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7 Farms to Pick Up Grass-Fed Beef in Austin

Liam Williams

October 28, 2021

Grass-fed beef has been taking the country by storm since the beginning of the clean food movement and despite its obvious benefits, there’s a lot of faulty information surrounding the industry. Particularly with traditional beef concentrated animal feeding operations or CAFOs trying to get a piece of the pie by advertising their beef ass ‘grass-fed and environmental institutions telling us that livestock farming is a detriment to the environment, it’s important to know the facts. 

Grass-fed beef is beef that comes from cattle that are born and raised on the pasture, then slaughtered straight from the pasture without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. They live on nothing but grass and forage. Raising beef of the pasture has benefits for the cattle, us, and the environment by utilizing its soil fostering practices to sequester carbon in the ground. 

In the spirit of TexasRealFood’s recent collaboration with the American Grassfed Association, we want to provide you 7 farms in the Austin area providing grass-fed beef for pickup. If you prefer getting your pastured meat delivered straight to your door, check out our list of 9 farms providing grass-fed beef delivery in texas.

Copper Creek Ranch

Farms to Pick Up Grass-Fed Beef in Austin

Copper Creek Ranch was established in 2010 and, despite its relatively small size, has been satisfying the Austin area’s hunger for grass-fed beef ever since. As a result of their calm and serene surroundings, the longhorns produce some of the tastiest beef money can buy. While their beef isn’t for sale directly from their farm, you can find their vending locations on their website or they can typically be found at a farmers market.

Red Fence Farms

Farms to Pick Up Grass-Fed Beef in Austin

Red Fence Farm is a 20-acres family farm just west of Austin that defines ‘farm’ in the most classic sense. Cows, chickens, horses, and other farm animals roam freely for you to watch as you pick up your beef, or if you want to prolong those beautiful scenes, stay in their unique guest house which offers views of rolling hills, beautiful decore, and darn good eatin’. Red Fence also offers its produce at the Dripping Springs Farmers Market open Wednesdays from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

Grass to Food Farm

Farms to Pick Up Grass-Fed Beef in Austin

Grass to Food Farm offers heritage pork, pastured eggs, raw goat’s milk, and of course, grass-fed beef reared from miniature beef cattle. The peaceful, blue-collar city of Elgin is where they set up shop, and you’re free to take a meander over there whenever you’re on a mission for grass-finished beef. Just make sure you pre-order from the site first, it goes fast.

Villa Klehr Farms LLC

Farms to Pick Up Grass-Fed Beef in Austin

Villa Klehr Farms is another family-run farm based in Elgin, Texas where you can pick up some of the freshest produce and humanely raised beef, pork, chicken, goat, or sheep right at their gate. Just pre-order through the delivery company Farmhouse Delivery and you’re halfway there.

Raising Five Cattle Company

Farms to Pick Up Grass-Fed Beef in Austin

Raising 5 Cattle Company east of Georgetown, Texas, as you’ve probably guessed, is a family company run by two spouses and their five children. While being raised alongside farming and food production all his life, David made the switch to regenerative farming for the better part of the last decade and has been successfully providing sustainable food solutions to the community ever since.

Watterson Ranch

Farms to Pick Up Grass-Fed Beef in Austin

Watterson Ranch is a pinnacle of beef production every farmer should look up to. The farm has been active just shy of 2 centuries, and proudly raises its cattle on the pasture hormone and antibiotic-free. Quarter, half, and whole beef carcasses are up for pre-order and, if need be, can be delivered within a 75-mile radius of the farm. 

Skip Rock Ranch

Farms to Pick Up Grass-Fed Beef in Austin

‘Natural Grass-Fed Beef Raised in Texas’ is Skip Rock’s slogan and that’s just what it is. It provides some of the best steak and beef cuts to the Austin and San Antonio area. They sell their produce through Dziuk’s Meat Market in Castroville, Texas. Everything from steaks to ground beef to whole, half, or quarter carcasses are priced based on their hanging weight.

Healthy animals grazing on healthy open pastures produce healthy, nutritious, and tasty food.” That’s no secret. Clean eating extends far past the health of you and your family, it impacts your entire community from your neighbors to the farmer you buy it from. It’s never too late to start revamping your diet and become part of something bigger.