 

Get your mom a slot-less wooden knife block and throw away the old one! Old slotted knife blocks can become a haven for bacteria!

There’s also a model with side compartments that can hold other kitchen tools as well! And the best part? It’s dishwasher safe!


For the Mom Who Loves to Bake

Baking mat

Baking mats are useful for a really wide variety of tasks in the kitchen and an invaluable tool for any baker. You can either buy one that can be used to measure things like crusts (pies, tarts, pizza, etc), used for temperature conversions, and just as a regular ruler which is perfect when you’re making things like pretzels. 

Probably one of the best-value gifts anyone can give to moms who love to bake, a silicon pastry mat! No explanation needed!

It also comes in larger sizes for those who just want a bit more space and consider the standard sizes too cramped!

Weighing scale

Baking is all about accuracy and it’s hard to be accurate using measuring cups and spoons so investing a good weighing scale is key. One of these scales has a whole page of calorie and macronutrient calculators which would come in handy for much more than weight watching. 

Get mom a classy and easy-to-read digital scale for extra-precise and easily reproducable results!

This version from Mackie also has a built in list of nutritional information so if your mom is keen on recording nutritional values of what goes in food then this is the way to go!


For the Mom Who Loves to Garden

Herb Growing set

Fresh herbs and whole spices are some of the keys to great cooking. It’s not much different from planting and growing flowers except herbs are actually useful (that’s a joke to any far-left readers I care about the bees). 

For the beginner mom, nothing can beat this 4 herb beginner kit that contains everything she’ll need to start her own herb garden!

Not enough space? A stackable vertical garden kit can help her grow an actual garden even in a limited space!


An AeroGarden is a little hydroponic system that reuses water after all the nutrients have been absorbed into plants. It’s a little pricey but anyone who is conscious about the environment and agricultural water use would appreciate one of these.

Super limited space? Give mom her own garden right there inside the kitchen with an AeroGarden Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden! 

Don’t know if she’ll like an indoor hydroponic garden? Get her the same thing, only smaller to start off with!


For the Traveling Mom


Making jerky, dried fruits, and vegetables even defied pickles are far better on the go because they’re over 90% lighter, take up less space, and are much less messy to eat. 

The easiest way to make dehydrated goodies is with a heavy-duty home dehydrator. What makes this easier to use is that it also has digital temperature controls and timers!

If she’s not big into dehydrating meats and other things, a smaller (and more affordable) version, can be found here so that she’ll have something to use if the mood strikes.


A big thermos on the go is perfect for hot water, coffee, tea, soups, even powdered milk for new mothers. 

The Yeti Rambler 26oz tumbler is an amazing tumbler for the price. Don’t fall for the “brand name” ones, get something that works!

Of course, nothing beats the original right? The THERMOS Stainless King SK2010 is always a good gift item.


For the Mom Who Like Keeps Healthy

Air fryer

Most people in the south have a hankering for most things deep-fried. As we age and metabolism slows it’s not recommended to eat a lot of fat-soaked, deep-fried food. But we all need the occasional afternoon delight, and if health is something you’re conscious about, an air fryer is a way to go. I had my reservations about them the first time I used one, and while nothing will ever beat the crisp and flavor of a battered and deep-fried piece of fish or meat, it comes surprisingly close. 

If your mom loves frying then give her the gift of convenience and health! Air frying is much less messy than traditional frying and it uses significantly less oil!

Another good alternative is the Ninja Air Fryer! It’s easy to use, and it’s under a hundred bucks!


Raw vegetables will always be healthier to eat than anything you can cook but eating them raw isn’t always appealing (at least not to me). A juicer is a great way to compress all those nutrients into a shot (or regular-sized) glass of nutritious vegetable or fruit juice. Add dashes of turmeric or cayenne pepper and make your very own homemade health shots. 

The best juicer, in our opinion, is definitely the Breville 800JEXL. It’s built like a tank and produces some of the best tasting juice out there!

If the top of the line isn’t within reach, a smaller (but still as capable) Breville JE98XL is the best bang-for-buck choice you have for juicers!


For the Eco Friendly Mom

Compost bin

Composting should be a concern for anyone who tends to spend time in the kitchen. An overwhelming amount of food gets wasted through modern and dare I say dysfunctional food systems. This way at least when you buy a few too many peppers or notice something might be going off in the fridge you can throw it away guilt-free into the compost bin.

Composting doesn’t have to include a big pit! With this stylish farmhouse kitchen compost bin, mom doesn’t have to worry about the smells that come from regular composting!

For a more rustic feel, the BelleMark Kitchen Indoor Compost bin is made out of wood with a stainless interior!

Compost tumbler

Unless you’re willing to put up with a big and frankly ugly pile of rotting food in your yard investing in a compost tumbler is key. It doesn’t just conceal the view of that pile, it also masks any odor and makes mixing the compost much easier. 

For speed composting larger batches of food waste, the 43 gallon rotating compost bin is a must-have! Perfect if she has a small home garden as well!

If 43 gallons is too big, then this Miracle-Gro 18.5 gallon model should do the trick!